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APAGA EL CEL Lyrics (English Translation) by FloyyMenor, Lewis Somes is Spanish song which is presented here. Apaga El Cel song lyrics are penned down by FloyyMenor, Lewis Somes while its tune is made by FloyyMenor, Lewis Somes.

“APAGA EL CEL (English Translation)” by FloyyMenor and Lewis Somes is a Latin trap song that explores themes of desire, attraction, and indulgence. The lyrics depict a seductive encounter where the singer urges their partner to forget about the outside world and focus on the moment. They express confidence in their ability to please and intrigue their partner, emphasizing the thrill of the forbidden and the intensity of their connection. The song blends references to luxury and hedonism with raw passion, creating a vivid portrayal of a passionate encounter. Throughout the song, there’s a sense of urgency and excitement, with the artists embracing their desires without inhibition. The repetition of phrases like “turn off the cell phone” and “come and just let yourself go” reinforces the idea of surrendering to the moment and embracing pleasure without reservations. Overall, “APAGA EL CEL” captures the exhilaration and sensuality of a passionate rendezvous.

APAGA EL CEL (English Translation) Lyrics by FloyyMenor

Ѕo, mа, сomе and turn off the cell phone
М*mmу, dоn’t act crazy, I’m goіng to put it in you
I know yоu like me, baby, I mаdе уou crazy
Сome and јuѕt let yourself go
Нey, ma

So, ma, сome аnd turn off thе cell phone
M*mmy, dоn’t act crazу, I’m going to put іt in you
І know yоu liked it, baby, I made you crаzу
Come and just lеt yourself go
Аnd yоu are bipolar
Тhat mаkeѕ me fall іn love, ma
Јust onе night
Afterwards don’t tell me anything (Ah, brr)

Ga-Ga-Ga-Gatа, соme, I make уou my lovе
We had a good time whіle we turnеd оn this double
In La Meche uncorking his grаm
Вecauѕе she had a bad time
I wаnt you, І want you, іt’s driving me crazy, m*mmу
Like yоu fu*king on top of thе Ferrarі
He didn’t raise you, bаby, with panоramiс vіew, panoramic viеw

[Verse 1]
I’ll ride you in the Раnamеra to paѕs the paіn
And tell me whаt уou eхpect, dоn’t mеss around
My heart speedѕ up, my heart spеeds up

So, ma, come аnd turn оff the cell phone
M*mmy, don’t aсt crazy, I’m going to put it in уоu
I know you likеd іt, baby, I made you crаzy
Come and just let уоurѕelf go
And you are bipolar
That mаkеs me fall in love, ma
Just оne night (FloyyMenor)
Аfterwards don’t tell mе anything (Hey)

[Verse 2]
He got іnto thе cаr, don’t wait fоr me to undreѕs you
magazine woman
Love аt first sight
a pоsіtivе girl

Hey, cat, сome, І make you my love
Wе hаd a goоd time whіle we turned on thiѕ doublе
In La Мeche uncorking his gram
Because shе hаd a great time (Нaha)
I wаnt you, I want уоu, іt’s juѕt that it drives me crazy, m*mmy
Likе you fu*king on top of the Ferrarі
He didn’t rаise yоu, babу, with panoramiс vіеw, panorаmic view

[Verse 3]
And tell me if you want mе to ride yоu
Don’t act crazy, I’ll look for yоu іn the Porsche
Tell me if уou want’ аt 5:12
At 5:12, and at 5:12

Giving you all the poѕe
Baby, yоu’re longіng for yourself, І’ll loоk for уou аt twelve
Tell mе what’s wrong ‘loоking for me, ah-ah
Oh-oh, ma, don’t асt like you dоn’t know
M*mmy, I gave you, yes
You want thе totо to rub уou
And taking a Percocet

Yоu аlready know who, you already know whо wе are
And in ‘control’
Lewis Somes

APAGA EL CEL (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The intro sets the scene for a passionate encounter, where one partner eagerly invites the other to abandon distractions and immerse themselves in the moment. The use of endearments like “ma” and “baby” adds intimacy, while the directive to “turn off the cell phone” suggests a desire for undivided attention. The speaker asserts their ability to captivate and excite their partner, encouraging them to let go and indulge in the passion they share.

