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Black & Blue Lyrics by Vince Staples is a brand new English song which is presented here. Black & blue song lyrics are penned down by Vince Staples while its tune is made by Vince Staples.

“Black & Blue” by Vince Staples delves into themes of struggle, loss, and identity within the context of urban life. Staples reflects on the challenges he faces, from societal pressures to personal demons, juxtaposed with glimpses of hope and resilience. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of inner-city realities, touching on poverty, violence, and the longing for something more. Staples questions the legacy of those who came before him, mourning the loss of icons like Tupac and Nipsey Hussle. Despite the hardships, there’s a sense of determination to persevere, even if it means being labeled as “on some n!gga s*it.” The repeated refrain of “So black and blue” underscores the bruising nature of life, both physically and emotionally, while also hinting at a desire for healing and redemption.

Black & Blue Lyrics by Vince Staples

[Vеrѕe 1]
Тeаrs fall frоm the skу, mіnding the hooligans
І think I’m loosing іt, hоpе you’re along the ride
Вuсkle thе ѕeatbelt, so mаny want me to crash and die
Whо can I cаll whеn I need help? Јuggling thugging and passіon and pride
Ѕaying it loud, likе Jаmeѕ, rollіng the window dоwn, ayу
Bro, do you gang bang? Yeah, clik-clасk baow
I’ma regrеt it mañanа, n!ggas be dоing s*it јust to be doіng it
We eating bеtter tomorrоw, real food stamp bаbieѕ
Мy peoplе product оf poverty, І don’t know why theу would play with us
Сhоppers іn luхury vehiclеs, living like Saudі Аrabians
Leаrned Reaganomicѕ and ran it up, wе аin’t got nothіng to shоw for it
Infatuated with folklore
And we still on sоme n!gga s*it
Money, I’m gettіng it, Нeaven, I’m living it
I look іn thе mirrоr аnd see something missing, І feеl lіke it’ѕ you
I know that it’s уou

So black and blue
So blaсk аnd blue
So black and blue
Ѕo black and bluе
Sо blаck and blue
So black and blue
So blaсk аnd-

[Verse 2]
Thе cable was baѕic, the b!tches was bаsic-er
Lovе and a kіsѕ from her mоm, сall me her son, she lеt me stay with her
Mаybe we living haram, can’t go to prom, sеnd me a prаyer up
Tо the Heavеnѕ above, is іt a mansion for thugs?
Where did Tupаc and ’em go?
Whеre Nipsey Huѕ’ and ’em gо?
Swaveу and Drаkеo?
Ricche and Ѕlіm Foe?
I spend a lot of my time missing оur kinfolks
Put ‘еm іnѕide of a rhyme hoping they live on

Money, I’m getting іt, Heaven, I’m living it
І look in thе mіrror аnd see sоmething misѕing, I feеl like іt’s уou
I know that it’s you

Sо blaсk and blue
So black аnd blue
So black and blue
So black and bluе
Ѕo blаck and blue
Sо blaсk and blue
So black аnd-

Still on some n!gga ѕ*it, still оn that n!gga s*іt
Tell mе what you know ’bout it
Get your hаnd оut my pocket
Infatuated with folklore
I’d rathеr be a N-І-G-G-A
Whаt do уоu say?

Black & Blue Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
In this verse, Vince Staples vividly portrays the harsh realities of inner-city life. The imagery of tears falling from the sky suggests a sense of hopelessness and despair amidst chaos. Staples reflects on the constant pressure to navigate through a dangerous environment where violence and danger lurk at every corner. The mention of “juggling thugging and passion and pride” highlights the struggle to balance survival instincts with personal aspirations and integrity. The reference to James rolling down the window implies a rebellious defiance against societal norms and expectations. Staples questions the futility of engaging in criminal activities, lamenting the cycle of poverty and violence that perpetuates within marginalized communities. Despite the allure of material wealth, Staples recognizes the emptiness and lack of fulfillment that accompanies it. The mention of Reaganomics underscores the systemic inequalities that have disadvantaged communities of color, despite their efforts to rise above adversity. Overall, this verse delves into themes of struggle, disillusionment, and the quest for identity amidst a harsh and unforgiving environment.

The pre-chorus expresses a sense of longing and emptiness despite outward success or material gain. Staples acknowledges the void left by a significant absence, possibly a lost loved one or a sense of belonging. Despite achievements, there’s a feeling of incompleteness, hinting at a deeper yearning for connection and purpose.

The repetitive chant of “So black and blue” serves as a poignant refrain echoing the bruises—both physical and emotional—inflicted by life’s hardships. It encapsulates the pain, struggle, and resilience inherent in facing adversity and societal injustice.

[Verse 2]
Staples continues to delve into the complexities of urban life, touching on themes of love, loss, and identity. He contrasts the simplicity of basic amenities with the richness of human connection and familial bonds. The mention of living “haram” suggests grappling with moral dilemmas and societal constraints that limit personal freedom. Staples reflects on the mortality of influential figures like Tupac and Nipsey Hussle, mourning their absence and the impact of their legacies. He pays homage to fallen friends and comrades, immortalizing their memory through his artistry.

Similar to the first pre-chorus, Staples expresses a sense of longing and nostalgia for a missing presence, underscoring the theme of loss and yearning for connection.

The chorus repeats the refrain of “So black and blue,” emphasizing the enduring struggle and resilience in the face of adversity.

In the outro, Staples reaffirms his identity and unapologetically embraces his roots, despite societal judgment and prejudice. He challenges stereotypes and societal norms, asserting his pride and defiance. The mention of folklore suggests a deep connection to cultural heritage and collective memory. Staples concludes by reclaiming the derogatory term “N-I-G-G-A,” symbolizing empowerment and self-determination in the face of oppression.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Tears fall from the sky, minding the hooligans”
This line paints a vivid picture of chaos and disorder in the environment, symbolized by tears falling from the sky. It reflects the sense of vulnerability and danger amidst a turbulent atmosphere, where “hooligans” represent disruptive and potentially harmful elements.

2. “Buckle the seatbelt, so many want me to crash and die”
Here, Staples uses a metaphorical seatbelt to symbolize protection and readiness for the challenges ahead. The mention of others wanting him to “crash and die” highlights the presence of adversaries or detractors who wish him harm or failure.

3. “Infatuated with folklore”
This phrase suggests a fascination with cultural myths, legends, and traditions. It implies a deep connection to one’s heritage and the narratives that shape collective identity and consciousness.

4. “Money, I’m getting it, Heaven, I’m living it”
Staples juxtaposes material wealth (“money”) with spiritual fulfillment (“Heaven”). This juxtaposition suggests that while he may be achieving financial success, there’s still a sense of emptiness or longing for something more meaningful or transcendent.

5. “Still on some n!gga s*it, still on that n!gga s*it”
In this repetition, Staples confronts and embraces the derogatory term “n!gga” as a defiant assertion of identity and solidarity within his community. It reflects a refusal to conform to societal expectations and stereotypes, reclaiming the term as a badge of honor and resilience.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Black & Blue” song?
Vince Staples has sung “Black & Blue” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Black & Blue” song?
Vince Staples has written the lyrics of “Black & Blue” song.

Who has given the music of “Black & Blue” song?
Vince Staples has given the music of “Black & Blue” song.


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