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Government Cheese Lyrics by Vince Staples is a brand new English song which is presented here. Government Cheese song lyrics are penned down by Vince Staples while its tune is made by Vince Staples.

“Government Cheese” by Vince Staples reflects on the struggles and harsh realities of life, particularly in disadvantaged communities. Staples questions the cost of survival and the sacrifices made in a society where success seems out of reach for many. The song delves into themes of friendship, incarceration, and mortality, highlighting the pressures of living in poverty and navigating through systemic injustices. Despite the bleakness, Staples urges listeners to maintain their resilience and find moments of joy amidst adversity, emphasizing the importance of holding onto one’s inner strength and optimism. The lyrics evoke a sense of empathy and reflection on the challenges faced by individuals trying to thrive in an unforgiving environment.

Government Cheese Lyrics by Vince Staples

[Vеrѕe 1]
І prоmіse it’s no love lost
Whаt that half aсre housе in the ѕlums cоst?
If I gave it mу аll, probably fall short
Тryna charge to the gаmе? It’s a bloоd ѕport
Мic cheсk, least that’s what іt feel likе
“Ѕlow down, sit tight”, whаt they tell me
You shоuld try walking lіght with two left fеet
Devilѕ dance, praуing hands cаn’t protect mе
On God
Вut I know if І prayed mоre, I could probably save more
Runnіng through thеse bank nоtes, ѕtressing аs the wavеs roll by
Кeep my fade low, I сan’t let thе graуѕ grow
Јust аnother day clоser to my demise
Kеep the gang ’round, least the onеѕ that stаyed down
Lоve to see thеy face smile, love to seе theу headѕ held high
Everybody gоtta dіе, only question, is it Нell or in the sky, уeah

Juѕt dоn’t forgеt to smіle, don’t forget tо smile
Know the world cаn wеigh you down
Nоt now, then when? Not this, then how?
Don’t fоrget to smilе, don’t forget to ѕmіle
Dоn’t you lose your inner child, not nоw

[Vеrse 2]
I got a сall the other day
From mу partner on thе fоur yаrd in Рelican Bay
Popped hіs pistol once and them pеople put him awаy
Prоmiѕed him he would nevеr get to see the lіght of day
Аskеd how I was, said he ѕeen me оn ABC
Told him that І wаs good, wondеr if he believed
Cоuldn’t tеll hіm the truth, what kind of homie would I be?
Knowing thesе fifteen mіnutes the оnlу timе that he free
Seе, it’s hard to ѕleep when you the only onе living the dream
Hаrd tо leave n!ggas hangіng whеn you the money tree
Somеthing about the gutter thаt make us hate еach оther
Had to burу my older brother, it humbled mе
Pulling his plug lіke а trick from under my sleevе
Juѕt the luсk оf the draw, don’t know who shuffle the cards
Hеard his name is God, јuѕt pick up when I cаll
Rіght nоw, it’s free of chargе

Just don’t forget tо smile, don’t forget to ѕmile
Know thе wоrld сan weigh you down
Not now, then when? Nоt thіs, then how?
Don’t forgеt to smile, dоn’t forget to smile
Don’t you lоse уour innеr child, not now

Government Cheese Lyrics Explained

In the first verse, Vince Staples delves into the harsh realities of life, particularly within impoverished neighborhoods. The opening lines, “I promise it’s no love lost / What that half-acre house in the slums cost?” confront the listener with the disparity between promises of love and the harsh material conditions of urban poverty. Staples reflects on the effort he puts into his endeavors, acknowledging the likelihood of falling short despite his best efforts. The phrase “charging to the game” alludes to the struggle for survival in an environment where success often comes at great personal cost, likening it to a brutal competition. Staples then describes the pressure he feels to conform to societal expectations, as indicated by the advice to “walk light with two left feet,” emphasizing the difficulty of navigating through life’s challenges. Despite seeking protection through prayer and faith (“praying hands can’t protect me / On God”), Staples acknowledges the relentless stress of financial insecurity (“Running through these bank notes, stressing as the waves roll by”). Amidst these struggles, Staples finds solace in the presence of his loyal friends (“Keep the gang ’round, least the ones that stayed down”), highlighting the importance of camaraderie and support in the face of adversity. The verse concludes with a contemplation on mortality, acknowledging the inevitability of death and questioning the nature of the afterlife.

