La Bas (E) Lyrics (English Translation) – Café Tacvba

La Bas (E) Lyrics (English Translation) by Café Tacvba is Spanish song which is presented here. La Bas (E) song lyrics are penned down by Café Tacvba while its tune is made by Café Tacvba.

“La Bas (E)” by Café Tacvba celebrates unity and solidarity. Through repetitive counting and affirmations, the song emphasizes communal support and shared struggles. It highlights the perseverance of individuals seeking work and belonging, echoing the sentiment that nobody should be considered illegal in the world. The lyrics convey a sense of inclusivity and belonging, emphasizing that the world is everyone’s home. “La Bas (E)” serves as a rallying cry for embracing diversity and standing together as a community, regardless of borders or differences.

La Bas (E) (English Translation) Lyrics by Café Tacvba

Onе, twо, three for уou
One, two, threе for me
Fоr аll my сompanіonѕ blooming in this sоil
One, two, three for you
А two, thrеe fоr me
For all my supporters formіng a flower gardеn
One, twо, three for you

Roll аnd roll, lоoking for ѕomewhеre to wоrk
Night and daу, day and night
Nobody is іllegаl
Тhe world is our hоm
еtting to the base
Нere wе are we stay, here wе are we stay
One, two, threе for уou
One, twо, three for me
For аll my companionѕ blоoming іn this soil
Onе, two, three for yоu
A two, three for mе
For all my supporters fоrming a flower garden
One, two, thrеe for you

Rоll аnd roll, looking for ѕоmewhere to work
Nіght and daу, day and night
Nobody is illеgаl
The wоrld is our hom
ettіng to the basе
Here we are wе stay, here we are wе stay

One, two, three fоr уou, one, two, thrеe for me
One, twо, threе for you, one, two, three fоr me
Onе, two, three for you, one, twо, threе for you
One, two, three for yоu, one, two, thrеe for me

For аll mу cоmpanionѕ blooming in this soіl

La Bas (E) (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The song “La Bas (E)” by Café Tacvba begins with a repetitive counting pattern, symbolizing the act of sharing and reciprocity. The counting of “one, two, three” for oneself and others suggests a collective effort and mutual support system. This gesture extends to all individuals, referred to as “companions,” who are metaphorically depicted as flowers flourishing in the soil. It conveys a sense of unity and interconnectedness among people, emphasizing the importance of nurturing one another and fostering growth within the community.

The lyrics then transition to a depiction of individuals persistently seeking employment, as indicated by the phrase “roll and roll, looking for somewhere to work.” The repetition of “night and day, day and night” underscores the relentless nature of this pursuit, highlighting the determination and resilience of those striving for livelihoods. The assertion that “nobody is illegal” reflects a stance against discrimination and exclusion based on immigration status, affirming the inherent dignity and rights of all individuals.

Furthermore, the notion that “the world is our home” conveys a universal sense of belonging and interconnectedness, transcending geographical boundaries and emphasizing the shared ownership of the planet. The concept of “getting to the base” suggests reaching a fundamental understanding or foundation of equality and justice. The repeated affirmation “here we are we stay” reinforces the message of permanence and solidarity, asserting the right of all individuals to exist and thrive in their chosen communities.

Overall, the song “La Bas (E)” by Café Tacvba serves as a powerful anthem of unity, solidarity, and inclusivity. It celebrates the beauty of diversity and emphasizes the importance of mutual support and collective action in creating a more equitable and compassionate world.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “One, two, three for you”
This phrase symbolizes an act of sharing and generosity, where the singer counts off numbers as a way to distribute something positive or beneficial to someone else. It reflects a sense of communal support and goodwill towards others, encouraging a spirit of giving and reciprocity within the community.

2. “Nobody is illegal”
This statement asserts the inherent dignity and worth of all individuals, regardless of their immigration status. It challenges the notion of categorizing people as “illegal” and advocates for inclusivity and respect for the rights of all human beings, irrespective of their nationality or background.

3. “The world is our home”
This phrase conveys a sense of belonging and interconnectedness among all inhabitants of the planet. It emphasizes that the Earth is a shared space where everyone has a right to exist and thrive, regardless of geographical or cultural differences. It promotes a global perspective that transcends borders and fosters unity among diverse communities.

4. “Here we are we stay, here we are we stay”
This repetitive affirmation underscores the idea of resilience and permanence. It communicates a steadfast commitment to remaining present and enduring despite challenges or adversities. It signifies a determination to stand firm and continue contributing to the community, emphasizing the importance of resilience in the face of obstacles.

5. “For all my companions blooming in this soil”
This poetic imagery portrays individuals as vibrant and flourishing like flowers rooted in the soil. It celebrates the diversity and beauty of the community, acknowledging the unique contributions of each person. It conveys a sense of appreciation and solidarity, recognizing the collective growth and vitality of the community as a whole.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “La Bas (E) (English Translation)” song?
Café Tacvba has sung “La Bas (E) (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “La Bas (E) (English Translation)” song?
Café Tacvba has written the lyrics of “La Bas (E) (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “La Bas (E) (English Translation)” song?
Café Tacvba has given the music of “La Bas (E) (English Translation)” song.


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