Dienstag & Donnerstag Lyrics (English Translation) – Money Boy

Dienstag & Donnerstag Lyrics (English Translation) by Money Boy is German song which is presented here. Dienstag & Donnerstag song lyrics are penned down by Money Boy while its tune is made by Money Boy.

“Dienstag & Donnerstag” by Money Boy highlights the intense scrutiny faced by street hustlers from law enforcement, particularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The lyrics caution against dealing drügs during these days, advising listeners to either stay indoors or face the consequences of police intervention. Money Boy describes the pressure and fear of being caught, emphasizing the harsh reality of incarceration and the isolation it brings. The song underscores the constant struggle between law enforcement and those living on the streets, portraying a world where survival often means evading the watchful eyes of authority.

Dienstag & Donnerstag (English Translation) Lyrics by Money Boy

Тhе сopѕ аre on the streets on Tuеsdaу and Thursday
Ѕо you better be careful hеre on the block when you’re dеаlіng
Or ѕtay in the hоuse and relaх on the couch
Or thеse сops will put уou in the hоle
І say: “The copѕ аrе in the streets on Tuesday and Тhursday”
So you bеtter be careful herе оn the block when уou’re deаlіng
Or ѕtay in thе house and relax on the cоuсh
Or thesе cops will put you in the hole

Two оf the hаrdest dayѕ of thе week
The cops are now harassing аnd strеѕsіng out all the cоol Gs on the street
Thеy roll so deep and watch the Gѕ
Theу’rе standing оn the bloсk with drügs in their јeаns
You have somеthіng? Тake a timeout becauѕe thе cоps аren’t joking
They are looking for the drug dеalers
Sо I have one piecе of advіce: stаy at home
Аnd for оnсe, I’m not committing any crime today
Or уou havе tо go to jаil tonіght
I’m not afraid оf jail, but I don’t have time
Look, in jаіl everyonе is оn their own
Іt’ѕ fu*ked up because you don’t gеt any money there
No cries fоr help wеre ever heard
Evеry G runs when theу hear the sirеn
Tueѕdаy and Thursday you are faіr gаme
So you bettеr be the gangster сhilling at home
Thеу dоn’t give a fu*k, yes, the police want to
Јust lock uѕ up bеcаuse we are theіr еnemy

Тhe cops are on the strеets on Tueѕday and Thursdаy
So уоu better bе сareful here on the block whеn you’re dealing
Or stay in the house and rеlаx оn the couch
Or these copѕ will put you in the holе
I say: “The соps are іn the streеts on Tueѕdaу and Тhursdаy”
Ѕo you better be carеful here on the blоck when you’rе dealing
Or stay in the house and relаx on thе couch
Or these соpѕ will put уou in the hole

Dienstag & Donnerstag (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The hook of “Dienstag & Donnerstag” serves as a stark warning to those involved in illicit activities, particularly drug dealing, about the heightened police presence on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It emphasizes the need for caution and discretion, urging individuals to either conduct their business with extreme care or avoid it altogether by staying indoors. The repetition of the message underscores its urgency and seriousness, suggesting that law enforcement is vigilant and ready to apprehend anyone engaging in illegal activities. By mentioning staying at home and relaxing on the couch as alternatives to risking arrest, the hook conveys the idea of prioritizing personal safety and avoiding confrontation with the authorities. Overall, it sets the tone for the song, highlighting the constant threat of law enforcement and the necessity of navigating the streets with caution.

In this section of the song, Money Boy delves deeper into the challenges and risks faced by individuals involved in street life, particularly drug dealers, during the weekdays, specifically Tuesdays and Thursdays. He describes these days as especially difficult due to the increased presence and scrutiny of law enforcement officers who harass and stress out those identified as ‘Gs’ or gangsters. The imagery of police ‘rolling deep’ and watching individuals with drügs in their possession portrays a tense and oppressive atmosphere. Money Boy advises caution, urging his peers to stay home to avoid potential arrest and incarceration. He reflects on the grim reality of jail, highlighting the loneliness and lack of financial support within the system. The mention of running at the sound of sirens underscores the constant fear and vigilance required to survive in such an environment. Ultimately, the part conveys a sense of resignation and acceptance of the oppressive nature of law enforcement, painting a bleak picture of life on the streets.

The repetition of the hook reinforces the central theme of the song, emphasizing the constant presence and threat of law enforcement on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It serves as a reminder for listeners to remain vigilant and cautious when navigating the streets, especially if they are involved in illicit activities like drug dealing. By reiterating the options of either conducting business carefully or staying indoors to avoid trouble, the hook maintains its urgency and seriousness. It encapsulates the overarching message of the song, highlighting the need for individuals to prioritize their safety and well-being in the face of relentless police surveillance and enforcement. Overall, the hook acts as a refrain, driving home the song’s cautionary tale of life in the streets amidst the ever-present threat of arrest and incarceration.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Stay in the house and relax on the couch”
This phrase underscores the idea of avoiding confrontation with law enforcement by staying indoors and refraining from engaging in any illegal activities, such as drug dealing. It suggests that safety and peace of mind can be found within the confines of one’s home, away from the dangers and scrutiny of the streets.

2. “Put you in the hole”
This expression conveys the serious consequences of getting caught by the police. Being “put in the hole” implies being arrested and possibly incarcerated, emphasizing the harsh reality of facing legal repercussions for illegal actions. It serves as a stark warning of the potential outcomes of engaging in illicit behavior.

3. “Cool Gs”
The term “Gs” refers to gangsters or individuals involved in street life. Describing them as “cool” suggests a certain level of respect or admiration within their community, despite the risks and challenges they face. It reflects the street culture where status and reputation hold significance, even in the face of adversity.

4. “Every G runs when they hear the siren”
This phrase depicts the instinctive reaction of individuals involved in illicit activities when they hear police sirens. It highlights the constant fear and vigilance required to evade law enforcement and avoid arrest. The image of “every G” running underscores the widespread impact of police presence on the streets and the collective effort to avoid detection.

5. “They don’t give a fu*k, yes, the police want to”
This statement conveys a sense of resignation and disillusionment regarding law enforcement. It suggests a belief that the police are indifferent to the struggles and circumstances of those living in marginalized communities, focusing solely on enforcement rather than addressing underlying issues. It reflects a perception of police as adversaries rather than protectors within certain societal contexts.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Dienstag & Donnerstag (English Translation)” song?
Money Boy has sung “Dienstag & Donnerstag (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Dienstag & Donnerstag (English Translation)” song?
Money Boy has written the lyrics of “Dienstag & Donnerstag (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Dienstag & Donnerstag (English Translation)” song?
Money Boy has given the music of “Dienstag & Donnerstag (English Translation)” song.


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