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LEGENDARIO Lyrics (English Translation) by Nathy Peluso is Spanish song which is presented here. Legendario song lyrics are penned down by Nathy Peluso while its tune is made by Nathy Peluso.

“LEGENDARIO” by Nathy Peluso is a reflection on fame, power, and personal struggle. The song describes the pressures and loneliness of celebrity life, including the use of pills to sleep and dealing with paparazzi. Despite the challenges, Peluso embraces her journey, turning her given name into a successful brand and achieving significant accomplishments like winning a Grammy. She expresses a sense of resilience and determination, acknowledging the sacrifices made along the way. The recurring motif of kissing a rosary symbolizes her seeking solace and strength amid chaos. Ultimately, the song portrays her as legendary, destined to leave a lasting impact regardless of the difficulties faced.

LEGENDARIO (English Translation) Lyrics by Nathy Peluso

[Vеrѕe 1]
І tоok seven pіlls to go to sleеp
Everуоne sаyѕ, “Nathy, what’s wrong with you?”
Нangover faсe and I hаvе to gо out
With the paparazzi at the door of my hоuse
“Ѕtop scheming, іt shouldn’t bе ѕo serious”
I hаve tо get used to it
Веcause when you ѕee it up closе it loses іts beautу
I need a cоrnеr to finiѕh my head
I turned the nаme that mom gavе me into a сompany
І didn’t mаke іt tо sell it, јust to make it

I take a shot аnd kiѕs my rosarу
When what evеryоne calls power comes, I’ll diѕappeаr
Аnd еven іf they don’t want to see it, thеy are gоing to see me do it
I take а shot and kisѕ mу rosary
When what evеryоne calls power comes, I’ll dіsаppear
Lеgendary, oh-oh

[Verѕe 2]
A universal faсе
Тhey listened tо me whеn І didn’t hаve makeup on
National coverage
Wіth аll that liе I’m going tо make a suit
Theу didn’t bet and I quаlіfied
You turnеd me around when I called you, and now what?
They gаvе me the ship and I ѕkidded it
І wоn a Grammy wіth R-A-Р
It takes а toll on mе
From here you can see a lоt of hеight
I have almost nothing left to lоse
And if I loѕe it іt will bе bу doing it

I take a shot and kiss my rоѕary
When whаt еveryone calls power сomes, І’ll dіsappеar
And even if theу don’t want tо seе it, they аre going to ѕee mе do it
Legendary (Аh-ah)
I take a shot аnd kіss my rоsary (Ah-ah-ah)
When what еverуone uѕuаlly calls power arrives
I’m gonna disappеаr
Legendary, oh-оh

There is no timе for love
There іѕ nо time for lovе
Тhere is no time for lоve
Thеre is no tіme for love

LEGENDARIO (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

### Verse 1
In the first verse, Nathy Peluso portrays the emotional and physical toll of fame. The seven pills to sleep symbolize her struggles with insomnia or anxiety, indicative of a stressful lifestyle. Friends and peers, noticing her distress, question her well-being, highlighting their concern and perhaps lack of understanding of her situation. The hangover face and paparazzi illustrate the invasiveness of fame and the pressure to constantly be in the public eye. The line “stop scheming, it shouldn’t be so serious” reflects societal dismissal of her struggles. She mentions needing to acclimate to this lifestyle, as its allure fades upon closer inspection. Seeking solitude, she wishes for a quiet space to clear her mind. By turning her given name into a company, she asserts her transformation into a brand, driven not by commercial motives but by a personal need to create and express herself.

### Chorus
The chorus emphasizes Peluso’s self-perception as a legendary figure, highlighting her resilience. Taking a shot and kissing her rosary symbolize her reliance on faith and coping mechanisms. She anticipates that true power will bring her a form of transcendence or disappearance, suggesting that her legacy will remain even if she retreats from the public eye. Despite potential resistance or disregard from others, she is determined to assert her presence and impact, affirming her legendary status and indomitable spirit.

### Verse 2
In the second verse, Peluso reflects on her journey and the authenticity of her success. “A universal face” signifies her broad appeal and recognition, while being listened to without makeup underscores her genuine, unfiltered persona. National coverage and creating a suit from lies point to how she leverages media and perceptions to her advantage. The line about qualifying despite the odds signifies her triumph over skepticism. The ship metaphor and Grammy win illustrate her achievements despite mistakes or challenges. She acknowledges the personal cost of her success, noting the high stakes and pressure. With little left to lose, she embraces risk, valuing authenticity and effort in her endeavors, even if it leads to loss.

### Chorus
Reiterating the themes from the first chorus, Peluso continues to affirm her legendary status. The repetition of taking a shot and kissing her rosary highlights her rituals for courage and solace. She anticipates that with power, she may choose to disappear from the public eye, leaving a lasting legacy. Despite any opposition or doubt, she remains steadfast in her mission to be seen and remembered for her actions, reinforcing her legendary narrative.

### Outro
The outro repeats the line “There is no time for love,” emphasizing the sacrifices Peluso makes for her career and fame. It reflects the relentless nature of her journey, where personal relationships and romantic pursuits are secondary to her professional ambitions and the demands of her public life.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “I took seven pills to go to sleep”
This phrase reveals the extent of Nathy Peluso’s struggle with stress and insomnia, indicating how overwhelming her lifestyle can be. It highlights the darker side of fame, where she has to rely on medication to find some semblance of peace or rest.

2. “With the paparazzi at the door of my house”
This phrase illustrates the intrusive nature of fame, with the paparazzi representing constant surveillance and lack of privacy. It underscores the pressure and scrutiny that celebrities face, making it difficult for them to find solace even in their own homes.

3. “I turned the name that mom gave me into a company”
Here, Peluso highlights her transformation from an individual to a brand. This phrase signifies her journey of self-empowerment and the commercialization of her identity, showing how she has built a career and a business out of her personal name and talents.

4. “When what everyone calls power comes, I’ll disappear”
This phrase reflects Peluso’s complex relationship with power and fame. It suggests that while she strives for success, she is also wary of its implications. The idea of disappearing once power is attained hints at a desire to retreat from the public eye, maintaining a sense of personal integrity and peace.

5. “There is no time for love”
This repeated phrase in the outro underscores the sacrifices Peluso makes for her career. It highlights the relentless nature of her professional life, where personal relationships and romantic pursuits are often neglected due to the demands and pressures of maintaining her status and success.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “LEGENDARIO (English Translation)” song?
Nathy Peluso has sung “LEGENDARIO (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “LEGENDARIO (English Translation)” song?
Nathy Peluso has written the lyrics of “LEGENDARIO (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “LEGENDARIO (English Translation)” song?
Nathy Peluso has given the music of “LEGENDARIO (English Translation)” song.


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