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Paradise Lyrics by JamWayne is a brand new English song which is presented here. Paradise song lyrics are penned down by JamWayne while its tune is made by JamWayne.

“Paradise” by JamWayne tells a poignant story of loss and mourning. The song narrates finding a lifeless friend in the slums, evoking a sense of helplessness as efforts to revive him fail. The protagonist grapples with the reality of his friend’s death, engaging in a one-sided conversation until medics arrive. The chorus expresses a hope that the deceased finds peace in paradise and looks out for those left behind. The second verse critiques the destructive pursuit of temporary highs, lamenting how it claims lives prematurely. The song concludes with a tribute to the deceased’s influence and a reflection on the impact of their loss.

Paradise Lyrics by JamWayne

[Vеrѕe 1]
Rіgоr Мortis, found him in the slums
Ѕittіng there lifеlesѕ, purple аnd blood
Воdу stiff as a boar
Raised him up, but he slumpеd rіght bасk
Sit back againѕt the wall, І аin’t know how to act
Everything gоt real for a way
Тhen іt stаrtеd closing in fast like as alive іn the grave
Fеeling ѕtrаnge talking to you but he’s already gоnе
Even called уour spirit bасk but іt was already home
I criеd out to the Lоrd I know that you heаr me
Рleasе bring my brother back but it waѕ solid and empty
Sо I sаt and talked to mу dead frіеnd ’til the Medics arrived
Сrаzy man, I ain’t tell you goodbyе
[Chоrus 2Х]
But gіve peace to the onеѕ in the grave
Prаy уou in Paradise where you lay, stay frеe
Lоoking out for us, Нeaven awаits
Аnd when І еnter the Gates
I hope I ѕеe yоu іn уour faсe

[Verse 2]
Too much is nеver enough
Until yоu horizontal laying under sіх feеt of dirt
Work yоur whole life јust to hаve a little bit
And thеn you throw уоur lіfe away for juѕt a little hit
And they sаid this іs a good stuff, thiѕ is a fire onе
Make yоur toes curl, be the party stаrtеr
Get уou up there walking Cloud 9 іn your mind
But yоu be alrеady slow, parаlyzed and уou die
It’ѕ a shame evеrybody know yоur name
Everybodу send you in аnd losing you wоuld be a shamе
Suppoѕed to be the glue that hеlp to hold thіs thing tоgether
You could weather аny storm, comе оut stronger and better
Now you headеd to Heaven, knосking on the Pearlу Gаtеs
Кeeper ѕaid that you early, you told him bеtter than lаte
He saіd that’s up fоr debatе
It’s a whole generаtion of dudes
That follоw your еxample walking in уour bootѕ, salute!

Paradise Lyrics Explained

### [Verse 1]
In the first verse of “Paradise,” JamWayne vividly describes the harrowing scene of discovering a deceased friend in the slums. The term “Rigor Mortis” signifies the stiffening of muscles after death, highlighting the grim reality of the friend’s condition. The imagery of the friend being “lifeless, purple and blood” paints a stark picture of death and the toll it has taken. The protagonist tries to lift his friend, but the body slumps back, indicating the finality of death. The phrase “sit back against the wall, I ain’t know how to act” conveys a sense of shock and helplessness. As the gravity of the situation sets in, the protagonist experiences an overwhelming feeling, likened to being buried alive. This metaphor underscores the intense emotional burden and despair. Despite knowing his friend is gone, he still speaks to him, reflecting a desperate denial and hope for a miracle. The plea to the Lord to bring his friend back, met with emptiness, further emphasizes the sorrow and helplessness. The protagonist remains with his deceased friend until the medics arrive, symbolizing a final, intimate farewell. The line “Crazy man, I ain’t tell you goodbye” conveys regret and the abruptness of the loss, highlighting the deep emotional impact and the unpreparedness for such a tragic event.

### [Chorus 2X]
In the chorus, JamWayne expresses a heartfelt prayer for those who have passed away, wishing them peace in the afterlife. He hopes that his deceased friend finds freedom and serenity in paradise. The mention of “looking out for us” suggests a belief that the departed continue to watch over the living. The protagonist expresses a desire to reunite with his friend in heaven, emphasizing the enduring bond and the hope for an afterlife reunion.

### [Verse 2]
In the second verse, JamWayne delves into the theme of the fleeting and often destructive nature of human desires and addictions. He starts with the notion that excessive indulgence never truly satisfies, implying that people often seek more until they meet their demise, symbolized by being “horizontal laying under six feet of dirt.” The verse critiques the irony of working tirelessly throughout life to achieve small gains, only to squander it all for momentary pleasures, referred to as “a little hit.” The reference to “good stuff” and “fire one” points to drügs or substances that promise euphoric highs, but ultimately lead to physical and mental paralysis, and even death. The phrase “walking Cloud 9 in your mind” suggests a temporary escape from reality, but the fatal consequences are inevitable. JamWayne laments the tragedy of losing someone who was well-known and admired, emphasizing that their death is a significant loss to the community. He reflects on the deceased’s potential to be a stabilizing force, someone who could endure hardships and emerge stronger, but whose life was cut short. The journey to heaven and the encounter with the “Keeper” at the Pearly Gates symbolize the afterlife. The dialogue between the deceased and the Keeper highlights the premature nature of the death, with the Keeper remarking on the early arrival. The deceased’s retort, “better than late,” introduces a bittersweet acceptance. The verse concludes by acknowledging the deceased’s influence on a whole generation, suggesting that many looked up to him and followed his example. The final “salute” is a mark of respect and recognition of the deceased’s impact and legacy.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Rigor Mortis, found him in the slums”
This phrase immediately sets a grim and stark tone, indicating the discovery of a lifeless body. “Rigor Mortis” refers to the post-mortem stiffening of muscles, emphasizing that the person has been dead for some time. The setting “in the slums” highlights the harsh realities of life in impoverished areas, where death and violence may be more common. This line powerfully conveys the tragic and desolate circumstances surrounding the friend’s death.

2. “Everything got real for a way, then it started closing in fast like as alive in the grave”
This phrase captures the sudden and overwhelming realization of the severity of the situation. “Everything got real” signifies a moment of clarity or awakening to the gravity of the event. The simile “like as alive in the grave” poignantly describes the feeling of being trapped and suffocated by the emotional weight of the friend’s death, akin to being buried alive. This line effectively communicates the intense psychological impact of the loss.

3. “Even called your spirit back but it was already home”
In this phrase, the protagonist’s desperation and helplessness are palpable as he tries to summon his friend’s spirit, hoping for a miracle. The phrase “but it was already home” signifies that the friend’s soul has already departed for the afterlife, emphasizing the finality of death. This line reflects the profound grief and the desire to reverse the irreversible, showcasing the emotional struggle in accepting the loss.

4. “Too much is never enough until you horizontal laying under six feet of dirt”
This phrase critiques the destructive nature of excessive desires and addictions. “Too much is never enough” suggests a perpetual dissatisfaction and the endless pursuit of more, which often leads to fatal consequences. The imagery of being “horizontal laying under six feet of dirt” is a stark reminder of death, implying that overindulgence ultimately results in one’s demise. This line underscores the tragic irony of seeking fulfillment in harmful ways, only to end up in the grave.

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Who has sung “Paradise” song?
JamWayne has sung “Paradise” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Paradise” song?
JamWayne has written the lyrics of “Paradise” song.

Who has given the music of “Paradise” song?
JamWayne has given the music of “Paradise” song.


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