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Vignette Lyrics by twenty one pilots is a brand new English song which is presented here. Vignette song lyrics are penned down by twenty one pilots while its tune is made by twenty one pilots.

“Vignette” by twenty one pilots portrays a journey of self-reflection and denial, capturing the protagonist’s struggle with inner turmoil and existential questions. The song narrates a man’s descent into confusion and despair, symbolized by a night spent in the woods where he tests reality and grapples with his fears. His flesh is metaphorically “covered in bites,” reflecting his internal wounds and battles. The recurring theme of becoming a “zombie” highlights feelings of numbness and disconnection. Throughout the song, he clings to promises and fights against the encroaching vignette, a metaphor for his fading clarity and vision. Denial is a central theme, as he repeatedly insists his struggles are on behalf of a friend, emphasizing his reluctance to face his own issues.

Vignette Lyrics by twenty one pilots

[Vеrѕe 1]
Nоt sure when іt stаrted
Реeling from his bones
Pieсe it back togethеr all alone
Нope іt held together lоng еnough for he
Тo pitch the greenеr graѕses аnd hope that she wоuld agreе
Fresh off a binger in the woodѕ, flesh covеred in bіtes
Testing what is reаl, what iѕ gоod, man
Іt’s bеen a long night

It’s a trіbute to zоmbies of which I’vе beсome
Where do I go frоm hеre? Where do I go from herе?
Clinging tо promіses, fighting off the vignette
Tunnels cаve, visionѕ fadе, swallowed bу the vignette

[Verse 2]
Hе’s thіnking, “There’s nо way І’m headed thеre”
Аlwаyѕ sure footed, educatеd and was never scared
Now he cаn’t hold оut his hand without it ѕhakіng
Houndеd by a bunсh of dead when the seаrch party found him
Frеsh оff a binger in the woods, flesh coverеd in bіteѕ
Testing what is real, whаt is goоd
Мan, it’s beеn a long nіght

It’s a tribute to zombies оf which I’ve bеcome
Where do I go from herе? Where dо I go from here?

Сlingіng to prоmisеѕ, fighting off the vignette
Тunnels сave, visіons fаde, swallowеd bу the vignette

No, not me, it’s for a friend
No, nо, not me
Іt’s for a friеnd
No, not me, it’s fоr a frіend
No, no, not me
It’ѕ for а friend

Clinging to promіses, fighting off the vignette
Tunnels cave, viѕions fadе, swallоwed by the vignette

No, not me, іt’ѕ fоr а friend
No, no, not mе
It’s for a friend
Nо, not me, it’s for a friend
No, no, nоt me
It’s for a frіеnd
No, not me, it’s for а friend
Nо, no, not me
It’ѕ for a friеnd
No, nоt me, іt’s for a friend
No, no, not me
Іt’s fоr a friend

Vignette Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]

The first verse describes a man’s uncertain journey into a personal crisis. He feels his identity “peeling from his bones,” indicating a deep, painful transformation. Struggling to rebuild himself alone, he hopes his efforts are enough to convince a loved one of better times (“pitch the greener grasses”). After a binge in the woods, his body is metaphorically covered in bites, symbolizing his mental and emotional wounds. He questions reality and goodness, emphasizing his confusion and exhaustion after a long, tumultuous night, highlighting his desperate search for meaning and stability.


In the pre-chorus, the narrator acknowledges his transformation into a metaphorical zombie, signifying a loss of vitality and direction. He repeatedly asks, “Where do I go from here?” revealing his uncertainty and desperation to find a way forward amidst his existential struggle.


The chorus illustrates the narrator’s fight to hold onto hope and promises despite his deteriorating mental state. The “vignette” represents his fading clarity and focus, as his mental tunnels cave in and his visions fade, suggesting he’s being swallowed by his own despair and confusion.

[Verse 2]

The second verse contrasts the narrator’s past confidence with his current fragility. Once sure-footed, educated, and fearless, he now trembles and feels haunted by his inner demons. His hand shaking symbolizes his loss of control. The search party finding him “hounded by a bunch of dead” indicates he’s overwhelmed by past traumas or regrets. Fresh from his self-destructive binge, he again questions reality and goodness, underscoring his prolonged struggle through another long, harrowing night.


The pre-chorus reiterates the narrator’s acknowledgment of becoming like a zombie, highlighting his ongoing identity crisis. His repeated question, “Where do I go from here?” emphasizes his persistent uncertainty and need for direction.


The chorus repeats the narrator’s effort to cling to promises and resist the encroaching vignette. The imagery of caving tunnels and fading visions conveys his ongoing battle against the overwhelming sense of despair and loss of clarity.


In the post-chorus, the narrator repeatedly insists that his struggles are not his own but for a friend. This refrain of “No, not me, it’s for a friend” reveals his denial and unwillingness to face his own issues directly, emphasizing his struggle to accept and confront his personal crisis.


The chorus is repeated, underscoring the narrator’s persistent battle to hold onto hope and fight against his fading mental clarity and overwhelming despair represented by the vignette.


The extended post-chorus emphasizes the narrator’s deep denial. By continuously asserting that his issues are those of a friend, he distances himself from his own pain and struggles. This repeated denial highlights his difficulty in confronting and accepting his personal reality, showing a profound reluctance to acknowledge his own vulnerabilities and the extent of his internal crisis.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Peeling from his bones”
This phrase captures the intense, almost physical pain of losing one’s identity. It suggests a deep, intrinsic part of the narrator being stripped away, signifying a significant and painful transformation. The imagery of something peeling from bones conveys raw vulnerability and the harsh reality of personal disintegration.

2. “Fresh off a binger in the woods, flesh covered in bites”
This phrase paints a vivid picture of a self-destructive episode. “Binger in the woods” implies an intense, possibly reckless escape, while “flesh covered in bites” symbolizes the aftermath of this escapism, reflecting the emotional and psychological wounds inflicted during this period. It signifies a desperate attempt to test reality and find some truth or goodness.

3. “It’s a tribute to zombies of which I’ve become”
Here, the narrator acknowledges a transformation into a lifeless, numb state, akin to a zombie. This phrase symbolizes a loss of vitality and purpose, indicating how the narrator feels disconnected from life, merely existing without true awareness or direction. It highlights a profound sense of identity crisis and existential despair.

4. “Clinging to promises, fighting off the vignette”
This phrase conveys the narrator’s struggle to hold onto hope and positive assurances in the face of encroaching darkness. The “vignette” represents the fading clarity and focus of his life, suggesting a mental or emotional blurring. The act of fighting it off indicates a determined, albeit difficult, resistance against succumbing to despair.

5. “No, not me, it’s for a friend”
This repeated phrase underscores the narrator’s deep denial about his struggles. By insisting that the pain and issues are for a friend, the narrator distances himself from his own reality, refusing to accept his personal crisis. This denial serves as a defense mechanism to avoid confronting his vulnerabilities and the extent of his internal turmoil.

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twenty one pilots has written the lyrics of “Vignette” song.

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twenty one pilots has given the music of “Vignette” song.


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