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Hasta Olvidarte Lyrics (English Translation) by Mau y Ricky, Arcángel is Spanish song which is presented here. Hasta Olvidarte song lyrics are penned down by Mau y Ricky, Arcángel while its tune is made by Mau y Ricky, Arcángel.

“Hasta Olvidarte” by Mau y Ricky and Arcángel depicts a tumultuous struggle to move on from a past lover. The singer describes a daily routine filled with coffee, caffeine, and melatonin, symbolizing a chaotic emotional state. The love he once felt has become an unhealthy addiction, yet he resolves to forget his ex. Despite feeling unappreciated and heartbroken, he tries to cope through wild behavior, spending money, and deleting photos, although he can’t bring himself to erase videos. The lyrics reflect the contradiction of trying to forget someone while constantly thinking about them, and the pain of realizing their relationship was not meant to last.

Hasta Olvidarte (English Translation) Lyrics by Mau y Ricky

[Verse 1: Archangel]
Morning comes and I want coffee (Coffee)
During the day I need caffeine (Yes)
The afternoon passes and I control myself, I don’t know
Then at night to sleep I need melatonin
So I feel like I’m falling off a cliff
Loving you has become a vice
And although it always drives me crazy
What I feel for you is bigger than any building
But not anymore, today is different
I woke up brave and arrogant
I want to tell you what has crossed my mind
Of the same, erase you until you forget
[Verse 2: Mau and Ricky]
How sad that no one else loves me more than you
And still he leaves me to hell
What does that say about me?
People talk a lot of nonsense
And lately they hit him (Hey)

[Chorus: Mau and Ricky]
Crying güaro, acting ugly
Throwing away money until you forget
I deleted the photos but not the video
I still see it until I forget you

[Verse 3: Archangel]
And that makes you a b!tch (Uh)
For being crazy and wanting to get me out of the area
Tonight I’m going out into the street with a couple of badasses
I turn on one and I turn on two
In what Mau and Ricky sing (Auh!)

[Verse 4: Mau and Ricky]
Saying I don’t miss you is a lie
Because thinking about not thinking about yourself is thinking about you
It wasn’t forever
But I am convinced that I was the man
that filled your emptiness
Because I felt strongly and you told me “I love you”
It’s not what we wanted, it got out of hand

[Chorus: Mau and Ricky]
Crying güaro, acting ugly
Throwing away money until you forget
I deleted the photos but not the video
I still see it until I forget you

[Outro: Maria Becerra]
Crying güaro, acting ugly
Throwing away money until you forget
I deleted the photos but not the video
I still see it until I forget you

Hasta Olvidarte (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1: Arcángel]
In the first verse, Arcángel vividly portrays the emotional rollercoaster of a day spent grappling with the remnants of a past relationship. The mention of needing coffee in the morning and caffeine throughout the day symbolizes the desire to remain alert and energized, possibly to distract from thoughts of the ex-partner. As the day progresses, he struggles to maintain control over his emotions, feeling like he’s on the brink of a precipice. Despite recognizing that his love for the person has become addictive and tumultuous, he asserts a newfound determination to break free from this cycle. He wakes up with a sense of courage and pride, ready to confront the memories and feelings that have plagued him. His ultimate goal is to erase the person from his mind and move on.

[Verse 2: Mau and Ricky]
This verse reflects on the irony of loving someone deeply who doesn’t reciprocate those feelings in the same measure. Despite this one-sided affection, the person still manages to cause immense pain and turmoil, leaving the singer feeling abandoned and betrayed. The mention of people talking nonsense and hitting him suggests that outside influences may be exacerbating the emotional distress.

[Chorus: Mau and Ricky]
The chorus captures the desperation and recklessness that often accompany heartbreak. The singer engages in self-destructive behavior, drowning their sorrows in alcohol (“güaro”) and spending money frivolously in an attempt to numb the pain and forget about the past relationship. Despite attempting to erase tangible reminders of their ex, such as photos, the memories linger, haunting them until they can finally let go.

[Verse 3: Arcángel]
This verse exudes a sense of defiance and empowerment as Arcángel addresses the person who caused him heartache. He derogatorily refers to them as wanting to remove him from their life, yet he asserts his own agency by declaring his intention to venture out with confidence and confrontational bravado. The mention of “badasses” suggests a readiness to confront challenges head-on, possibly to prove his resilience and independence.

[Verse 4: Mau and Ricky]
In this verse, Mau and Ricky reflect on the complexity of their feelings towards their past lover. Despite asserting that they don’t miss the person, their constant thoughts about them betray the truth. The relationship may not have been intended to last forever, but the intensity of their emotions during its course is undeniable. They believe they fulfilled a void in the other person’s life and reminisce about the affection expressed during the relationship, even though it ultimately spiraled out of control.

[Outro: Maria Becerra]
The outro echoes the sentiments of the chorus, emphasizing the futile attempts to escape the memories of the past relationship. Despite deleting physical reminders of the person, such as photos, the emotional imprint remains, tormenting the singer until they can finally let go and move on.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. Coffee and Caffeine Dependency
The mention of craving coffee in the morning and needing caffeine throughout the day symbolizes a reliance on substances to cope with emotional distress. It reflects the singer’s attempt to stimulate themselves physically to ward off thoughts of their ex-partner and to maintain some semblance of normalcy in their daily routine.

2. Melatonin and Sleep Troubles
The reference to needing melatonin at night to sleep suggests an inability to find rest naturally, likely due to the turmoil caused by the breakup. The singer’s reliance on sleep aids highlights the disruption of their sleep patterns and the persistent thoughts of their former lover that intrude upon their attempts to find peace at night.

3. Love as a Vice
Describing love as a vice indicates that the singer views their emotions as addictive and potentially harmful. Despite recognizing the destructive nature of their feelings, they struggle to break free from the grip of love, which they equate to a powerful and consuming force in their life.

4. Deleting Photos but Not the Video
This phrase symbolizes the futile attempt to erase memories of the past relationship. While the singer may try to rid themselves of tangible reminders of their ex-partner, such as photographs, the emotional attachment remains strong, represented by the inability to let go of the “video,” or the memories and experiences shared with the person.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Hasta Olvidarte (English Translation)” song?
Mau y Ricky, Arcángel have sung “Hasta Olvidarte (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Hasta Olvidarte (English Translation)” song?
Mau y Ricky, Arcángel have written the lyrics of “Hasta Olvidarte (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Hasta Olvidarte (English Translation)” song?
Mau y Ricky, Arcángel have given the music of “Hasta Olvidarte (English Translation)” song.


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