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“Call on the Undertaker” by JT Music is a high-energy anthem depicting soldiers plunging into battle with unwavering resolve. The song portrays a relentless dedication to duty, regardless of the odds. Against a backdrop of war, the lyrics emphasize the inevitability of death, embraced as a necessary sacrifice for democracy’s cause. With vivid imagery, it describes the chaos of combat and the camaraderie among soldiers. The theme of perseverance echoes throughout, with a refusal to yield even in the face of overwhelming adversity. Overall, the song celebrates valor, sacrifice, and the unyielding spirit of those who fight for freedom, encapsulating the essence of resilience in the midst of conflict.

Call on the Undertaker Lyrics by JT Music

[Chorus 1]
Call on the undertaker, follow the undertow
Grim is the reaper guiding me, on the tide of war we row
We’re ready to meet our maker, no matter by friend or foe
Our death will be swift, but that is a gift, democracy bestows
So call on the undertaker, follow the undertow
Familiar, the face of danger, brace yourself, it awaits below
From grace we fell, now raise in hell is all we’ve come to know
We’ll die today, so time to take the dive, hold your nose!

[Verse 1]
Plunge into the fray and plunder away, our work is far from done
With guns to which we stick ’till every world at war is won
A universe of super Earths is what ours will become
But even then, the siege won’t end, we’ve only just begun
Acrost a vast galactic ocean our flag’ll proudly fly
For freedom, once in motion won’t be stopped until it dies
And we dive with such devotion to be thrown away alive
Although we go down one by one, that’s just our way of life, oh

[Chorus 2]
Call on the undertaker, follow the undertow
Lucky I brought my breaker because I’ve come to crush some bones
Even Satan shan’t forsake us, no hellion left alone
Until we can extract again, wait up, you’re on your own, go
Holler the undertaker, caught in the undertow
Where graves are laid, mistakes were made, but learn from them we won’t, no
You can’t rescind a stratagem, beware of where ya throw
My orbital has fallen short, away we’ll all be blown, our

[Verse 2]
Actions rash with tactics brasch, we don’t go by the book
Because one day of basic training’s all we ever took
But the bots and bugs who’ve lost to us to waste have all been laid
The remains of which we scavenge, that’s how Liber-Tea is made
Our capes are quite aesthetic, but more than pure cosmetic
They represent the right to slay and may we not forget it
To answer duty’s call I’d even fall upon my sword
Or sit on my grenade which I will pray, my butt absorbs, oh
I am a Diver, nigh a survivor
Life is about the fight (We never cower)
I thrive in the fire with iced out attire
Like lightning am I – now strike (A tesla tower)
Whatever the weather sends, be it blinding blizzard storm
Incendiary tornadoes between descending meteors
Walk in our fathers’ footsteps, misfortune be forewarned
Put us to death, but in our stead we’ll just be sending more, oh

[Chorus 3]
Call on the undertaker, follow the undertow
A wreckage we make that’s left in our wake, forever we may row
You can’t command democracy, ye karens ought to know
If you’re asking for the manager – off the fu*k you go, oh
Call on the undertaker, follow the undertow
We’ll take the helm, set sail for hell, now swell, our welcome home
We’re fresh right out the freezer, but our feet will not get cold
The war’s our bond, we’re holding on until the dive is dove

Call on the Undertaker Lyrics Explained

[Chorus 1]
This chorus sets the tone for the song, encapsulating the grim reality of war and the unwavering determination of those who partake in it. “Call on the undertaker, follow the undertow” symbolizes the inevitability of death and the relentless pull of the battlefield. The reference to the reaper highlights the omnipresence of mortality amidst the chaos of conflict. Despite the looming threat, the soldiers are resolute in their readiness to face their fate, whether it be at the hands of friend or foe. The mention of death as a swift gift bestowed by democracy underscores the sacrifice made in the pursuit of freedom and justice. The imagery of falling from grace and rising in hell conveys the descent into the brutality of war, where survival becomes paramount. Overall, the chorus portrays a sense of fatalistic resolve, urging soldiers to brace themselves for the imminent challenges ahead.

