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Pretty Girl Lyrics by Clairo is a brand new English song which is presented here. Pretty Girl song lyrics are penned down by Clairo while its tune is made by Clairo.

“Pretty Girl” by Clairo delves into the complexity of relationships and self-perception. The narrator reminisces about a past love, represented by a Polaroid memory of dancing together. Despite longing for understanding, they acknowledge the difficulty in comprehending the other’s feelings. The chorus portrays a willingness to conform to societal ideals of femininity (“wear a skirt”), silence their own voice, and sacrifice their individuality to please their partner. However, the realization of being blinded by love leads to self-reflection and acceptance of solitude as preferable to toxicity. The song captures themes of longing, self-discovery, and empowerment amidst heartbreak, ultimately urging listeners to prioritize self-worth over conformity.

Pretty Girl Lyrics by Clairo

[Vеrѕe 1]
Роlаroіd of уou danсing in my roоm
І want to remember, I think it was about noon
It’s gеttіng hаrder tо understand, to understand
Нow you felt in my handѕ, in my hands

Аnd I cоuld bе а pretty girl
I’ll wear a skirt for уou
And І could be a pretty girl
Ѕhut up when you want me tо
And I could bе а pretty girl
Won’t ever make you blue
And I could bе a pretty girl
I’ll lоse myѕelf in you

[Verse 2]
I was so blіndеd bу you, now І сry
Јust thinking ‘bоut the fool that I wаѕ
I was such a fool
I’m alоne now but it’s better for mе
I don’t need all your negаtivіty

And І could be a pretty girl
I’ll wеar a ѕkirt for уou
Аnd I could be a pretty girl
Shut up when yоu wаnt me to
And I could be a pretty girl
I’ll nеver make you blue
And І сould be a pretty girl
I’ll lоsе myself in you

Pretty Girl Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
The first verse describes a nostalgic scene of a Polaroid picture capturing a moment of intimacy – “dancing in my room.” The narrator longs to hold onto this memory, indicating a desire to preserve the connection they once shared. However, as time passes, understanding the depth of their former partner’s emotions becomes increasingly challenging, symbolized by the fading clarity of “how you felt in my hands.”

The chorus reflects the narrator’s willingness to conform to societal standards of beauty and femininity in order to please their partner. They express a readiness to transform themselves into the idealized image of a “pretty girl,” willing to wear skirts and suppress their own voice when required. The repetition emphasizes the lengths to which they are willing to go to maintain the relationship and avoid causing any sadness or dissatisfaction.

[Verse 2]
In the second verse, the narrator reflects on the consequences of being infatuated and “blinded” by their former partner. They regret their past naivety and recognize their own foolishness in prioritizing the relationship over their own well-being. Despite feeling alone now, they acknowledge that being without their partner is ultimately beneficial, as it liberates them from the toxicity and negativity that once consumed them.

The final chorus reaffirms the narrator’s willingness to sacrifice their own identity and happiness in order to please their partner and maintain the relationship. They repeat their readiness to conform to societal expectations of beauty and femininity, emphasizing their commitment to ensuring their partner’s satisfaction and happiness, even at the expense of their own emotional well-being.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. Polaroid of you dancing in my room
This phrase encapsulates a moment of intimacy and nostalgia, symbolized by a Polaroid picture capturing the image of the narrator’s partner dancing in their room. It signifies a desire to hold onto memories of closeness and affection.

2. It’s getting harder to understand, to understand
This repetition emphasizes the increasing difficulty the narrator faces in comprehending their partner’s emotions and the intricacies of their relationship. It reflects a sense of confusion and frustration as the connection between them becomes more complex and challenging to decipher.

3. How you felt in my hands, in my hands
This line suggests a longing to understand the depth of their partner’s emotions and the significance of their presence. It conveys a desire for intimacy and connection, highlighting the importance of physical touch and the emotional impact it carries.

4. I could be a pretty girl
This recurring statement reflects the narrator’s willingness to conform to societal standards of beauty and femininity in order to please their partner. It symbolizes a readiness to sacrifice individuality and authenticity in favor of fulfilling their partner’s expectations and desires.

5. I was so blinded by you, now I cry
This phrase conveys a realization of past naivety and the emotional turmoil that accompanies it. It signifies a moment of introspection and regret as the narrator acknowledges the consequences of being consumed by love and losing sight of their own well-being.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Pretty Girl” song?
Clairo has sung “Pretty Girl” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Pretty Girl” song?
Clairo has written the lyrics of “Pretty Girl” song.

Who has given the music of “Pretty Girl” song?
Clairo has given the music of “Pretty Girl” song.


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