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24 Lyrics (English Translation) by tripleS is Korean song which is presented here. 24 song lyrics are penned down by tripleS while its tune is made by tripleS.

“24” by tripleS is an anthem of self-improvement and empowerment. The lyrics speak of embracing change, overcoming fears, and striving to be the best version of oneself. With a blend of confidence and determination, the song celebrates growth and resilience. It’s a call to action to chase dreams and embrace new possibilities. The catchy rhythm and uplifting message make it an inspiring track about self-discovery and forging ahead in life’s journey.

24 (English Translation) Lyrics by tripleS

The flashlight shines and shines on me
Wait for twenty-four
I realize that I want to become a better me every day

[Verse 1]
Lock down my fears
I feel that I have become stronger
This look is classic, uh
The stage where we gathered again
It’s getting hotter, rising
One, two step, we make the bumping

I said
Ride on with the flow
All right, something uncommon
We are now over the lin
et it, prove it
Without hesitation
Run this town, babe
I’m not scared
Sweetly just stay
See that, our own answer

The attraction keeps this sweet feeling
Look at me now, orbit in the maze
we make a way
Do you wanna be? Yeah
We are better treasures, better dressers
New dimension, better keep up
Watch me, uh, follow me, la-la-la-la
Know we got the juice

Oh, oh
Watch me
Uh, yeah
[Verse 2]
It’s time for rendezvous
Our gaze gathers as one, way to move
Yeah, your attitude changes
You’ve already been caught in my déją vu

In the end, we touch our own cherry
Infinity, we are a new generation
Do it, do it, open the door
Catch it, feel it, a gem that never existed
A shining, unfinished, rough reflection
New Paradigm (Aw)

Keep the attraction, this sweet feeling
Look at me now orbit in the maze orbit
we make a way
Do you wanna be? Yeah
We are better treasures, better dressers
New dimension, better keep up (Watch me, uh)
Follow me la la la la
Come on, are you ready?

A dream that will come true, this exciting thrill
Look at me now, trust me better, better
we make a way
Now you wanna be
We are better treasures, better dressers
New dimension, better keep up
Follow me la-la-la-la

24 (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The beginning sets the tone of anticipation and self-awareness. The flashlight symbolizes illumination and clarity, indicating a moment of realization and introspection. Waiting for “twenty-four” suggests a period of growth or transformation, where the speaker aims to improve themselves continuously.

[Verse 1]
This verse captures a sense of empowerment and confidence. “Lock down my fears” signifies taking control over one’s anxieties, leading to personal strength. The mention of a classic look and gathering on stage suggests a return to a familiar, comfortable environment where the speaker feels empowered and energized.

Here, the lyrics emphasize embracing uniqueness and taking bold steps forward. “Ride on with the flow” encourages going with the rhythm of life, while “Run this town” asserts dominance and fearlessness. The speaker reaffirms their self-assurance and invites others to join them on their journey.

The chorus celebrates the joy and excitement of self-discovery and progression. “The attraction keeps this sweet feeling” suggests the allure of personal growth and improvement. “Orbit in the maze” symbolizes navigating through life’s complexities, while “we make a way” highlights the speaker’s determination to overcome obstacles.

This brief section serves as a moment of emphasis and assertion. “Watch me” implies confidence and assurance in one’s abilities, urging others to pay attention and follow the speaker’s lead.

[Verse 2]
The second verse speaks to a sense of connection and déjà vu, indicating a familiarity and comfort with the unfolding events. The rendezvous signifies a meeting or convergence of paths, where attitudes may shift, and new possibilities emerge.

Here, the lyrics delve deeper into themes of self-discovery and transformation. Touching “our own cherry” symbolizes reaching personal milestones and embracing new beginnings. The mention of a “new generation” suggests a departure from the past and an embrace of the future’s potential.

This repetition of the chorus reinforces the themes of growth, empowerment, and self-assurance. The speaker invites others to join them on their journey of self-improvement, emphasizing the importance of keeping up with progress and evolution.

The outro reiterates the excitement and fulfillment found in pursuing one’s dreams. The speaker encourages others to trust in themselves and embrace the journey of self-discovery. It concludes with a call to action, inviting listeners to follow the speaker’s lead into a brighter future.

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tripleS has written the lyrics of “24 (English Translation)” song.

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tripleS has given the music of “24 (English Translation)” song.


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