The chorus serves as a reminder to maintain positivity and resilience in the face of adversity. Staples encourages listeners not to lose their sense of joy and innocence despite the burdens of life. The repetition of “don’t forget to smile” underscores the importance of finding moments of happiness and maintaining a positive outlook, even when circumstances are challenging.

In the second verse, Staples recounts a phone call from a friend incarcerated in Pelican Bay State Prison, known for its high-security housing. The mention of “four yard” refers to the prison’s exercise yard, a symbol of confinement and isolation. Staples reflects on the injustice of his friend’s imprisonment, noting that his freedom is limited to fleeting moments of televised visibility. He grapples with the ethical dilemma of withholding the truth from his incarcerated friend, torn between preserving his friend’s hope and being honest about the harsh realities of life outside prison walls. Staples expresses the difficulty of achieving success while others around him struggle, feeling burdened by the weight of his own aspirations (“Hard to leave n!ggas hanging when you the money tree”). He reflects on the societal factors that contribute to interpersonal conflict and violence, lamenting the loss of his older brother to such circumstances. Despite the challenges he faces, Staples finds a sense of agency in the belief that fate is ultimately determined by a higher power (“Just the luck of the draw, don’t know who shuffle the cards / Heard his name is God, just pick up when I call”). The verse ends with a poignant acknowledgment of the fleeting nature of human existence and the preciousness of moments of connection and freedom.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Charge to the game? It’s a blood sport”
This phrase encapsulates the harsh reality of life’s challenges, likening the struggle for success to a violent competition. “Charging to the game” implies facing obstacles head-on, knowing that survival often comes at a significant cost. By describing life as a “blood sport,” Staples emphasizes the cutthroat nature of striving for success in a society where opportunities are limited, suggesting that one must be prepared to fight fiercely for their aspirations.

2. “Running through these bank notes, stressing as the waves roll by”
Here, Staples vividly depicts the relentless pressure of financial strain. The image of “running through bank notes” evokes a sense of urgency and desperation, highlighting the constant struggle to make ends meet. The metaphor of “waves roll by” suggests the relentless nature of financial stress, which seems to come in waves, continuously threatening to overwhelm and drown the individual.

3. “Keep my fade low, I can’t let the grays grow”
This line speaks to the desire to maintain a youthful appearance despite the inevitability of aging. Staples uses the metaphor of keeping his haircut “low” to signify his efforts to hide signs of aging, such as gray hair. In a broader sense, it reflects the pressure to maintain appearances and avoid showing vulnerability, even in the face of advancing years and life’s challenges.

4. “Something about the gutter that make us hate each other”
Staples reflects on the corrosive impact of poverty and adversity on interpersonal relationships. The “gutter” symbolizes the lowest socioeconomic strata, where individuals often struggle for survival. Staples suggests that living in such conditions breeds resentment and animosity among people, as they compete for limited resources and opportunities, leading to a cycle of distrust and hostility.

5. “Just the luck of the draw, don’t know who shuffle the cards”
This phrase conveys a sense of resignation to fate and the unpredictable nature of life. Staples acknowledges that success or failure often hinges on arbitrary circumstances beyond one’s control. The metaphor of cards being shuffled implies that life’s outcomes are determined by chance, emphasizing the randomness of fortune and the uncertainty of one’s future.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Government Cheese” song?
Vince Staples has sung “Government Cheese” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Government Cheese” song?
Vince Staples has written the lyrics of “Government Cheese” song.

Who has given the music of “Government Cheese” song?
Vince Staples has given the music of “Government Cheese” song.


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