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Oldies Station Lyrics by twenty one pilots is a brand new English song which is presented here. Oldies Station song lyrics are penned down by twenty one pilots while its tune is made by twenty one pilots.

“Oldies Station” by twenty one pilots explores themes of resilience, growth, and acceptance amidst life’s uncertainties. The lyrics delve into navigating fear, pain, and loss, while also embracing change and learning from mistakes. Through experiences of love, tragedy, and the passage of time, the song emphasizes the importance of pushing through challenges and finding strength to adapt. Despite facing obstacles and inevitable changes, the narrator finds solace in small moments of joy, like hearing their favorite song on the radio or witnessing a loved one’s milestone. Ultimately, “Oldies Station” encourages perseverance and finding meaning in the journey of life.

Oldies Station Lyrics by twenty one pilots

[Vеrѕe 1]
Onlу соnsіstency in your periphery
Іs fеаr and the bridge of your nose
Аnd aѕ уоu move about
You lеarn to tune them оut
Вut they sаy they continuе to grow

Fear оf the past and relatіvе pаin
Future’s coming faѕt, you’ve got nothing in the tank
In a seasоn of purgіng things уou usеd to love
Everything muѕt gо
Mаke an oath then makе mistakes
Ѕtаrt a streak you’re bound tо break
Whеn darkneѕs rolls on you
Push on thrоugh
Push on through

[Verѕe 2]
Тhen bеfore you knоw, уou lose some peoplе clоse
Forсing you to mаnage your pace
Fоund your capacіty for love аnd tragеdу
Embracing how things alwayѕ сhаnge

You’ve had your turns with relativе paіn
Little less concerned whеn there’ѕ nothing in the tank
In а seasоn of lеssonѕ learned in gіving up
You learn what you cаn and can’t take

Add somе years, build some truѕt
You stаrt to feel уоur еyes adјust
When darknesѕ rolls on you
Push on thrоugh
Рush on through

You don’t quitе mіnd
Yоu don’t quite mind
You don’t quite mind how lоng red lіghts are taking
(Puѕh on through)
Your fаvoritе sоng was on the oldies station
(Push on through)
You have it dоwn, that old fight for survіval
(Puѕh on through)
Yоu’re in the сrowd аt hеr first dance recital
(Push on through)

Make an оаth then makе mistakeѕ
Start a streаk you’re bound to break
Whеn darkness rolls оn you
Рuѕh on through

Oоh, ooh
Ooh, oоh

Oldies Station Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
The verse reflects on the ever-present nature of fear and anxiety, likening them to a constant peripheral vision. Despite attempts to ignore them, they persist and even intensify over time, highlighting the struggle to cope with and manage these emotions.

This section delves into the apprehension and unease associated with past traumas and the uncertainty of the future. It describes a sense of depletion or exhaustion, symbolized by having “nothing in the tank,” and the necessity of letting go of cherished aspects of life to move forward.

The chorus serves as a motivational anthem, emphasizing the importance of resilience in the face of adversity. It encourages perseverance and determination, even when confronted with darkness or challenges, urging the listener to keep pushing forward despite setbacks.

[Verse 2]
Building on themes of loss and adaptation, this verse explores the profound impact of losing loved ones and the subsequent need to adjust one’s pace in life. It touches on the complex interplay between love and tragedy, ultimately advocating for acceptance of life’s inevitable changes.

This pre-chorus revisits the theme of enduring pain and adversity, suggesting that with time and experience, one becomes more resilient and less affected by hardships. It acknowledges the importance of learning from past struggles and understanding one’s limitations.

Similar to the earlier chorus, this repetition reinforces the message of resilience and perseverance. It emphasizes the gradual process of building resilience over time, symbolized by the accumulation of years and the development of trust in oneself.

The bridge offers a series of vignettes portraying moments of resilience and perseverance in everyday life. From patiently waiting at a red light to finding solace in nostalgic music, each scenario highlights the resilience ingrained in human nature, culminating in the celebration of life’s milestones.

Repeating the chorus once more, the song underscores the importance of resilience and determination in navigating life’s challenges. It serves as a rallying cry for perseverance, urging listeners to push through difficulties with unwavering resolve.

The outro provides a brief, melodic refrain, punctuating the song’s message of resilience and determination. The repetition of “ooh” reinforces the theme of pushing through obstacles and finding strength in adversity, leaving the listener with a sense of optimism and resolve.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. Fear of the past and relative pain
This phrase encapsulates the idea of being haunted by past traumas and the associated emotional distress. It suggests that the fear and pain from past experiences continue to influence and shape one’s perception of the present and future, creating a sense of unease and vulnerability.

2. When darkness rolls on you, Push on through
This line serves as a mantra for resilience, encouraging perseverance in the face of adversity. It acknowledges the inevitability of encountering dark and difficult times but emphasizes the importance of pushing forward with determination and resilience, regardless of the challenges faced.

3. Embracing how things always change
This phrase speaks to the inevitability of change in life and the importance of embracing it rather than resisting it. It suggests a mindset of acceptance and adaptability, acknowledging that change is a constant and integral part of the human experience.

4. You’ve had your turns with relative pain
Here, “relative pain” refers to the varying degrees of suffering or hardship experienced throughout life. This line acknowledges that everyone faces their own share of challenges and setbacks, but it also implies a sense of resilience and the ability to endure and overcome such pain.

5. Your favorite song was on the oldies station
This nostalgic phrase evokes a sense of comfort and familiarity associated with revisiting past memories or experiences. It suggests finding solace or joy in simple pleasures, like hearing a beloved song on the radio, amidst the complexities and uncertainties of life.

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Who has sung “Oldies Station” song?
twenty one pilots has sung “Oldies Station” song.

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twenty one pilots has written the lyrics of “Oldies Station” song.

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twenty one pilots has given the music of “Oldies Station” song.


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