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CC FREESTYLE Lyrics by Central Cee is a brand new English song which is presented here. Cc Freestyle song lyrics are penned down by Central Cee while its tune is made by Central Cee.

“CC FREESTYLE” by Central Cee is an energetic track filled with braggadocio and reflections on success. Central Cee boasts about his rise to fame, contrasting his lavish lifestyle with his humble beginnings. He addresses his critics, asserting his dominance in the rap scene and highlighting his achievements. With clever wordplay and confident delivery, he celebrates his triumphs while acknowledging the challenges he’s overcome. The song is a declaration of his status as a UK rap powerhouse, blending swagger with introspection.

CC FREESTYLE Lyrics by Central Cee

You don’t wanna see man jump out the skip
Hear the whip skid, make your heartbeat skip
Anytime that your song comes on, we skip
I’m with the Malis, not Bob or Skip
We got the Charlie and the chocolate chip
Setting up shop like a Costco trip
Surrender your flag ’cause you’re not no Crip
Don’t be angry at me that you got no hits
You can go ends and they all know Cench
You can go ends and they might know you
Try leave London and cross the bridge and ask who he is and they got no clue
I’m a millionaire, bro, what about you?
Fu*k the drill, that’s not what I do, huh
I trapped and it changed my life
You trapped and all that you got was Loubs
If I don’t OD or get killed by a weapon and die of old age
Would it still say that I died as a legend?
I’m taking a loss, I don’t mind, it’s a lesson
I’m the guy that’s applying the pressure
That’s why it’s green lights on a diamond tester
DM your b!tch, I bet she’ll reply
They book me in LA, they book you in Leicester
Huh, this fame ain’t s*it
I been the kid since Avirexes
It was COVID masks and latexes
Now it’s platinum Amexes, s*it changed
I seen a snippet, unrelease it
It slaps on mute, the trailer’s s*it
I’m in Las Vegas watching the Super Bowl thinking ’bout moving to Taylor Swift
I don’t need to go to the bank for a loan
Accountant said my accounts look great
I can spend every day and the cash won’t go
Been OT so long that my accent changed
“What’s happening, girl, you alright?”
Corporate voice when I answer the phone
Left wrist swollen, covered in ice
You would’ve thought that I fractured a bone
I grew in low-income housing
Now my rent is eighteen thousand
The UK’s most famous writer’s probably me after J. K. Rowling
Made ten M off my debut album
Label don’t even care how it’s sounding
Tell them that we don’t need A&R’s
I’ll do it myself and make it without them
On 23, I was paying my homage
Now I need them to give me my flowers
While I’m alive, bro, give me my props
A lot of man washed, I can see they’re sour
We celebrate wins like sentences
Bro fresh out the bin, get a champagne shower
We’re not on the block no more
We’re in mansions telling bro lay off the gang ting now
It’s mad, I grew where the paigons live
It’s a love-hate relationship
I was gone, went away for a bit
And now I’m back like, “Wait a minute,” I’m back
UK Rap ain’t dead, I mean, some guys are, but I don’t relate
Live Nation can vouch, I’m paid, they gave me an M just to go on stage
Please don’t panic, we need another one, DJ Khaled
It’s under control ’cause Cee will manage
If I was them, I would feel embarrassed
What they do in London, I do in Paris
When they had the Urus, I had a Yaris
I’m a savage, I got no manners
I quickly overlap all of these rappers
But shout out the UK talent
I’m the reason the UK valid
Flying in girls from the USA ’cause I already fu*ked all these UK badders

CC FREESTYLE Lyrics Explained

In the opening verse, Central Cee sets the tone with a display of confidence and swagger. The line “You don’t wanna see man jump out the skip” suggests that he’s someone to be reckoned with, ready to make an impact. The mention of hearing the whip skid and making hearts skip implies the excitement and intensity he brings to the scene. He dismisses the relevance of others’ songs with the phrase “Anytime that your song comes on, we skip,” indicating his disdain for music that doesn’t measure up to his standards. The reference to being with the “Malis, not Bob or Skip” hints at his affiliation with a certain group or community. He further asserts his presence with the imagery of “Charlie and the chocolate chip,” symbolizing his unique identity and the richness he brings to the table.

Central Cee continues to assert his dominance by comparing his success to others’. He mocks those who haven’t achieved similar levels of fame or recognition, suggesting they should surrender their flag because they don’t belong to his league. Despite his bold statements, he reflects on the nature of success and fame, questioning whether he would be remembered as a legend if he were to die a natural death rather than through violence or overdose. This introspection adds depth to his persona, showing that even amidst his bravado, he grapples with existential questions.

The verse delves into Central Cee’s journey from humble beginnings to his current status as a millionaire. He contrasts his past struggles, growing up in low-income housing, with his present prosperity, exemplified by his extravagant lifestyle. The mention of his debut album’s success and his financial independence underscores his achievements in the music industry. He asserts his autonomy by stating that he doesn’t need the approval of A&R executives, confident in his ability to succeed on his own terms. This self-assurance and defiance against industry norms further solidify his position as a formidable figure in the rap scene.

Central Cee reflects on the evolution of his career and the changes he’s witnessed along the way. He recalls the challenges he’s overcome and the sacrifices he’s made to reach his current stature. Despite his success, he remains grounded, acknowledging the support of his peers and celebrating their victories alongside his own. His assertion that UK rap is alive and thriving, despite setbacks, reflects his optimism and determination to push the genre forward. The mention of his international appeal and his disregard for societal norms demonstrate his rebellious spirit and refusal to conform to expectations.

Overall, Central Cee’s verse in “CC FREESTYLE” is a testament to his confidence, resilience, and unapologetic pursuit of success. Through his lyrics, he asserts his dominance in the rap scene, reflects on his journey from adversity to triumph, and celebrates his achievements while remaining grounded in his roots. His bold statements and introspective moments paint a vivid portrait of an artist who is unafraid to defy conventions and carve his own path to greatness.

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Who has sung “CC FREESTYLE” song?
Central Cee has sung “CC FREESTYLE” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “CC FREESTYLE” song?
Central Cee has written the lyrics of “CC FREESTYLE” song.

Who has given the music of “CC FREESTYLE” song?
Central Cee has given the music of “CC FREESTYLE” song.


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