[Verse 1]
This verse delves deeper into the mindset of the soldiers as they plunge into the heart of battle. The imagery of “plunging into the fray” and “plundering away” depicts the aggressive and relentless nature of their mission. Despite the daunting task ahead, they remain steadfast in their commitment to continue fighting until victory is achieved. The mention of a “universe of super Earths” reflects the grandiose vision they hold for the outcome of their efforts, envisioning a world transformed by their actions. However, the acknowledgment that the siege won’t end even after this victory underscores the perpetual nature of conflict. Despite the challenges, they press forward with unwavering devotion, symbolized by their flag proudly flying across the vast expanse of space. The verse concludes with a recognition of their inevitable sacrifices, accepting that they will fall one by one but embracing this as the essence of their existence in the midst of war.

[Chorus 2]
This chorus revisits the theme of confronting mortality and the harsh realities of war. The mention of “the undertaker” and “crushing bones” reinforces the inevitability of death and the brutality of combat. Despite the grim circumstances, there is a sense of defiance in the face of adversity, with the soldiers refusing to be forsaken even by Satan himself. The reference to “extracting again” suggests a cyclical nature of their mission, where they must continually engage in battle. However, there is also a recognition of the consequences of their actions, as mistakes are made and graves are laid. The warning to beware of where one throws their “stratagem” highlights the importance of careful planning and decision-making in the midst of chaos. Overall, the chorus reflects the harsh realities of war and the resilience required to endure its trials.

[Verse 2]
This verse provides insight into the experiences and mentality of the soldiers as they navigate the chaos of war. The mention of “actions rash with tactics brasch” speaks to their unconventional approach to warfare, eschewing traditional strategies in favor of adaptability and improvisation. Despite their lack of extensive training, they have proven themselves capable of overcoming formidable adversaries, leaving behind a trail of defeated enemies. The reference to scavenging the remains of fallen foes to create “Liber-Tea” underscores their resourcefulness and determination to make the most of their circumstances. The symbolism of their capes representing the right to fight emphasizes their unwavering commitment to their cause, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. The verse concludes with a defiant declaration of their resilience, vowing to continue fighting against all odds and sending a clear message to their adversaries.

[Chorus 3]
This chorus serves as a rallying cry for the soldiers as they confront the aftermath of battle. The imagery of a “wreckage” left in their wake symbolizes the devastation wrought by their actions, yet they remain undeterred in their mission. The mention of democracy underscores the values they are fighting to uphold, refusing to be swayed by dissenting voices. The dismissive tone towards those who question their resolve reflects their unwavering dedication to their cause, even in the face of criticism or doubt. Despite the toll taken by war, they remain steadfast in their commitment to their comrades and their mission, viewing the battlefield as their home. The mention of being “fresh right out the freezer” juxtaposes their readiness to continue fighting with the toll that war has taken on them, yet they remain resolute in their determination to persevere until the bitter end.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Our death will be swift, but that is a gift, democracy bestows”:
This phrase encapsulates the paradoxical nature of sacrifice in the name of democracy. It suggests that the swift death experienced on the battlefield is viewed as a gift—a sacrifice made willingly for the greater good of democracy. It speaks to the profound belief in the values and principles of democracy, for which individuals are willing to lay down their lives. The sentiment reflects a sense of duty and honor, where soldiers perceive their ultimate sacrifice as a noble act in service of a higher cause.

2. “Actions rash with tactics brasch, we don’t go by the book”:
Here, the phrase underscores the unconventional and improvisational approach taken by the soldiers in their pursuit of victory. It suggests that their actions are bold and daring, characterized by spontaneity rather than adherence to established strategies or doctrines. “Tactics brasch” implies a disregard for conventional wisdom or caution, favoring instead a willingness to take risks and seize opportunities as they arise. It speaks to the adaptability and resourcefulness of the soldiers, who rely on their instincts and ingenuity to navigate the complexities of warfare.

3. “You can’t command democracy, ye Karens ought to know”:
This phrase carries a defiant message against those who seek to impose their authority or control over others. It asserts that democracy cannot be dictated or coerced, and those who attempt to do so are misguided. The reference to “Karens” invokes a stereotype of entitled or authoritarian individuals, suggesting that such attitudes are incompatible with the principles of democracy. It’s a reminder that freedom and self-determination are fundamental rights that cannot be easily suppressed or subjugated, and those who stand against them will ultimately face resistance.

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