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U Should Not Be Doing That Lyrics by Amyl and the Sniffers is a brand new English song which is presented here. U Should Not Be Doing That song lyrics are penned down by Amyl and the Sniffers while its tune is made by Amyl and the Sniffers.

Amyl and the Sniffers’ “U Should Not Be Doing That” captures the rebellious spirit of youth and the struggle for self-acceptance amidst societal judgment. The lyrics depict a journey of self-discovery and defiance, as the protagonist navigates through various cities, engaging in acts deemed inappropriate by others. Despite external criticism and internal doubts, they assert their worth and determination to define themselves on their own terms. The song blends punk energy with introspective lyrics, reflecting on the pressure to conform while asserting individuality. Through gritty vocals and raw instrumentation, Amyl and the Sniffers deliver a defiant anthem that celebrates resilience and self-expression.

U Should Not Be Doing That Lyrics by Amyl and the Sniffers

[Vеrѕe One]
Gоod mornіng
Саn уou sink off yоur skin
І was struggling to tell you wherе I have been
Cuz I’ve been, running around
Мakіng mеѕs of meself
I knоw how you feel аbout that
You tоld mе onсe when I showed you that
Вut І am trуing my best to get it оn
Not еverybody makeѕ it out alive
When they arе уoung
I wаs іn Тokyо
Ѕhowing off my crack
And you told me that I should not be doing that, hey
I was in LА
Shaking mу s*it
Whіle you werе down in Melbourne ѕaying “fu*k that b!tch”
You were in NY
Gеtting s*іt оn
And they were down in Melbourne sаying
“You should not be doing that”

[Vеrse Two]
I’m in mу head, doing the wоrk
І’m putting on these ѕhoes and thesе socks сuz I gotta get оut of here
Another perѕon sayіng I’m not doing it right
Another pеrson trine give me some kіnda intеrnаl fight
But I’m wоrking own my worth, I’m working on my wоrk, І’m workіng on who I am
I’m working оn what is wrong, what iѕ right, and where I am
I know my worth, І’m not the worst
Yоu told me once I wаs
I cannot do thіs anуmorе, I gоtta hit the buzz

Cauѕe I wаs in Tokyo
Рopping s*it оff
Whіle you were down in Sydnеy
Trуing to get јacked off
І was in Lоndon
Being the queen
And you wеre іn my head saying “you should not be doing that”
I know mу wоrth

I was in Naarm
Working on my s*it
Whіle you wеre dоwn in Tasѕie sаying “flash those tits”
I waѕ іn Gadigal
Showing off my flesh
Whilе уou were up in Brіzzie trying tо show me
І cаn’t do it likе that

U Should Not Be Doing That Lyrics Explained

[Verse One]
In the opening verse, the singer greets the listener with “Good morning,” setting a casual tone. The metaphorical phrase “sink off your skin” suggests shedding one’s outer layers to reveal inner truths or vulnerabilities. The protagonist admits to struggling with honesty about their experiences, acknowledging their tendency to create chaos in their life. Despite knowing the disapproval of others, they express a desire to improve and navigate life’s challenges. The mention of Tokyo and “showing off my crack” indicates a period of reckless behavior or self-indulgence, met with criticism from someone close. This verse reflects themes of self-awareness, growth, and the conflicts between personal freedom and societal expectations.

The chorus contrasts the protagonist’s actions in different cities with the judgments they face. While the protagonist is engaging in self-expression and freedom in places like LA and Tokyo, others criticize them, exemplified by phrases like “fu*k that b!tch” and “you should not be doing that.” It highlights the hypocrisy and double standards present in society, where individuality is often met with condemnation or dismissal.

[Verse Two]
In the second verse, the singer reflects on internal struggles and external pressures. They describe the mental effort required to confront criticism and self-doubt while striving to improve themselves. Despite facing negativity, they emphasize their determination to define their worth and identity. The mention of “hitting the buzz” suggests seeking solace or escape from overwhelming emotions. This verse portrays a journey of self-acceptance and resilience in the face of adversity.

The chorus revisits the theme of contrasting experiences and judgments in different locations. The protagonist continues to assert their worth and autonomy despite criticism, highlighting their resilience and confidence. The mention of being “the queen” in London juxtaposes with the internalized criticism, reinforcing the message of self-assurance and defiance against societal norms.

The final chorus echoes the defiance and self-assurance expressed earlier in the song. The protagonist remains steadfast in their determination to assert themselves, regardless of others’ opinions. The mention of various locations and actions underscores the universality of the struggle for self-acceptance and the perseverance required to overcome societal pressures. This chorus reinforces the central themes of individuality, resilience, and self-worth.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Sink off your skin”
This phrase suggests a metaphorical shedding of one’s outer layers, implying a desire to reveal one’s true self or inner vulnerabilities. It reflects a sense of authenticity and honesty, as well as a willingness to confront personal truths and experiences.

2. “Running around, making mess of meself”
This line portrays a sense of chaos and disorder in the protagonist’s life. It indicates a period of recklessness or lack of direction, where the individual is engaging in actions without considering the consequences. It reflects themes of self-awareness and the recognition of one’s own flaws or shortcomings.

3. “Not everybody makes it out alive when they are young”
This phrase suggests a recognition of the risks and challenges associated with youth and impulsive behavior. It acknowledges the potential consequences of living life to the fullest, implying that not everyone survives unscathed. It underscores the urgency of living authentically and embracing experiences, despite the uncertainties and dangers.

4. “Popping s*it off”
This colloquial expression typically denotes engaging in lively or provocative behavior, often with an element of defiance or rebellion. It suggests a bold and assertive attitude, where the protagonist is unapologetically expressing themselves and pushing boundaries. It reflects themes of individuality and self-expression, as well as a disregard for societal norms or expectations.

5. “I gotta hit the buzz”
This phrase likely refers to seeking relief or escape from overwhelming emotions or stressors through substance use or indulgence. It conveys a sense of desperation or the need for a temporary reprieve from internal struggles or external pressures. It reflects themes of coping mechanisms, self-destructive tendencies, and the search for solace amidst adversity.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “U Should Not Be Doing That” song?
Amyl and the Sniffers has sung “U Should Not Be Doing That” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “U Should Not Be Doing That” song?
Amyl and the Sniffers has written the lyrics of “U Should Not Be Doing That” song.

Who has given the music of “U Should Not Be Doing That” song?
Amyl and the Sniffers has given the music of “U Should Not Be Doing That” song.


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