BIG DREAMS Lyrics (English Translation) – Ryan Castro

BIG DREAMS Lyrics (English Translation) by Ryan Castro is Spanish song which is presented here. Big Dreams song lyrics are penned down by Ryan Castro while its tune is made by Ryan Castro.

“Big Dreams” by Ryan Castro delves into the struggles and aspirations of those living in the ghetto. Castro reflects on the harsh realities of poverty and the creative resilience it breeds. He emphasizes the power of music to ignite life within, offering hope amidst adversity. The song speaks to the longing for freedom from societal constraints, urging listeners to pursue their dreams despite the odds. Through vivid imagery and emotive lyrics, Castro paints a portrait of resilience and the quest for liberation.

BIG DREAMS (English Translation) Lyrics by Ryan Castro

Yeah, it’s El Cantante del Ghetto (From the neighborhood)
Big dreams (Neighborhood)
Awoo (Neighborhood, neighborhood)

We are soldiers walking before the eyes of God
Until the final judgment or my voice goes out
Necessity made us creative
Music awakened in us the feeling of being alive
For my ghetto children who have nothing to do with
The people in my neighborhood who don’t have enough to eat
The inspiration of a man to go out and win
And break the poverty with which he had to grow up
In the darkness there is a ray of light
That gives you calm like blues notes
I’m afraid to risk it all like Jesus
And end up betrayed, lying on a cross
Raised in the eye of the storm
In a ghetto where even your body is for sale
People are usually not what they seem
Luxury and shine but no money for rent
And I want freedom from my body and my mind
I was raised in evil, I am hot blooded
Walking in the city with the love of my people
Raising a prayer to those who are absent

Free, free
Free and I want to fly
I am a free soul
Free and I want to fly
I am a free soul

BIG DREAMS (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The introduction sets the tone for the song with its repetition of “neighborhood,” emphasizing a sense of community and belonging. “El Cantante del Ghetto” refers to the singer’s identity as a voice from the ghetto, suggesting that the following lyrics will likely explore themes related to urban life, struggles, and aspirations.

In this verse, Castro paints a vivid picture of life in the ghetto, portraying its inhabitants as resilient soldiers facing the challenges of poverty and adversity. The reference to walking before the eyes of God implies a sense of accountability and perseverance in the face of judgment. He acknowledges the creativity born out of necessity and the transformative power of music in giving life meaning. Castro expresses empathy for the children and residents of the ghetto who struggle to meet their basic needs, yet find inspiration to rise above their circumstances. The imagery of light piercing through darkness symbolizes hope amidst despair, while the mention of Jesus underscores the risk and sacrifice involved in pursuing one’s dreams in such a harsh environment. Overall, the verse reflects on the complex realities of ghetto life, highlighting both its hardships and the indomitable spirit of its inhabitants.

The chorus serves as a declaration of freedom and empowerment. Through repetition, Castro emphasizes his desire for liberation from societal constraints and the yearning to soar above limitations. “Free” becomes a mantra, symbolizing the aspiration for autonomy and self-expression. The repetition of “I am a free soul” reinforces a sense of individuality and defiance against oppression, encapsulating the overarching theme of personal emancipation and resilience.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “BIG DREAMS (English Translation)” song?
Ryan Castro has sung “BIG DREAMS (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “BIG DREAMS (English Translation)” song?
Ryan Castro has written the lyrics of “BIG DREAMS (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “BIG DREAMS (English Translation)” song?
Ryan Castro has given the music of “BIG DREAMS (English Translation)” song.


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