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Brother Flow Lyrics by Rio Da Yung OG is a brand new English song which is presented here. Brother Flow song lyrics are penned down by Rio Da Yung OG while its tune is made by Rio Da Yung OG.

“Brother Flow” by Rio Da Yung OG is a gritty narrative of street life and hustling. With vivid imagery, Rio boasts about his wealth and street credibility, contrasting it with others’ shortcomings. The song delves into themes of loyalty, violence, and survival in the hood. Rio’s confident delivery and sharp wordplay paint a picture of his reality, where success is measured by street smarts and resilience. The track’s pulsating beat and Rio’s unapologetic lyrics create a raw and intense listening experience, showcasing his prowess as a rapper in the underground scene.

Brother Flow Lyrics by Rio Da Yung OG

[Intro: Rio Da Yung OG]
(Marc Boomin, this you?)
What up, Marc Boomin? Yeah, we back again, n!gga
Y’all know we finna walk, we don’t have to tell you
Ghetto Boyz s*it, still grinding, n!gga
Yeah, y’all n!ggas can’t fu*k with us, n!gga
We the ones, n!gga

[Verse 1: Rio Da Yung OG]
Off-White shirt costs six hundred, I got ten of ’em
And I bought ’em at one time, I got big money
I can drop twenty shots and don’t miss nothing
You just dropped a whole hundred shots and you ain’t hit nothing
Oh, you really getting money? Lay a brick on me
You ain’t got the whole brick? Lay a zip on me
I knew you wasn’t my dog, I can’t get nothing
Oh, your sister work at Walgreens? Bust a script for me
How you really getting money and your b!tch bummy?
How you got a bad b!tch and your kids ugly?
Whole six in a little Squirt, man, this b!tch muddy
I drink my whole cup fast, I don’t sip nothing

[Verse 2: Louie Ray]
Me and Rio gotta pour a pop, it’s a consequenc
otta pour a pop, it’s a consequence
Me and Rio gotta pour a pop, it’s a consequenc
otta take light sips, it’s smoothie thick
I be tryna clean ’em with the counter ’cause blues’ll stick
I gotta move like this, I’m too smooth to trip
Shooting at the end of Stockdale, on the news and s*it
Too many rubber bands on me, I bruised my wrist
I can’t play, I got too much to lose or risk (Swear to God)
She only temporary, I be moving
I know I’m getting money, but ain’t really tryna prove it
You always talking what you did, bro, I does it

[Verse 3: Rio Da Yung OG]
Jay and Louie fu*ked the world up when they dropped Coochie
Wright really from the pad, you can ask Poody
Hit a n!gga in his whole head, I don’t half do it
How you let dog survive? You a bad shooter
I ain’t into WWE, I shoot people
Let off one shot out the D-Eagle, hit two people
You was right there when your mans told, you a proofreader?
Unc’ nose hole so damn big, he can oot people
I ain’t finna fight you, I poof people
I just dropped a hundred shots in a two-seater
I don’t give a fu*k how much you got, I don’t serve new people
I got white, black, green, and blue people

[Verse 4: Louie Ray]
Still got a lil’ pot around for who doing it
They say it’s hard to motivate the hood, but we doing it
N!ggas can’t even help the legacy, ’cause they’ll ruin it
The flower patch ain’t dead, s*it blooming, n!gga
Through the legs, turn him ’round, I’ll school a n!gga
I jumped in headfirst, this not a pool, my n!gga
I’m in a crazy position, my knees behind me
I been tryna leave the hood, but the fiends behind me
Big racks in my bookbag is all I need beside me
It gotta be the boat the way she ride me

[Verse 5: Rio Da Yung OG]
Louie had to wake me up, I kept on nodding
I knew she could suck d!ck, she kept on slobbing
Oh, you looking for some dog food? Go to Petco probably
I just ran some dog s*it up in Retro 5s
N!gga mad we came up, better catch up, fry
I don’t like talking on the phone, we can text sometimes
Cut the b!tch off ’cause her pu*sy was wet sometimes
Impress him when you see him, ’cause you only meet death one time
How the fu*k is that my son? We had s*x one time
First n!gga I popped got grazed, the next one died

(Marc Boomin, this you?)

