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Brag Lyrics by Sarkodie is a brand new English song which is presented here. Brag song lyrics are penned down by Sarkodie while its tune is made by Sarkodie.

In “Brag” by Sarkodie, the artist reflects on his journey from poverty to success, detailing the struggles he faced and the doubters he encountered. He asserts his dominance in the rap game, mentioning his achievements and asserting his skill. Sarkodie emphasizes his determination and resilience, boasting of his accomplishments while calling out those who doubted him. The song exudes confidence and serves as a testament to Sarkodie’s perseverance and talent in the face of adversity.

Brag Lyrics by Sarkodie

Na me ne nam I had nobody to go to
Poor boy from the gutter wey no get nothing to eat but I was thinking about selling the O2
I never gave up on the dream but I was close to
Even the people wey de for Coach you
Started switching up on me and I was losing it
Afei me sendi WhatsApp aa everybody de ghost you

I had feeling I was gonna be bigger than how the people see me
Put my money where my mouth is
Wh3 ma brabo muaa me maame woo me s3 menb3 re cash
I’m not supposed to be sleeping on these couches
I was born to make it outta the ghetto and cop my mama a Rollie and buy myself a couple houses
B!tch I’m trying to touch a milli put your pu*sy on the sid
ive me space make you no touch my trousers
Wizkid came
I was already doing it
Davido started when I was improving it
And them Odogwu came through black sheriff to asake
I’m still going you thought I was losing it
My biggest competition is Kendrick and Cole
Tonight I’m touching the club and spending some Dough
I see them microphone and I’m ready to go
Me bor rap senia me suck pito
Mete beat a mennya throat

I passed the test I took fights
I swear this s*it is too light
I gotta brag I’m too quiet
I’m about the bread Am so tight

Snipe the rappers on sight
Fu*k with me, I’m gonna strike
I put in the work
We don’t hype
When it comes to this, I’m too nice

Na mo neh
Mo adwenfi no 3ne mo n3
Adu sumor kwaadu opuro sumoh mg3h
Mekyer3 me s3 m3y3 omaa sio neh

Turn it up
They be tryna set me up
Mankaa na meboa ade3 no y3 me ya
Bra b3 fe ma fon wo wie aa na so me ha

Time na menbaa game ne mu
Na you people all be jons
Ebe me got a lot of n!ggas woke
Omo hy3 saa diss me but then they go Dey wait for response
But I knew that the industry be joke
I swear to God
Ghana ha nobody had the nerve
It was me, myself and I wey I carry all the load
You gotta check yourself when you talk to me
To dabiaa 3wosee me kae mo s3 you messing with the GOAT

Been through it all
Still a n!gga don’t stop
Hope you taking all the notes
Like drake I’ll be walking through the 6 with ma
Thought I told you corny n!ggas a decade ago
S3 ma charge me battery and I’m ready to go
Started with a couple n!ggas but them all b cold
Few people rapping but we we never go fold
Any time I hop on beat
I start compete
‘Cause the n!gga come from streets
And I don’t sleep
I gotta get back on feet
I don’t cheat
Menka ho de3 a ti’s not complete
I got some heat
So many reasons I don’t speak
‘Cause a lot of these rappers still stuck on beef
Let’s be honest
How many people go rap on these
Type beats
Throw it on if they not gon’ freeze

Brag Lyrics Explained

The first paragraph depicts the artist’s humble beginnings, highlighting his journey from poverty to aspiring for success. Sarkodie reflects on his past, where he had nobody to turn to and struggled to even afford basic necessities. Despite the hardships, he held onto his dreams, even considering ambitious goals like selling out the O2 arena. However, as he pursued his dreams, he faced betrayal from those around him, experiencing a sense of isolation as even close acquaintances began to distance themselves.

In the second paragraph, Sarkodie asserts his confidence in his own potential, expressing a belief that he is destined for greatness beyond what others may perceive. He emphasizes his willingness to invest in himself, both financially and emotionally, to achieve his aspirations. The artist paints a picture of his determination to rise above his circumstances, aiming to elevate not only himself but also his family from the struggles of the ghetto. Despite facing obstacles and doubters, Sarkodie remains steadfast in his pursuit of success, acknowledging the influence of other prominent artists while maintaining his own unique path.

The third paragraph reflects Sarkodie’s assertiveness and self-assurance in his abilities. He boasts about his accomplishments and skills in the rap game, indicating that he has proven himself through challenges and adversity. Sarkodie adopts a confident demeanor, declaring his readiness to confront any competition and asserting his dominance in the industry. Additionally, he addresses the challenges he has faced, including attempts to undermine him, but remains resilient and focused on his goals.

In the fourth paragraph, Sarkodie delves into his experiences navigating the music industry, acknowledging both the support and opposition he has encountered. He reflects on the struggles he has overcome and the lessons he has learned along the way. Sarkodie emphasizes his resilience and determination to succeed, despite facing skepticism and betrayal from within the industry. He asserts his position as a trailblazer, challenging anyone who doubts his status as a significant figure in the rap scene.

Overall, “Brag” by Sarkodie serves as a declaration of the artist’s journey from adversity to triumph, showcasing his resilience, confidence, and determination to succeed in the face of challenges. Through his lyrics, Sarkodie asserts his place in the rap game and reflects on the experiences that have shaped him, ultimately conveying a message of perseverance and self-belief.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Brag” song?
Sarkodie has sung “Brag” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Brag” song?
Sarkodie has written the lyrics of “Brag” song.

Who has given the music of “Brag” song?
Sarkodie has given the music of “Brag” song.


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