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CANT END ON A LOSS (OUTRO) Lyrics by Bladee is a brand new English song which is presented here. Cant End On A Loss (Outro) song lyrics are penned down by Bladee, F1LTHY while its tune is made by F1LTHY, Jonah Abraham.

“CANT END ON A LOSS (OUTRO)” by Bladee delves into themes of struggle, perseverance, and self-reflection. The lyrics depict a narrative of confronting personal demons and striving for success despite obstacles. Bladee’s introspective lines express the burden of living under stress and the pressure to succeed. The song explores the complexities of identity and the desire to break free from societal expectations. Bladee reflects on his past, present, and future, acknowledging both the hardships he has faced and the hope for a better tomorrow. The repetitive refrain “Can’t end on a loss” emphasizes the resilience needed to overcome adversity and continue moving forward.

CANT END ON A LOSS (OUTRO) Lyrics by Bladee

Yeah, what? (Ha)
(Alright, man)
Yeah, that

Can’t end on a loss (Again and again)
Can’t end on a loss (I wake up in the morning, I wash my eyes, I wake up fu*ked up)
Can’t end on a loss (I just, wake up drained, I’m having cold visions, I’m sleepy all the time, man, I think I fu*king ***)

Whole closet filled up with Lacoste, dressed like I work in law
Rolex plain jane wrapped ’round my wrist
Man this s*it like *** (Get money)
Genie in a bottle, man, you wish you were fresh as us
Dressed like it’s the first day of school
And I ain’t dressing cool
All I had was a dream had to pursue
Or else I’d be a fool
SG, SG, SG, SG, let’s do it but we never full
Get with this here drain or fu*king move (Get with this s*it)
Get out of the way (It’s Drain s*it, uh)
Grew up in a middle class environment, you wilding
I was bored as a kid, I had to think
I had to go and make some things
Even when I was being good I think of violence and fires
Evil things in my mind spin and spin
I can’t stop it
Christian Louboutins with the spikes
Man, who’s rocking Nikes?
What did I ever get being nice? Get me out
Fresh with the Adidas on, three stripes
Yeah, the three is a’ight
Being free from sin, it must be nice
What is it like?
I remember being, like, eighteen, I was thinking I was so fu*ked up
But I didn’t realize I would become even more fu*ked up
(I’m facing thirty, living dirty, it’s fu*ked up)
Every day I think about death I’m living in a hurry
I’m living under stress
Every time I check the comments I’m thinking like, “Do they even deserve me?”
I’m like you, I’m living and I’m learning
At least we gon’ keep the fire burning

Tell me when to quit, if this not it
Then it is what it is
Tell me when to quit, if this not it
Then it is what it is
It is what it is
It’ll be the last time that I spit
Tell me what it is, if this not it
Then it is what it is
It is what it is
There will be no more of this (It is what it is)
Find another reason to live (Crest)
The vision so cold (Cold)
The vision so (Cold)
The vision so cold
The vision
Three Star, whatever, man (The vision so cold)
No filter, whatever, man (The vision so)
The vision so cold
The vision (Thank you all)
The vision so cold (Thank you)
The vision so
The vision so cold (Love)
The vision cold (Trust)
The vision so cold (We shall be speaking when *** run, man)
The vision cold
The vision so cold
S*it, ***
Can’t end on a loss
Thank you for everything (Cold)
But you know what’s going on with us
Thank you for hearing me out
Cold Visions
Can’t end on a loss
Can’t end on a loss
Can’t end on a loss
Can’t end on a loss


CANT END ON A LOSS (OUTRO) Lyrics Explained

The introductory lines create an ambiance of uncertainty and anticipation, with brief interjections that suggest a conversation or inner dialogue before delving into the song’s themes.

The refrain echoes a sentiment of refusal to accept defeat, emphasizing the repetitive nature of facing setbacks but refusing to succumb to them. Bladee expresses the struggle of waking up to difficulties, feeling drained and overwhelmed, yet determined to push through despite the challenges.

Bladee narrates his journey through imagery of material wealth juxtaposed with personal struggles and aspirations. References to designer clothing and accessories contrast with the underlying theme of inner turmoil and the pursuit of dreams despite societal expectations. The verse reflects on growing up in a middle-class environment, battling inner demons, and navigating the complexities of life while grappling with existential questions and societal pressures.

The outro encapsulates a sense of resignation and acceptance of circumstances, acknowledging the end of a chapter while expressing gratitude and reflection. Bladee contemplates the harsh realities of life, recognizing the coldness of existence and the inevitability of change. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, there’s a recognition of the need to keep moving forward and finding new reasons to persevere, even in the face of adversity. The repetition of “Can’t end on a loss” underscores the determination to continue fighting despite the odds, with a blend of resignation and hope for the future.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “CANT END ON A LOSS (OUTRO)” song?
Bladee has sung “CANT END ON A LOSS (OUTRO)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “CANT END ON A LOSS (OUTRO)” song?
Bladee, F1LTHY have written the lyrics of “CANT END ON A LOSS (OUTRO)” song.

Who has given the music of “CANT END ON A LOSS (OUTRO)” song?
Bladee have given the music of “CANT END ON A LOSS (OUTRO)” song.


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