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Out of love Lyrics by RM is Korean song which is presented here. Out Of Love song lyrics are penned down by RM while its tune is made by RM.

“Out of Love” by RM is a raw and introspective song that delves into the speaker’s profound sense of detachment from love. The repetition of “My life is out of love” underscores this feeling of emptiness and disconnection. Metaphorically likening themselves to a pack of cigarettes, the speaker expresses a self-destructive tendency to burn down emotions and experiences. They confront the harsh realities of life, acknowledging the toxicity of their actions and relationships. Through gritty imagery and candid lyrics, RM explores themes of disillusionment, self-awareness, and the struggle to find genuine connection amidst societal pressures. The song’s defiant tone and emotional depth offer a poignant glimpse into the complexities of human emotion and experience.

Out of love Lyrics by RM

Му lіfе iѕ out of love
My life is out of love
My life іs out of love
My life is out of love
My life is out of love
Му lіfе iѕ out of love

[Verse 1]
I’m јust а paсk of cigarette
I’m a burn down all thе love аnd the hate, the right, the wrongs
Evеn the goddamn world I been livіng in fоr my whole lifе
Ѕmoking kills, I know
Іt’ѕ my fu*kіng business, you b!tches ѕtоp, don’t talk s*it
Аshes for like a snow
I bеen chаnging all the flow
Тіme tо let go thе paѕt, the memories, the stacks of thе truth
Diaries without prіoritieѕ
I аlready killed mуsеlf out of the fu*king fears
Smoke, drіnk, peоplе, I know they stink
다 한 번에 섞어 버리고 I put ’em in the sink
설거지는 안 해 ‘сauѕe it’s my fu*kіng script
십몇년만에 이제야 다시 들리네 crеep
І don’t belong here 시는 죽어 버리고 사랑은 묻어 버렸 네
어차피 너와 내가 믿는 진실은 다르 기에
그래 널 원망하지 않아
널 원망하지 않아
사랑은 망하지 아마

[Vеrse 2]
Uh, all you strаngerѕ, yоu did think уou can please mе?
본 지 몇 달 됐다고 you do believe me?
난 익숙하지 I love іt whеn you hate me
Nо, kiss me, oh seе me, don’t leave me
Јuѕt еаt me, uh
Нonesty’s always a crime
Just tell mе if уou need a dime
Вut I саn’t gіve yоu my timе
Сan’t waѕte you my goddamn time
You know уоu was а grime
You can fu*k my body
Can’t fu*k my mind

Out of love Lyrics Explained

The repetition of “My life is out of love” in the intro suggests a profound reflection on the speaker’s existence. Each repetition amplifies the sentiment, indicating that the essence of their life, its core foundation, revolves around love. However, the repetitive nature might also hint at a sense of desperation or insistence, as if the speaker is trying to affirm this belief to themselves repeatedly, seeking reassurance or validation.

[Verse 1]
In Verse 1, the speaker compares themselves to a pack of cigarettes, a metaphor suggesting self-destructive tendencies. They express a willingness to burn down everything, including emotions like love and hate, societal norms (“the right, the wrongs”), and their entire life experience. The defiance against societal judgment (“It’s my fu*king business”) coupled with the metaphor of smoking killing, hints at a reckless disregard for consequences. The imagery of ashes falling like snow signifies a cold detachment from past experiences. By discarding memories and truths, the speaker seeks a fresh start but acknowledges the difficulty in letting go. The multilingual lines add complexity, possibly indicating a struggle with identity or communication barriers. Despite acknowledging differences in beliefs and not blaming others, the repetition of “My life is out of love” contrasts with the self-destructive narrative, hinting at a longing for connection amidst chaos.

[Verse 2]
In Verse 2, the speaker addresses strangers, questioning their ability to understand or please them. They express comfort in being misunderstood or even hated, suggesting a preference for raw honesty over false affection. The plea to “Just eat me” implies a desire for acceptance despite flaws. The acknowledgment that honesty is perceived as a crime reflects a cynical view of society’s standards. The refusal to invest time in others stems from past experiences of feeling used or degraded (“You know you was a grime”). The distinction between physical and emotional intimacy (“You can fu*k my body, Can’t fu*k my mind”) reveals a guardedness, indicating a reluctance to be emotionally vulnerable. Overall, Verse 2 portrays a sense of detachment and mistrust, characterized by a desire for authenticity amidst a world of superficiality.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “My life is out of love”
This repeated phrase serves as the central theme of the song, expressing a profound sense of emptiness or detachment from love in the speaker’s life. The repetition emphasizes the intensity of this feeling, suggesting a deep-rooted disillusionment or absence of emotional connection. It may reflect a sense of alienation, where the speaker feels disconnected from others or unable to experience genuine affection.

2. “I’m just a pack of cigarette”
This metaphorical expression likens the speaker to a pack of cigarettes, implying a self-destructive nature or a feeling of being consumed by harmful habits or emotions. It suggests a lack of control over one’s life and actions, as cigarettes are often associated with addiction and negative consequences. The comparison highlights themes of recklessness, decay, and the desire for escape.

3. “Smoking kills, I know”
Here, the acknowledgment of the dangers of smoking can be interpreted both literally and metaphorically. On one level, it acknowledges the physical harm caused by smoking, reflecting an awareness of self-destructive behavior. Metaphorically, it may symbolize the speaker’s recognition of the detrimental effects of their actions or choices on their well-being and relationships. This phrase underscores themes of self-awareness and acceptance of consequences.

4. “Time to let go the past, the memories, the stacks of the truth”
This line conveys a sense of liberation or catharsis as the speaker resolves to release themselves from burdensome memories, truths, or experiences. It suggests a willingness to break free from the constraints of the past and embrace change or renewal. The imagery of “stacks of the truth” implies a heavy burden of honesty or reality that the speaker is ready to relinquish in pursuit of personal growth or healing.

5. “Honesty’s always a crime”
This phrase reflects a cynical view of society’s attitudes towards honesty or authenticity. It suggests that speaking truthfully or being genuine is often punished or frowned upon, highlighting a perceived hypocrisy or injustice in social norms. It may stem from the speaker’s experiences of rejection or criticism for expressing their true feelings or beliefs. This line resonates with themes of disillusionment, defiance, and the struggle to maintain integrity in a world that often values conformity over sincerity.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Out of love” song?
RM has sung “Out of love” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Out of love” song?
RM has written the lyrics of “Out of love” song.

Who has given the music of “Out of love” song?
RM has given the music of “Out of love” song.


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