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DAKOTA Lyrics (English Translation) by FUFU is Spanish song which is presented here. Dakota song lyrics are penned down by FUFU while its tune is made by FUFU.

“Dakota” by FUFU encapsulates a gritty narrative of urban life, filled with themes of struggle, substance use, and street dynamics. The lyrics delve into the artist’s sleepless nights, failed attempts to escape reality through weed, and the emotional numbness akin to the icy cold of Minnesota. The protagonist navigates a world of crime and evasion, with references to drug trafficking and evading police attention. Despite the bravado, there’s a sense of melancholy, hinted at by broken relationships and a self-aware acknowledgment of one’s destructive behavior. The repetitive refrain, “Sorry for being like this,” juxtaposes the tough exterior with an underlying vulnerability. Overall, “Dakota” paints a vivid picture of urban survival and the complexities of personal relationships in the face of adversity.

DAKOTA (English Translation) Lyrics by FUFU

І rеturned

It’ѕ been 7 dауs that I haven’t slеpt at all
Аnd I smоke weed but the grаdе doesn’t go up
Мy Нeart сolder than Mіnneѕota
With a b!tch thаt lоoks likе Dakota

I have no time
Тoy sweating profusely
Of blоod
my boots arе ѕtaіned
Hoоd on so the cops don’t lоok
For the rest, mауbе a pasѕ of coca
This is my my flоw brodi if you want І’ll lend іt to you
Althоugh the fасt that theу are copying is a bit annoying
I kеep іt low I go silent аnd frоwn my face
And with red еyeѕ avoiding arrest

In the Сamаro a kіlo and speck undеr the seat
pay аttentiоn to any movеment
Couple of rappers whо throw at me but I don’t rеѕpond
І can’t love beсаuse my lоve continuеs to break down

Yuh b!tch
Ѕorry fоr being like thіs
Вring another shot of hеneѕsу
They are going tо die of јеalousy
I’m going to hіt it I prоmised

Yuh b!tch
Sorry for being like thіs
Bring аnother ѕhot оf hеnessy
Theу are going to die of jеalousy
I’m gоing to hіt it I promised

Іt’ѕ been 7 days that I hаven’t slеpt at all
And I smoke weed but the gradе doesn’t gо up
My Heart colder thаn Minneѕota
With a b!tсh that looks lіkе Dakota

I have nо time
Toy sweаting profuselу
Of blood
my bоots arе ѕtained
Hood on sо the cops don’t look
Fоr the rest, maybе a pаsѕ of coca

DAKOTA (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The opening lines of “I returned” set the tone for a narrative of exhaustion and disillusionment. The protagonist describes a weeklong struggle with insomnia, suggesting a deep-rooted sense of restlessness or perhaps an inability to find peace of mind. Despite turning to mar!juana, there’s a sense of futility as it fails to alleviate the situation. The metaphor of a heart colder than Minnesota evokes a profound emotional detachment or numbness, indicating a state of desensitization to one’s surroundings. The reference to a woman resembling Dakota hints at a tumultuous relationship or perhaps a reflection on past encounters that evoke feelings of coldness or distance.

The following stanza delves into the protagonist’s day-to-day reality, characterized by a sense of urgency and danger. There’s a palpable tension as they navigate a world where time is scarce and the stakes are high. The imagery of sweating profusely and stained boots suggests physical exertion and potential involvement in illicit activities. The mention of wearing a hood to avoid police scrutiny adds to the atmosphere of paranoia and clandestine behavior, with a hint at possibly dealing with drügs as a means of survival.

The third paragraph explores themes of identity and authenticity within the context of the music industry or urban culture. The artist asserts ownership of their unique style, offering it to others while expressing irritation at those who imitate without innovation. Despite this frustration, they choose to keep a low profile, preferring to let their actions speak louder than words. The mention of red eyes suggests fatigue or the effects of substance use, further emphasizing the artist’s commitment to their craft despite personal struggles.

Moving forward, the narrative shifts to a scene of potential danger and illicit activity. The mention of a Camaro with hidden drügs implies involvement in drug trafficking or possession, adding a layer of risk to the protagonist’s life. Despite the danger, they remain vigilant, attuned to their surroundings and wary of potential threats. The encounter with rival rappers underscores the competitive nature of the music industry or street culture, with the protagonist opting for silence over confrontation. The mention of a broken love adds a personal dimension to the narrative, suggesting a history of failed relationships or emotional turmoil.

The subsequent repetition of apologies to a woman, coupled with references to alcohol consumption, highlights themes of regret and self-destructive behavior. Despite acknowledging their flaws, the protagonist seems resigned to a cycle of indulgence and remorse. The promise of physical intimacy juxtaposed with apologies and jealousy hints at the complexities of relationships within the context of their lifestyle.

In summary, “I returned” offers a glimpse into the tumultuous life of its protagonist, characterized by insomnia, substance use, danger, and emotional turmoil. Through vivid imagery and introspective lyrics, the song explores themes of identity, authenticity, and the highs and lows of urban life.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “My Heart colder than Minnesota”
This line metaphorically describes a deep emotional detachment or numbness. Minnesota is known for its extremely cold winters, so comparing one’s heart to the coldness of Minnesota suggests a profound sense of emotional coldness or indifference.

2. “Hood on so the cops don’t look”
Here, “hood” refers to wearing a hoodie or a hooded sweatshirt. The line suggests a need to conceal one’s identity or intentions, possibly to avoid detection or scrutiny by law enforcement.

3. “This is my flow brodi if you want I’ll lend it to you”
In hip-hop culture, “flow” refers to an artist’s unique rhythm, delivery, and style of rapping. The line asserts ownership of the artist’s distinctive flow while offering to share it with others. It could also imply a sense of confidence in their abilities.

4. “In the Camaro a kilo and speck under the seat”
This line depicts a scene of potential danger and illegal activity. The mention of a Camaro, a type of car associated with street culture, along with the presence of drügs hidden beneath the seat, suggests involvement in drug trafficking or possession.

5. “They are going to die of jealousy”
This phrase suggests a sense of superiority or confidence, implying that others will be envious or resentful of the protagonist’s lifestyle or success. It’s a boastful expression often used to convey arrogance or pride.

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FUFU has sung “DAKOTA (English Translation)” song.

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FUFU has written the lyrics of “DAKOTA (English Translation)” song.

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FUFU has given the music of “DAKOTA (English Translation)” song.


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