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Calma Bebê Lyrics (English Translation) by TAV is Portuguese song which is presented here. Calma Bebê song lyrics are penned down by TAV while its tune is made by TAV.

“Calma Bebê” by TAV captures a comforting moment between partners. Amidst life’s challenges, the narrator reassures their loved one, acknowledging their struggles and offering support. The lyrics highlight the importance of understanding and empathy in relationships, promising to uplift and stand by each other. With a playful tone, the song encourages resilience and a positive outlook, reminding listeners to face difficulties together and find happiness amidst chaos.

Calma Bebê (English Translation) Lyrics by TAV

She’s beautiful, independent, okay?
He said that today it will stick to my gum
Because I treat it the way she always wants
And she just needed to see me to relax

The day was difficult, you just want to forget
He had a fight with his boss and some other friends there
I interrupted saying, calm down baby
We will solve your problem

Just take a button
So that you can be happy
That today I will push
Continuing with the comb
I will remind you
Because you are the badass
Just taca tata
Taca tata tata taca and taca

It goes down with pressure
So that I can be happy
That today I will push
Continuing with the comb

It’s going down hard
With that bad face
So tot to toe
Taca tata tata

Calma Bebê (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The first paragraph reflects on the narrator’s admiration for their partner, emphasizing qualities like beauty and independence. The phrase “stick to my gum” likely implies that their partner’s presence and essence are so appealing that it feels sticky, in a positive way, metaphorically conveying a strong attraction. By stating they treat their partner as they desire, it underscores their commitment to understanding and fulfilling their needs, resulting in a sense of relaxation for the partner just by being together.

In the second paragraph, the narrator describes a challenging day for their partner, who had conflicts at work and with friends. The narrator interrupts this tension with a reassuring message, urging their partner to calm down and assuring them that together, they can overcome any problem. This demonstrates the narrator’s role as a source of comfort and support during difficult times, emphasizing their commitment to their partner’s well-being.

The third paragraph introduces a metaphorical “button” as a symbol of happiness. The narrator encourages their partner to take control of their own happiness, promising to support them in pressing that figurative button. This suggests a shared responsibility for each other’s happiness within the relationship, with the narrator expressing readiness to actively contribute to their partner’s joy.

In the fourth paragraph, the narrator affirms their partner’s strength and resilience by calling them a “badass.” The repetition of the playful phrase “taca tata” emphasizes a lighthearted and supportive tone, reinforcing the idea of mutual encouragement and empowerment within the relationship. This segment highlights the importance of acknowledging and celebrating each other’s strengths and abilities.

The fifth paragraph continues the theme of supporting each other through challenging times. The phrase “It goes down with pressure” suggests facing difficulties head-on, with the narrator expressing their willingness to provide support and encouragement to ensure their partner’s happiness. The repetition of the idea of pushing forward with the comb reinforces the message of perseverance and determination in navigating life’s obstacles together.

In the final paragraph, the narrator acknowledges their partner’s struggles by referring to their “bad face.” Despite this, they reassure their partner that they are there to support them, using the playful phrase “tot to toe” to convey solidarity and unity. The repetition of “taca tata tata” further reinforces the idea of mutual encouragement and solidarity, underscoring the strength of their bond and their commitment to facing challenges together.

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