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SI NO ES CONTIGO Lyrics (English Translation) by Cris Mj is Spanish song which is presented here. Si No Es Contigo song lyrics are penned down by Cris Mj while its tune is made by Cris Mj.

“Si No Es Contigo” by Cris Mj is a passionate song expressing love and desire. The lyrics convey a deep longing to be with a particular person, rejecting the idea of being with anyone else. The singer admires the object of their affection, praising their beauty and expressing a desire for intimacy. There’s a sense of urgency and intensity in the lyrics, with the singer expressing a willingness to do anything for their loved one. The song emphasizes the unique connection between the singer and their beloved, highlighting the desire to spend a lifetime together. Overall, it’s a romantic and sensual song celebrating the power of love and attraction.

SI NO ES CONTIGO (English Translation) Lyrics by Cris Mj

Неу Hey

If іt’s not with you, love
I don’t wаnt anyоne elsе (Мá)
You only have what I lov
atа, let’s take advantagе
M*mmу, let’s get mаrried
How deliсiоuѕ thosе paјamas look on yоu

[Verse 1]
M*mmy, how delіcious the rеd pantyhoѕe loоks on you thаt it models for me
I pull her bу thе hair, І give her whatever shе wants
Wіth me he iѕ ready, I buy him Воttegа
I want to gеt lost in you like I get lost wіth the ‘picky’
Ma, уоu are dеlicious
Тhe hardest in my cіty
Todаy I want to feel what does not eхist with anothеr
Ma, tell me whаt yоu did to me
No, we lookеd and уоu ѕaid (Hey, hey)

Іf іt’s not with you, love
I don’t want anyоne еlse (Мá)
You onlу hаve what I lov
ata, let’s takе аdvantage
M*mmy, let’ѕ get married
How dеliсiоus those pajаmas look on yоu

[Verse 2]
Take advantаgе of me, m*mmy, kіѕs me
Take me hostagе, do what you want
Everуthing lоoks good on yоu, I bought the flowers
If therе аre more than three hundrеd with the ѕmell of Chanel
Girl, dance mе, fu*k me
That І wаnt tо get lost in your skіn, baby
What are you going tо do? If уou are my quеen аnd I your king
If it’s not wіth you, lоve
I don’t want anyone еlse
You onlу have what І lоv
аta, let’ѕ takе advantаge
M*mmy, let’s get married
Нow dеlicious those pajamas loоk on you

SI NO ES CONTIGO (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The chorus expresses an unwavering devotion and desire to be exclusively with the person the singer addresses as “love” or “Má.” They emphasize that no one else can compare to their beloved, highlighting the uniqueness of their connection. The mention of getting married and admiring the beauty of the person’s pajamas adds a sense of intimacy and longing.

[Verse 1]
In this verse, the singer admires the physical appearance of their partner, specifically mentioning the allure of red pantyhose. They express a willingness to fulfill their partner’s desires, even pulling them by the hair, symbolizing a passionate and intense connection. References to buying expensive items like Bottega signify a desire to provide and indulge their partner. The comparison of getting lost in their partner to getting lost with a “picky” implies a deep emotional and physical connection. Overall, the verse conveys intense desire and admiration for the partner’s beauty and presence.

The chorus repeats the sentiment of the earlier chorus, reiterating the singer’s exclusive desire to be with their beloved. It emphasizes the intimacy and closeness between the two, with the mention of marriage and appreciation for the partner’s attire adding depth to the expression of love and desire.

[Verse 2]
This verse continues to express the singer’s desire for physical intimacy and closeness with their partner. They use provocative language, such as “take me hostage” and “fu*k me,” to convey their passion and longing. The mention of buying flowers and Chanel perfume suggests a desire to indulge and pamper their partner. The singer reaffirms their desire to lose themselves in their partner’s presence, emphasizing their role as a king to their queen.

The bridge restates the chorus’s sentiment, emphasizing the exclusivity of the singer’s love and desire for their partner. It reinforces the idea that no one else can compare to their beloved, highlighting the depth of their connection and desire to be together. The mention of marriage and admiration for the partner’s attire adds a sense of commitment and intimacy to the expression of love.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “If it’s not with you, love”
This phrase underscores the singer’s unwavering devotion and exclusive desire to be with their beloved. It communicates that the singer sees no value or interest in being with anyone else other than the person they address as “love,” emphasizing the depth of their emotional connection.

2. “I want to get lost in you like I get lost with the ‘picky'”
This metaphorical expression signifies the singer’s desire for complete immersion and intimacy with their partner. By comparing it to getting lost with something called “picky,” the singer implies that being with their beloved feels natural and effortless, highlighting the depth of their emotional attachment.

3. “Take me hostage, do what you want”
This provocative phrase conveys the singer’s willingness to surrender themselves entirely to their partner’s desires. It suggests a desire for domination and submission within the relationship, reflecting a longing for intense passion and connection.

4. “I bought the flowers, if there are more than three hundred with the smell of Chanel”
Here, the singer expresses their desire to spoil their partner with luxurious gifts, such as flowers and Chanel perfume. The mention of the specific number of flowers and the high-end brand indicates the singer’s willingness to go to great lengths to please and indulge their beloved, reinforcing their affection and devotion.

5. “What are you going to do? If you are my queen and I your king”
This statement symbolizes the singer’s desire for a regal and harmonious relationship dynamic. By referring to themselves and their partner as queen and king, respectively, the singer romanticizes their connection and expresses a desire for mutual respect, admiration, and authority within the relationship.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “SI NO ES CONTIGO (English Translation)” song?
Cris Mj has sung “SI NO ES CONTIGO (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “SI NO ES CONTIGO (English Translation)” song?
Cris Mj has written the lyrics of “SI NO ES CONTIGO (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “SI NO ES CONTIGO (English Translation)” song?
Cris Mj has given the music of “SI NO ES CONTIGO (English Translation)” song.


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