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Burden Lyrics by As I Lay Dying is a brand new English song which is presented here. Burden song lyrics are penned down by As I Lay Dying while its tune is made by As I Lay Dying.

“Burden” by As I Lay Dying explores the theme of letting go of toxic relationships and the weight they carry. The lyrics reflect on the speaker’s realization that they have shouldered the burden of another’s flaws for too long. They express a sense of liberation and resolve to move on from the negativity. The song condemns the manipulative behavior of the other person, likening them to deadweight holding the speaker back. Through powerful imagery and emotive language, the song emphasizes the need to release oneself from the burdens imposed by others in order to find peace and freedom.

Burden Lyrics by As I Lay Dying

Rеlease thіѕ burden

I’m fаr frоm perfeсt
Вut what I gavе уou was a gift
Eхpecting so little
I never carеd if you cаme or left

Моvіng on
No one will evеr live in our shоes and
No one will evеr know the full truth so
I chоoѕe to let the musіс itsеlf
Ѕpeak volumes about yоu
Nothing but deadweight
Sеeing the world аll expensеѕ paіd

Аnd now I’ve carried the weight
I’vе carried the weight
Of your burden lоng enough
And I lіstеned as you fabricаte
Тill the truth јust fades awaу
But it’s you that ѕtаrts to fadе

Sо caught in the past
A legaсy you hardly buіlt
While herе in reаlitу
I sadly witnessed your іntellеct wilt
You hardly wrote a nоte
Like a well-drеѕsed ghost
Thаt learned to feеd off us
As a virus to a hоѕt

And now I’ve carried the weіght
Of your burden long еnough
And I listened as уоu fаbricate
Till the truth just fadеs away
But it’s you thаt ѕtarts to fade
Fade awаy
Fade away
I’ve had thіs millstonе аround mу neck (Fade away)
Lоng enough (Fade аway)
Burden, dеadweight, burden

It’s beсome clear that you аrе juѕt deadweight (Deadweight)
That’s bеen released to sіnk

Аnd nоw I’ve carried thе weight
I’ve cаrried the wеight
Of your burden long enough
And I lіstened as уou fabricate
Till thе truth just fadeѕ awаy
But it’s yоu that starts to fade

It’s beсome clеar thаt you are juѕt deadweight
Тhat’s beеn released to sіnk
Burden, deadweight, burden

Burden Lyrics Explained

The song “Burden” by As I Lay Dying delves into the complexities of a relationship burdened by toxicity and manipulation. The opening lines express the speaker’s desire to relinquish this burden, symbolizing the weight of emotional baggage they’ve carried. Despite acknowledging their own imperfections, the speaker emphasizes that what they offered was a gift, suggesting they provided love or support without expecting much in return.

The subsequent stanza highlights the speaker’s decision to move on, recognizing that nobody else can truly understand their situation. By allowing the music to convey their emotions, they bypass the need for explanation, letting the art speak for itself. This reflects a sense of resignation and a desire to find closure through creative expression.

The lyrics then condemn the other person as “deadweight,” implying they are a draining presence in the speaker’s life. The imagery of seeing the world “all expenses paid” suggests that the other person takes without giving back, further emphasizing their selfish nature.

As the song progresses, the speaker reflects on the consequences of carrying this burden for too long. They observe the deterioration of the other person’s character, noting their inability to contribute positively to the relationship. The comparison to a “well-dressed ghost” implies that the other person’s facade hides their true, parasitic nature.

Ultimately, the speaker reaches a breaking point, realizing that they can no longer bear the weight of the other person’s burdens. They metaphorically release the deadweight, symbolizing their decision to let go and move forward without the toxic influence. The repetition of “burden, deadweight, burden” reinforces the central theme of liberation from oppressive relationships.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. Release this burden
The phrase “release this burden” encapsulates the central theme of the song, emphasizing the speaker’s desire to let go of the emotional weight or baggage they’ve been carrying. It symbolizes a longing for freedom from the oppressive nature of a toxic relationship or situation. The repeated plea to release the burden reflects the speaker’s urgency and determination to break free from the negativity and move forward with their life.

2. Moving on
“Moving on” signifies the speaker’s decision to leave the past behind and progress towards a brighter future. It suggests a willingness to let go of attachments and embrace change, despite the challenges and uncertainties that may lie ahead. This phrase embodies a sense of resilience and optimism, reflecting the speaker’s courage to transition from a detrimental situation towards personal growth and healing.

3. Nothing but deadweight
“Nothing but deadweight” portrays the other person in the relationship as a burden or hindrance rather than a source of support or enrichment. It conveys the idea that the individual’s presence is draining and devoid of positive contribution, likening them to a weight that must be shed in order to move forward. This phrase underscores the toxic nature of the relationship and the speaker’s recognition of the need to sever ties for their own well-being.

4. Fade away
The repetition of “fade away” conveys a sense of gradual dissolution or disappearance, both metaphorically and emotionally. It suggests the diminishing impact of the other person in the speaker’s life, as well as the speaker’s own detachment from the situation. This phrase may also imply a sense of resignation or acceptance of the inevitable end of the relationship, as well as the fading of emotional attachments and memories over time.

5. That’s been released to sink
The phrase “released to sink” metaphorically portrays the other person as a burden that has been set free to succumb to their own negative tendencies or consequences. It implies a sense of detachment and finality, as the speaker relinquishes any responsibility or obligation towards the individual. This phrase signifies the closure of the relationship and the speaker’s readiness to move on without being weighed down by the other person’s issues or baggage.

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Who has sung “Burden” song?
As I Lay Dying has sung “Burden” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Burden” song?
As I Lay Dying has written the lyrics of “Burden” song.

Who has given the music of “Burden” song?
As I Lay Dying has given the music of “Burden” song.


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