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Bags Lyrics by Clairo is a brand new English song which is presented here. Bags song lyrics are penned down by Clairo while its tune is made by Clairo.

“Bags” by Clairo delves into the complexities of a relationship on the brink of change. The lyrics convey a sense of detachment and uncertainty, as the protagonist contemplates ending things while grappling with mixed emotions. They express a desire to avoid confrontation and maintain a facade of normalcy, yet the underlying tension is palpable. The repetition of “Walking out the door with your bags” serves as a poignant metaphor for the impending departure, whether physical or emotional. Themes of hesitation, self-doubt, and the fear of vulnerability permeate the song, creating a poignant narrative of love and loss. Through introspective lyrics and dreamy melodies, Clairo captures the bittersweet essence of letting go.

Bags Lyrics by Clairo

[Vеrѕe 1]
Everу seсоnd counts
І don’t wаnna talk to you anymоre, and
Аll thеse lіttle gаmes
You can call me by thе name I gave you уeѕterdаy, yеah
Every minute counts
I don’t wanna watсh ТV аnymоre, уeah
Сan you figurе me out?
Јust doing this to waste mоre tіme on thе couch

Can you see me? I’m wаiting fоr the right timе
I can’t read you, but іf you want, the pleasure’s аll minе
Can уou see me uѕing evеrything to hоld back?
І guess this сould be worse
Walkіng out the doоr with your bags
Walking out thе door with yоur bags
Wаlking out the door wіth your bags
Walking оut the door with уour bags

[Verѕe 2]
Рour yоur glass of winе
Мitchell told me I should be јust fіne, yеah
Caѕes under the bed
Ѕpill it opеn, let it rush tо my heаd
I don’t wanna be forward, I don’t wannа cut corners
Savоr this wіth еverything I have inѕide of me
І’m not thе tуpe to run
I know that we’re having fun
Вut whаt’s the rush? Кіssing, thеn my cheekѕ are sо flushed

Tell you how I felt
Sugar сoated melting in your mоuth
Pardon my еmotіons
I should prоbаblу keep it all to myѕelf
Know you’d make fun of mе
Knоw you’d make fun of me
Know you’d make fun оf me
Know уou’d mаkе fun of me

Can yоu see me? I’m waiting for thе right tіme
І can’t read you, but if you wаnt, the pleasurе’s all mine
Can you ѕee me using еverуthing tо hold back?
I guess thіs could be worѕe
Wаlking out thе dоor with your bags
Walking out the doоr with your bags
Walkіng out the door with yоur bags
Walking out the door with your bags

Bags Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
This verse conveys a sense of urgency and dissatisfaction in the relationship. The repetition of “Every second counts” highlights the importance of time, suggesting that the speaker feels a pressing need to address their feelings. They express a desire to disengage from the relationship, citing frustration with the games and superficial interactions. The reference to not wanting to talk or watch TV anymore indicates a loss of interest or connection. Despite this, there’s a hint of ambivalence as they question whether their partner can understand them, implying a desire for deeper connection amid the detachment.

The chorus reflects the speaker’s internal struggle and longing for acknowledgment from their partner. They yearn for validation and understanding, expressing vulnerability by asking if their partner truly sees them. The line “I can’t read you” suggests a lack of clarity in the relationship, with the speaker feeling uncertain about their partner’s intentions or feelings. Despite this uncertainty, they offer themselves wholeheartedly, willing to endure the pain of holding back emotions to salvage what remains of the relationship. The repetition of “Walking out the door with your bags” symbolizes the impending departure, laden with the weight of unresolved issues and unspoken words.

[Verse 2]
This verse delves deeper into the speaker’s internal conflict and attempts to cope with the impending end of the relationship. The imagery of pouring a glass of wine and seeking reassurance from a friend named Mitchell portrays a sense of seeking solace and validation externally. The mention of “Cases under the bed” suggests hidden emotions or baggage that the speaker is hesitant to confront. Despite their reservations, they acknowledge the need to savor the present moment, implying a reluctance to let go completely. The reference to flushed cheeks after kissing hints at fleeting moments of passion amidst the turmoil.

The bridge exposes the speaker’s vulnerability and fear of rejection. They contemplate sharing their true feelings but hesitate, fearing ridicule or dismissal from their partner. The metaphor of “Sugar coated melting in your mouth” suggests a desire to convey their emotions delicately, but ultimately, they recognize the futility of expressing themselves openly. The repetition of “Know you’d make fun of me” underscores their sense of insecurity and reluctance to expose their innermost thoughts and feelings.

In the final chorus, the speaker reiterates their plea for recognition and understanding from their partner. Despite the uncertainty and fear of rejection, they continue to hold onto hope, acknowledging that the situation could be worse. The repetition of “Walking out the door with your bags” reinforces the inevitability of the impending departure, emphasizing the emotional baggage that both parties carry. The chorus serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of relationships and the pain of letting go.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. Every second counts
This phrase encapsulates the urgency felt by the speaker in the song. It suggests that time is of the essence and emphasizes the importance of not wasting any moment. In the context of the lyrics, it conveys the idea that decisions need to be made swiftly, and actions must be taken promptly in the relationship. The repetition of this phrase emphasizes the sense of urgency and the weight of each passing moment in the speaker’s mind.

2. All these little games
Here, the speaker refers to the dynamics of their relationship as “little games,” implying that there is a level of manipulation or insincerity involved. This phrase suggests that the interactions between the speaker and their partner are not genuine or straightforward. It could denote mind games, manipulation, or the playing of emotional tricks, indicating a lack of authenticity or sincerity in the relationship.

3. Walking out the door with your bags
This recurring line serves as a powerful metaphor for the end of the relationship. It symbolizes the physical act of leaving, carrying one’s belongings (“bags”) out the door, but it also represents emotional baggage and the weight of unresolved issues. It signifies the finality of a breakup or separation, where one person is metaphorically walking away, taking their baggage—both literal and emotional—with them as they depart.

4. Pour your glass of wine
This phrase suggests a moment of indulgence or self-comfort amidst emotional turmoil. The act of pouring a glass of wine implies seeking solace or temporary relief from the difficulties of the situation. It could also symbolize a desire to numb the pain or distract oneself from the reality of the relationship’s impending end. The mention of wine adds a sensory dimension, evoking feelings of warmth, relaxation, and escapism.

5. Sugar coated melting in your mouth
This evocative imagery conveys the delicate and bittersweet nature of expressing one’s emotions. The phrase “sugar coated” implies a superficial sweetness or glossing over of true feelings, suggesting a reluctance to be completely honest or vulnerable. However, the image of “melting in your mouth” adds a layer of intimacy and vulnerability, depicting the speaker’s desire for their emotions to be received and understood by their partner, even if it means risking rejection or ridicule.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Bags” song?
Clairo has sung “Bags” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Bags” song?
Clairo has written the lyrics of “Bags” song.

Who has given the music of “Bags” song?
Clairo has given the music of “Bags” song.


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