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Bragging Rights Lyrics by LAZER DIM 700 is a brand new English song which is presented here. Bragging Rights song lyrics are penned down by LAZER DIM 700 while its tune is made by goxan.

“Bragging Rights” is a gritty rap track detailing the lifestyle of the artist, featuring explicit language and themes of drug use, street life, and casual encounters. The lyrics touch on topics such as needing visuals for credibility, smoking to cope, and the pursuit of material wealth. The artist reflects on their experiences, challenges, and desires within a raw and unfiltered narrative.

Bragging Rights Lyrics by LAZER DIM 700

Fu*k fu*k fu*k
I got I got I got lil’ Goxan on this muhfu*ker
Fu*k fu*k
Fu*k fu*k

Shoot a lil’ video n!gga need visuals
N!gga gotta smoke just to function I’m pitiful
N!gga capped out n!gga not getting physical
N!gga get smoked like some ‘za getting rid of you
Better get your blick out the spot s*it critical
I need the real ‘za I don’t want no typical
Lil’ twin see me going up it’s a miracle
Pull out my monyun ain’t leaving s*it digital
Fine s*it do me a reading she spiritual
Wait on your ‘za bag it up in the living room
I ain’t got no monyun just let me get back right
Shortcut come through the ally with a flashlight
Got on that ‘za you ain’t see me since last night
Pull out your ‘za let me see what your gas like
You still gon’ let me fu*k? You still gon’ let me smash right?
Lil’ twin devour you n!gga want bragging rights
N!gga did a show I ain’t see nothing but flash lights
I don’t need no carry-around I travel with a book bag
I don’t got no scope on the top where my scope at?
Shoot my lil’ micro Drac’ it’s just gon’ blow back
Punchy-ass grabba leaf I can’t even smoke that
Trade me your jacket I forgot where your coat at
You know I finish my batters you know that
Sit your ass down drink a beer get a four-pack
Send her back in I don’t give a fu*k where that show at
Sleep on the floor I might sleep where the roaches at
Fell asleep at the trap sleep on a sofa chair
I can’t wig out ’cause my people and ‘dem over there

Fu*k fu*k

Bragging Rights Lyrics Explained

The repeated expletives express intensity or frustration, while the mention of “lil’ Goxan” may refer to influence or affiliation.

This vVerse depicts the struggles and lifestyle of individuals immersed in street culture, where “shooting a lil’ video” implies the need for validation or recognition. Drug use is portrayed as a coping mechanism, with the singer feeling pitiful without it. The reference to “getting smoked” suggests the danger of the environment, where one’s life can be easily taken. The desire for authenticity and uniqueness is emphasized, contrasting with the typical or mundane.

The mention of “lil’ twin” potentially refers to a close friend or associate witnessing the singer’s rise, seen as miraculous in their circumstances. Money is mentioned, but the preference is for tangible cash rather than digital transactions. Spiritual guidance is sought amidst the chaos, while the need for protection is evident as the singer navigates dangerous territories.

The lyrics also touch upon encounters with others, with casual s*xual relations being sought for validation or “bragging rights.” The mention of “flashlights” may symbolize the fleeting nature of success or fame in their environment.

Material possessions are traded or borrowed, reflecting a transient lifestyle. Despite the hardships, there’s a sense of resilience and camaraderie among the singer and their associates, as they navigate through challenging circumstances together. The imagery of sleeping among roaches and in makeshift beds underscores the harsh reality of their living conditions.

Overall, the song paints a vivid picture of the struggles, desires, and survival tactics of individuals entrenched in street life, seeking validation, companionship, and a sense of belonging amidst adversity.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Bragging Rights” song?
LAZER DIM 700 has sung “Bragging Rights” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Bragging Rights” song?
LAZER DIM 700 has written the lyrics of “Bragging Rights” song.

Who has given the music of “Bragging Rights” song?
LAZER DIM 700 has given the music of “Bragging Rights” song.


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