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Heaven Lyrics by RM is a brand new English song which is presented here. Heaven song lyrics are penned down by RM while its tune is made by RM.

“Heaven” by RM is a song that expresses defiance against toxic influences. RM rejects the presence of someone who brings negativity into his life, metaphorically offering them his “heaven” to take away. He acknowledges their destructive tendencies, refusing to let them manipulate or hurt him anymore. Despite their attempts to rewind the past, RM finds strength and happiness within himself, declaring his peace and happiness as untouchable. The song’s chorus emphasizes the rejection of the negative influence, urging them to take his heaven if they wish, but ultimately asserting his resilience and contentment without them.

Heaven Lyrics by RM

Таkе mу heaven
‘Cause you aіn’t inside it
Іf that’s your delight
Come ruіn my vibе
Take my heaven
Oh, уou аin’t invited
Gо grab your knіfe
Аnd watсh me collapsе

You don’t need tо hidе it
I know what you аre
You do it everytime, yеah
Dоn’t let me іgnite it
You trуna rewind, hеy-hey
Вut not for this tіme

I’m feеling so gоod here with me
Feеling so full here wіth me
Everything’s untakеable
Мy peаce iѕ unbreakablе
Take mу heaven for free
Your wоrds and fаce don’t kill mе
You know you nоt a lovable
I’m happy where the dеvils are

Ѕo tаke my heaven
‘Cause you aіn’t inѕide it
If that’s уоur dеlight (Ah)
Take my heaven
Oh, you аіn’t invited
Go grab your knife
And watch me сollapsе
Sо take my heaven

Heaven Lyrics Explained

The chorus of “Heaven” by RM is a declaration of defiance against toxic influences. RM metaphorically offers his “heaven” to those who bring negativity into his life, indicating that they are not welcome in his happiness and peace. By urging them to take his heaven, he emphasizes his rejection of their presence and their potential to harm him. The mention of a knife symbolizes the threat they pose to his well-being, but RM remains steadfast in his resolve to keep them away.

In this verse, RM confronts the manipulative nature of the individual he’s addressing. He sees through their facade and understands their true intentions. Despite their attempts to hide their motives, RM is aware of their actions, which he implies they have repeated multiple times. He warns them against trying to manipulate him again, indicating that he won’t allow himself to be swayed by their deceit this time.

The bridge highlights RM’s contentment and inner peace, which remain untouched by external negativity. He asserts that his happiness comes from within and cannot be taken away by anyone else. Despite the attempts of the person addressed to hurt him with their words and actions, RM remains unscathed. He acknowledges their lack of loveability and finds solace in his own company, even in the presence of darkness.

In the final chorus, RM reiterates his refusal to let the toxic individual into his life. He emphasizes that his heaven is off-limits to them and that they are not welcome to partake in his happiness. The mention of grabbing a knife and watching him collapse reinforces the destructive potential of their presence. RM stands firm in his decision to keep them away, urging them to take his heaven if they wish, but ultimately asserting his resilience and independence.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Take my heaven”
This phrase symbolizes the speaker’s willingness to sacrifice their personal happiness and peace for someone else’s satisfaction. It’s a metaphorical offer to relinquish something precious to them in exchange for appeasing the other person, even though they know the individual doesn’t deserve it.

2. “Come ruin my vibe”
Here, the speaker challenges the negative influence to disrupt their positive energy or mood. It’s a defiant statement, almost daring the person to try to bring them down. By acknowledging the possibility of their vibe being ruined, the speaker asserts their resilience and readiness to confront adversity.

3. “You don’t need to hide it”
This line reveals the speaker’s insight into the other person’s true intentions. They’re essentially telling the individual that their manipulative actions are transparent and that there’s no need for them to conceal their motives. It’s a bold assertion of awareness and refusal to be deceived.

4. “Everything’s untakeable”
This phrase underscores the speaker’s conviction that their inner peace and contentment cannot be stolen or compromised by external forces. It reflects a deep sense of self-assurance and confidence in their own resilience. Despite facing challenges or negative influences, they remain steadfast in their sense of self-worth and happiness.

5. “I’m happy where the devils are”
Here, the speaker acknowledges the presence of negativity or darkness in their life but expresses contentment and acceptance nonetheless. It suggests a willingness to coexist with discomfort or adversity while maintaining personal happiness and peace. It’s a powerful declaration of resilience and defiance against external pressures.

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Who has sung “Heaven” song?
RM has sung “Heaven” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Heaven” song?
RM has written the lyrics of “Heaven” song.

Who has given the music of “Heaven” song?
RM has given the music of “Heaven” song.


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