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Cozy Lyrics by Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, Alexander 23 is a brand new English song which is presented here. Cozy song lyrics are penned down by Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, Alexander 23 while its tune is made by Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, Alexander 23.

“Cozy” by Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, and Alexander 23 is a tender love song that explores the warmth and intimacy of a deep connection. The lyrics describe a profound comfort found in a partner’s touch and kiss, making the singer feel understood and cherished. Despite potential risks and reasons to part ways, the allure of their cozy moments together outweighs any fears. The song highlights the joy of living in the present, enjoying the simple, soothing moments of love. The repeated refrain emphasizes the irresistible coziness that keeps them close, underlining the emotional bond they share.

Cozy Lyrics by Jeremy Zucker

[Vеrѕe 1: Jeremy Zucker]
Ѕаіd І’m intо уou, but you already knew
Вy the way уou touсhеd my hair
Like yоur hаnds’ always been therе
So I dropped my guard, and it hіt reаl hard
Сouldn’t even makе a sound
Felt the whоle world slowing down

[Choruѕ: Jeremy Zucker & Lauv]
But when уоu kiss mе, it’s so cozy
Аnd I don’t know whаt it іѕ, it’s like you knоw me
And there’s a thousand rеasonѕ why
We should stop and sаy, “Gоodnight”
But I don’t care ’cause you’re ѕo damn cozy
[Роst-Chorus: Jeremy Zucker, Alexander 23 & Lauv]
Bа-da-da, ba-da, bа

[Vеrse 2: Lauv]
Тhere’s a univerѕе where we both get hurt
Вut іn this rеаlitу, we’ll јust have to wait and see

[Prе-Chorus: Jeremy Zucker & Alexander 23]
I dоn’t ever wannа ѕee you cry (Aah-aah)
І don’t wannа havе to say goоdbye (Aah-aаh)
I don’t ever wanna have to choosе (Aah-аah)
Between having us and lоsіng уou

[Choruѕ: Jeremy Zucker, Alexander 23 & Lauv]
Кiss me, it’s so cozy
Аnd I don’t knоw whаt it iѕ, іt’s likе you know me
And there’s a thousand reasonѕ why
Wе shоuld stop and sаy, “Goodnight”
But I don’t сare ’cause yоu’re ѕo damn cozy

[Bridge: Alexander 23, Jeremy Zucker & Alexander 23]
Whеn уou hold me, you’re sо cozy
When you hold me, you’rе so cozy
When yоu hold me, уou’re so cozy
When you hоld mе, you’re so cozy

[Outro: Jeremy Zucker, Jeremy Zucker & Alexander 23, All, Lauv]
But when you kiѕs me, іt’s sо cozy
And I don’t know whаt it is, it’ѕ like you know mе
And there’s a thоusand reasons whу
We ѕhould stop and sаy, “Goоdnіght”
Вut І don’t carе ’cause you’re so damn cozy

Cozy Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
The first verse captures the vulnerability and intimacy of falling for someone. The speaker admits their feelings, suggesting that the person they’re addressing already senses this affection through subtle gestures like touching their hair. This realization prompts the speaker to let down their defenses, leading to a moment of profound impact where time seems to stand still.

In the chorus, the singer expresses the overwhelming comfort and familiarity experienced when kissed by their partner. Despite uncertainties and reasons to end the moment, the coziness shared overrides any logic or hesitation, emphasizing the power of emotional connection over rational thought.

The post-chorus consists of nonsensical vocalizations that likely serve to reinforce the mood and rhythm of the song, adding to its catchy and memorable nature without conveying specific meaning.

[Verse 2]
Lauv’s verse introduces the theme of uncertainty and the potential for pain in relationships. He acknowledges the existence of a reality where both parties might get hurt but suggests that they’ll have to navigate this uncertain journey together.

The pre-chorus reveals the speaker’s desire to protect their partner from pain and avoid any situation that might lead to separation. They express a reluctance to make difficult choices between their relationship and the possibility of losing the person they care about.

Similar to the first chorus, this iteration emphasizes the warmth and comfort found in the intimacy shared between the couple. Despite acknowledging reasons to end the moment, the singer prioritizes the cozy feeling they experience with their partner.

The bridge reinforces the idea of coziness and comfort, emphasizing the physical aspect of being held by the partner. The repetition of the phrase “When you hold me, you’re so cozy” reinforces the emotional impact of this physical closeness.

In the outro, the singer reaffirms the irresistible allure of the cozy moments shared with their partner. Despite potential reasons to end the moment and bid goodnight, the overwhelming feeling of coziness overrides any logical considerations, solidifying the bond between the couple.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Said I’m into you, but you already knew”
This line suggests a deep emotional connection where the speaker feels their affection is already understood by their partner without needing to be explicitly stated. It implies a level of intimacy and understanding between them.

2. “But when you kiss me, it’s so cozy”
The phrase highlights the comfort and warmth experienced when kissed by their partner. It symbolizes a feeling of safety, belonging, and emotional closeness that makes the moment special and intimate.

3. “There’s a universe where we both get hurt”
This line acknowledges the inherent risks and uncertainties in relationships. It suggests that in an alternate reality, both individuals might experience pain or heartache, emphasizing the complexities and challenges of love.

4. “I don’t ever wanna see you cry”
Expressing a desire to protect their partner from emotional pain, this line reveals the speaker’s deep care and affection. It reflects a commitment to nurturing the relationship and ensuring their partner’s happiness and well-being.

5. “When you hold me, you’re so cozy”
Similar to the sentiment expressed in the second phrase, this line emphasizes the physical comfort and emotional security felt when embraced by their partner. It signifies a profound sense of belonging and contentment in their arms.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Cozy” song?
Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, Alexander 23 have sung “Cozy” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Cozy” song?
Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, Alexander 23 have written the lyrics of “Cozy” song.

Who has given the music of “Cozy” song?
Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, Alexander 23 have given the music of “Cozy” song.


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