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Ángel Lyrics (English Translation) by TINI is Spanish song which is presented here. Ángel song lyrics are penned down by Andrés Torres, El Dandee, TINI while its tune is made by Andrés Torres, El Dandee.

“Ángel (English Translation)” by TINI tells the story of resilience and overcoming adversity. It portrays the life of a hardworking individual who faces betrayal and abandonment but finds solace in dreaming and persevering. Despite the challenges, the protagonist finds strength in love and self-discovery. The song reflects on forgiveness, facing hardships, and embracing one’s identity. Through powerful lyrics and imagery, it conveys the message of finding hope and peace amidst life’s storms.

Ángel (English Translation) Lyrics by TINI

[Verse 1]
Woke up a little after 6 four plates of toast and coffee
She left them holding hands at school
Two reasons to work and come home for dinner
Turning drops of sweat into privilege
And she plays, she dances, she runs, she sings and she flies with her angel’s wings.
She lends them to him whenever she wants
It was a television life
What an illusion expert wrote
Not only were the 24th Christmas Eve
Because he dreams he only dreams
And he loves, giving his soul
He lives to leave traces
In a perfect story that nothing is missing
And there she is drawing stars
She sings giving her soul
Cut and what a beautiful scene
You don’t feel the storm when it’s calm

[Verse 2]
December 2008 was a Friday
Eyes that do not see betrayal that you do not feel
Judas gave the kiss, how do you deny it?
How does he forgive himself? How do you regret it?
If they were brothers and goodbye forever
If he gave him his hand and the other gave him his teeth
They turned their backs on him and he always faced them
They thanked him and pushed him off the bridge.
I already understand well what happened
Dad left and it was never his fault
The wound was tattooed on his skin
Everyone heard the lie
Nobody ever heard the truth.
That’s why I need to shout it to all of Buenos Aires
Let time take care
And destiny took it upon itself to paint me violet
Battles that we do not choose and must be faced
That’s what loving each other is all about
But it also hurt me and to say it, it’s not too late

The truth is that they didn’t even want to hire me because I was his daughter.
But divine justice exists
If you knew how many times they called me to open their show
Sing, smile and act as if nothing had happened
But thanks to that I learned what I don’t want to be in this life

Together drawing stars
Because I love you with all my soul
Cut to the next scene
I don’t care about the storm, the calm will come

Ángel (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
The lyrics depict a woman’s daily routine, marked by dedication and love. Despite the challenges she faces, symbolized by her “angel’s wings,” she finds joy in simple pleasures like playing, dancing, and singing. Her life, though seemingly perfect like a “television life,” is also a facade crafted by illusion. Yet, amidst it all, she cherishes her dreams and gives love wholeheartedly, living to make a mark in a story where nothing is lacking. It portrays resilience in the face of adversity and the pursuit of a meaningful existence despite life’s complexities.

This stanza reflects finding beauty and tranquility amid chaos. Despite storms, inner peace prevails, symbolized by drawing stars and singing with soulfulness.

[Verse 2]
This verse delves into a tale of betrayal and abandonment, possibly reflecting personal experiences. The reference to December 2008 suggests a specific event or time period significant to the narrator. The imagery of Judas’ kiss symbolizes deceit and the pain of betrayal, leading to questions of forgiveness and regret. The mention of familial betrayal, where one brother extends a hand while the other shows hostility, highlights the complexities of relationships and human nature. The metaphorical bridge suggests a point of no return, where gratitude turns to rejection and abandonment. The narrator grapples with the truth of their father’s departure, marked by emotional wounds that persist. They feel compelled to share their story with the world, seeking catharsis and understanding. Despite the pain, there’s a sense of acceptance and resilience, acknowledging the inevitability of facing life’s battles and finding strength in love and self-expression.

This passage reflects on experiences of discrimination and nepotism faced due to being someone’s daughter. Despite challenges, the narrator acknowledges divine justice and their growth through adversity. They recount being repeatedly called to perform, masking their pain with smiles, ultimately learning from these experiences and defining their own path in life.

This stanza conveys a message of enduring love and optimism. Despite facing storms, the narrator remains steadfast, focusing on their love and the assurance that calmness will eventually prevail.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Ángel (English Translation)” song?
TINI has sung “Ángel (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Ángel (English Translation)” song?
Andrés Torres, El Dandee, TINI have written the lyrics of “Ángel (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Ángel (English Translation)” song?
TINI have given the music of “Ángel (English Translation)” song.


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