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La La Lost You Lyrics by 88rising, NIKI is a brand new English song which is presented here. La La Lost You song lyrics are penned down by 88rising, NIKI while its tune is made by 88rising, NIKI.

“La La Lost You” by 88rising and NIKI is a melancholic song about longing and heartache after a breakup. The narrator reflects on their past relationship while living in Los Angeles, contrasting their life with their ex-partner’s new life in New York City. The lyrics depict vivid imagery of different locations—such as Sunset Boulevard, Malibu, and the Upper West Side—highlighting the emotional distance between the former lovers. The narrator reminisces about shared moments and struggles to move on, expressing a mix of nostalgia, pain, and hope. Despite their separation, the narrator’s feelings remain strong, symbolized by “demons” that carry the ex-partner’s smile in the “city of angels.”

La La Lost You Lyrics by 88rising

[Verse 1]
While I’m on Sunset, are you on the subway?
While I drive, are you getting on the L-train?
I mean, Manhattan’s nice, but so are Malibu nights
You would know if you stayed
You would know if you put up a fight
Your toes turn blue in winter, I’m getting red, rum
Does the trick for all of the things left unsaid, I’m
Missing our drunken 2 A.M. strolls in K-Town
Now you’re chasing fake highs in the Upper West Side

[Pre-Chorus 1]
And fu*king on Brooklyns in Brooklyn
Your Chelseas in Chelsea
Hope that eases the pain, so you remember to miss me
And you sold your car, now you walk for miles
Bet your feet feel numb
(Crosswalks in my mind are shaky, so please hold on tight)

All my demons run wild
All my demons have your smile
In the city of angels, in the city of angels
Hope New York holds you
Hope it holds you like I do
While my demons stay faithful
In the city of angels

[Verse 2]
Summer’s ending now and the nights are cooling down
Remember last winter when we would drive around?
Silverlake, Hollywood, pretty little white lies got me good
Thought this was love, I was misunderstood, mmm

[Pre-Chorus 2]
Feeling low on the low, driving through NoHo
If I’m honest, I’d call, but I’m trying to let go
And I hope you’re happy, living life in taxis
But you’ll always have me, you’ll always have me
All my demons run wild
All my demons have your smile
In the city of angels, in the city of angels
Hope New York holds you
Hope it holds you like I do
While my demons stay faithful
In the city of angels

La La Lost You Lyrics Explained

### Verse 1
In the first verse, the narrator contrasts their life in Los Angeles with their ex-partner’s life in New York City. While the narrator drives down Sunset Boulevard, their ex is likely navigating the New York subway, specifically the L-train. The narrator acknowledges Manhattan’s appeal but insists that the beauty of Malibu nights would have been appreciated if the ex had stayed and fought for their relationship. The imagery of toes turning blue in winter versus the narrator’s red cheeks from rum suggests the different coping mechanisms they both have. The narrator misses their late-night, intoxicated walks in K-Town (Koreatown in LA), while the ex now seeks superficial thrills in the Upper West Side. This verse encapsulates the emotional and physical distance that has grown between them, hinting at regret and longing.

### Pre-Chorus 1
In the pre-chorus, the narrator vividly describes their ex’s new life in New York, engaging in casual s*x (“fu*king on Brooklyns in Brooklyn”) and navigating the city’s neighborhoods (“Your Chelseas in Chelsea”). These lines suggest that the ex is trying to fill the void left by their breakup through fleeting encounters and new experiences. Selling the car and walking miles symbolize a significant lifestyle change and perhaps a sense of aimlessness or searching. The narrator hopes these experiences remind the ex of the past and make them miss the narrator. The mention of shaky crosswalks signifies the instability and uncertainty in the narrator’s mind, with a plea for emotional stability.

### Chorus
The chorus reveals the narrator’s inner turmoil, where their “demons” or unresolved emotions are still tied to their ex, who is always present in their thoughts. Despite being in Los Angeles, known as the “city of angels,” the narrator’s emotional struggles persist. They express a wish that New York provides their ex with the same comfort and support the narrator once did. The demons staying “faithful” signifies that, despite the separation, the narrator’s feelings remain unchanged, continuing to haunt them.

### Verse 2
In the second verse, the narrator reflects on the changing seasons, marking the passage of time since the breakup. They reminisce about driving around Los Angeles during the previous winter, visiting places like Silverlake and Hollywood. The “pretty little white lies” refer to the deceptive simplicity of their past happiness, which now feels misunderstood. This verse highlights the contrast between past and present, emphasizing the narrator’s lingering confusion and heartache.

### Pre-Chorus 2
In this pre-chorus, the narrator admits to feeling low while driving through North Hollywood (NoHo). They consider calling their ex but are trying to move on. Despite this, they wish their ex happiness in their new life, even though it’s spent mostly in taxis. The narrator asserts that the ex will always have a place in their heart, indicating a lasting emotional connection despite the distance and effort to let go.

### Chorus
The chorus repeats, reinforcing the narrator’s ongoing emotional struggle. Their demons, symbolizing unresolved feelings and memories, continue to bear the ex’s smile. The hope that New York holds their ex as the narrator once did reflects a desire for the ex’s well-being, even as the narrator remains emotionally stuck in Los Angeles, their demons faithful and unrelenting.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “While I’m on Sunset, are you on the subway?”
This phrase sets the scene of the narrator in Los Angeles on Sunset Boulevard, while wondering if their ex is in New York City on the subway. It illustrates the physical and emotional distance between the two, emphasizing the contrast in their current lives and locations.

2. “Manhattan’s nice, but so are Malibu nights”
Here, the narrator acknowledges the charm of Manhattan, where their ex now resides, but also highlights the beauty of Malibu nights in Los Angeles. This comparison underscores the narrator’s longing and suggests that both places have their own allure, which their ex might have appreciated if they had stayed.

3. “Missing our drunken 2 A.M. strolls in K-Town”
This phrase reminisces about late-night walks in Koreatown, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. These moments represent the intimacy and spontaneity of their past relationship, filled with carefree and shared experiences that the narrator deeply misses.

4. “Hope New York holds you like I do”
The narrator expresses a hope that New York City provides their ex with the same level of comfort, love, and support that the narrator once did. This line conveys a mix of selflessness and lingering affection, wishing the best for the ex despite the pain of separation.

5. “All my demons have your smile”
This phrase metaphorically describes how the narrator’s unresolved emotions and memories (“demons”) are still connected to their ex, who remains a haunting presence in their life. The ex’s smile symbolizes the lingering impact of the relationship on the narrator’s emotional state, showing how deeply they are affected by the breakup.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “La La Lost You” song?
88rising, NIKI have sung “La La Lost You” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “La La Lost You” song?
88rising, NIKI have written the lyrics of “La La Lost You” song.

Who has given the music of “La La Lost You” song?
88rising, NIKI have given the music of “La La Lost You” song.


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