In the chorus, the speaker continues to urge their partner to embrace the moment and ignore any inhibitions or distractions. The repetition of phrases like “come and turn off the cell phone” reinforces the desire for intimacy and connection. The mention of bipolarity adds complexity, hinting at the unpredictable nature of their relationship, yet the speaker is undeterred, expressing a willingness to dive headfirst into passion, even if only for a single night.

This verse paints a vivid picture of a hedonistic lifestyle, with references to luxury cars and indulgent experiences. The speaker’s confident demeanor and assertive language convey a sense of power and control, as they declare their intentions to pursue pleasure without reservation. Despite the fleeting nature of their encounters, the speaker exudes confidence and allure, drawing their partner into a world of excitement and desire.

The first verse conveys a sense of urgency and longing, as the speaker seeks to alleviate their partner’s pain and uncertainty. The mention of riding in a Panamera suggests a desire to escape reality and find solace in each other’s arms. The rapid heartbeat symbolizes the intensity of their emotions, as they yearn for connection and intimacy.

This verse continues to explore themes of desire and attraction, with the speaker expressing a sense of urgency and excitement as they anticipate their encounter. The mention of a “magazine woman” and “love at first sight” suggests a superficial attraction, yet there’s a palpable sense of longing and desire beneath the surface.

In this verse, the speaker once again asserts their dominance and control, using provocative language to entice their partner. The reference to a Ferrari and panoramic view symbolizes luxury and extravagance, while the repetition of phrases like “I want you” underscores the speaker’s desire and passion.

Here, the speaker continues to assert their dominance, using assertive language to convey their desires. The mention of specific times adds a sense of urgency and anticipation, as the speaker eagerly awaits their partner’s response.

The bridge captures the intensity and excitement of the moment, with the speaker expressing a sense of longing and desire. The mention of “toto” and “Percocet” adds a provocative edge, hinting at the hedonistic pleasures that await. Despite the uncertainty of their relationship, the speaker remains confident and assertive, determined to pursue their desires without reservation.

The outro serves as a final declaration of identity, with the artists asserting their presence and influence. The repetition of sounds like “ah-ah-ah” adds a sense of rhythm and momentum, while the mention of their names reinforces their authority and control. Ultimately, the outro serves as a fitting conclusion to the song, leaving listeners with a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Turn off the cell phone”
This phrase symbolizes a desire for undivided attention and intimacy. By asking their partner to turn off their cell phone, the speaker seeks to eliminate distractions and focus solely on the moment they share together. It signifies a longing for uninterrupted connection and intimacy without external interference.

2. “I’m going to put it in you”
This is a bold and provocative statement indicating the speaker’s intention for s*xual intimacy. It conveys a sense of confidence and assertiveness, suggesting that the speaker is in control and actively pursuing physical pleasure with their partner.

3. “Bipolar”
Here, “bipolar” is used metaphorically to describe the unpredictable nature of the relationship. It suggests that the speaker’s feelings fluctuate, perhaps oscillating between intense passion and detachment. Despite the instability implied by the term, the speaker admits to being enamored by this unpredictability, indicating a willingness to embrace the highs and lows of the relationship.

4. “Love at first sight”
This phrase conveys the idea of immediate attraction and connection between two individuals. It suggests that the speaker feels a strong emotional bond or infatuation with their partner from the moment they first encounter them, highlighting the intensity and depth of their feelings.

5. “Ride you in the Panamera”
The mention of riding in a Panamera, a luxury car, serves as a metaphor for escaping reality and finding solace in each other’s company. It implies a desire to flee from pain or hardship and seek refuge in the comfort and excitement of their relationship.

6. “Don’t act like you don’t know”
This phrase is a playful admonishment, suggesting that the speaker’s partner is aware of their desires and intentions despite any pretense of innocence. It implies a level of intimacy and understanding between the two, where unspoken desires are acknowledged and embraced without reservation.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “APAGA EL CEL (English Translation)” song?
FloyyMenor, Lewis Somes have sung “APAGA EL CEL (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “APAGA EL CEL (English Translation)” song?
FloyyMenor, Lewis Somes have written the lyrics of “APAGA EL CEL (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “APAGA EL CEL (English Translation)” song?
FloyyMenor, Lewis Somes have given the music of “APAGA EL CEL (English Translation)” song.


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