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Bang it Lyrics by Shyboytakemoney is a brand new English song which is presented here. Bang It song lyrics are penned down by Shyboytakemoney while its tune is made by Shyboytakemoney.

“Bang It” by Shyboytakemoney is a high-energy track chronicling the pursuit of wealth and street life. The lyrics depict the artist’s fast-paced lifestyle, from speeding down highways to flaunting cash and indulging in substances. With references to designer clothing, firearms, and street encounters, the song exudes confidence and swagger. The catchy chorus encourages listeners to embrace the hustle and “bang it” – a nod to both making money and asserting dominance. Overall, the song captures the gritty reality and ambition of urban life, underscored by its infectious beat and Shyboytakemoney’s dynamic delivery.

Bang it Lyrics by Shyboytakemoney

Trying to stack that bankroll on the chase for them peso’s aye Shyboy

I’m flyin down one-eleven moving full speed a couple hundred in my pocket these ain’t no Tru jeans and don’t be asking what I’m sippin fu*k do you think this wocky got me nodding off and this blue dream I stopped drinking for a minute then got mood swings bandana hangin low it match the shoe strings this glocky got a kick to it it feel like bruce lee and I can’t do no favors don’t be asking me to do things aye I’m feeling real saucey I break her back then do the dash and blow her tail off aye they looking real soft I hit the block and double back and make a meal off it blazing on this blunt and pouring cups I think it’s too strong lock and load my heaters in this b!tch I’m packing two homie gold up on my wrist from my fingers to my thumbs came in with the band know the camp got them drums couple rings on and a couple chains too laid off in the bushes jumpin out like shh shh bouncin out like wasup what the fu*k you gonna do when the soldiers come trippin with my comrad’s and troops

Bang it Riding riding
Bang it Rollin rollin
Bang it Sliding sliding
Lil homie lil homie just bang it

Bang it Riding riding
Bang it Rollin rollin
Bang it Sliding sliding
Lil homie lil homie just bang it

Bang it bang it

Trying to stack that bankroll on the chase for them peso’s

Bang it Lyrics Explained

“Bang It” by Shyboytakemoney encapsulates the urban hustle and the pursuit of financial success. The lyrics depict a fast-paced lifestyle driven by the desire to accumulate wealth, referred to as “bankroll” and “pesos,” which symbolize money and prosperity. The protagonist navigates through streets, likely on Highway 111, with a sense of urgency, embodying determination and ambition.

References to designer clothing, such as “Tru jeans,” and indulgence in substances like “wocky” and “blue dream,” signify a lavish and hedonistic lifestyle. The use of slang like “saucey” adds to the bravado and self-assuredness of the persona.

The chorus, “Bang it Riding riding, Bang it Rollin rollin, Bang it Sliding sliding, Lil homie lil homie just bang it,” reinforces the idea of pushing forward relentlessly, whether it’s driving, rolling (likely referring to rolling up substances), or sliding (perhaps referencing sliding through life’s challenges). It’s a call to action, encouraging listeners to stay focused on their goals and keep grinding.

The mention of “soldiers” and “comrad’s and troops” hints at a sense of camaraderie and loyalty within the protagonist’s circle, suggesting that success is often achieved through collective effort and support.

Overall, “Bang It” portrays the determination, swagger, and camaraderie prevalent in the pursuit of financial success within urban environments, while also acknowledging the risks and challenges inherent in this lifestyle.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Bang it” song?
Shyboytakemoney has sung “Bang it” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Bang it” song?
Shyboytakemoney has written the lyrics of “Bang it” song.

Who has given the music of “Bang it” song?
Shyboytakemoney has given the music of “Bang it” song.


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