Brother Flow Lyrics Explained


Rio Da Yung OG’s introductory lines serve as both a greeting and a declaration of presence. By addressing Marc Boomin, he acknowledges a fellow figure in the rap game, signaling a return to the streets with confidence and authority. The repetition of “we back again” reinforces their resilience and consistency in navigating the challenges of their environment. Through phrases like “Ghetto Boyz s*it” and “we the ones,” Rio asserts their dominance and credibility, setting the stage for the gritty narrative that unfolds.

[Verse 1 (Rio Da Yung OG)]

In this verse, Rio flaunts his wealth and street prowess, boasting about his expensive Off-White shirts and his ability to spend extravagantly. He mocks others who claim success but cannot match his level of financial power or street credibility. Rio’s aggressive delivery and sharp lyrics highlight his disdain for those who fake their status and his unapologetic embrace of his own success. By contrasting his achievements with the shortcomings of others, Rio establishes himself as a formidable force in the streets, commanding respect through both his words and his actions.

[Verse 2 (Louie Ray)]

Louie Ray’s verse delves into the consequences of their lifestyle, symbolized by the act of “pouring a pop.” He navigates the dangers of their environment with caution, emphasizing the need to move carefully in order to avoid risks. Despite the challenges they face, Louie remains steadfast in his dedication to the streets, refusing to compromise his position or integrity. His words convey a sense of resilience and determination, highlighting the constant struggle for survival in their world. Through his verses, Louie paints a vivid picture of the complexities and dangers of their reality, offering insight into the mindset required to thrive in such an environment.

[Verse 3 (Rio Da Yung OG)]

Rio’s second verse delves deeper into the violent and unforgiving nature of their world, boasting about his crew’s impact on the streets and their ruthless approach to survival. He proudly proclaims his willingness to resort to violence when necessary, showcasing his loyalty to his crew and his disregard for weakness or sentimentality. Rio’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of a world where strength and loyalty are paramount, and where survival depends on one’s ability to navigate the dangers of their environment with skill and determination. Through his words, Rio offers a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the harsh realities of life in the streets, highlighting the challenges and sacrifices required to succeed in such a world.

[Verse 4 (Louie Ray)]

Louie Ray’s second verse continues to explore the themes of resilience and determination, highlighting the efforts of their community to uplift despite the challenges they face. He acknowledges the constant pull of the streets, expressing a desire to break free from its grip while acknowledging the deep roots that tie him to his environment. Louie’s words convey a sense of hope and determination, painting a picture of a community that refuses to be defined by its struggles and instead strives to overcome them. Through his verses, Louie offers a message of resilience and empowerment, inspiring listeners to persevere in the face of adversity and to continue striving for a better future.

[Verse 5 (Rio Da Yung OG)]

In the final verse, Rio reflects on personal experiences and encounters, referencing drug use and s*xual encounters with a casual yet confrontational tone. He dismisses detractors and emphasizes the fleeting nature of life in the streets, showcasing the harsh realities of his lifestyle. Rio’s lyrics blend bravado with introspection, offering a nuanced portrayal of the complexities of his world and the toll it takes on those who inhabit it. Through his words, Rio invites listeners to peer beneath the surface and confront the uncomfortable truths that lie beneath the glamour and allure of street life.


The outro serves as a simple yet impactful conclusion to the song, with Rio once again acknowledging Marc Boomin’s presence in the narrative. By affirming their involvement in the story, Rio leaves a lingering sense of authority and confidence, reinforcing their status as dominant figures in the rap game. The repetition of the question “Marc Boomin, this you?” suggests a sense of familiarity and camaraderie, hinting at the bonds that unite them in their shared experiences and struggles. Ultimately, the outro serves as a reminder of their presence and influence, leaving a lasting impression on listeners as the song comes to a close.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Brother Flow” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has sung “Brother Flow” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Brother Flow” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has written the lyrics of “Brother Flow” song.

Who has given the music of “Brother Flow” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has given the music of “Brother Flow” song.


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