Champagne Moments Lyrics – Rick Ross

Champagne Moments Lyrics by Rick Ross is a brand new English song which is presented here. Champagne Moments song lyrics are penned down by Rick Ross while its tune is made by Mini Boom, Trop.

“Champagne Moments” by Rick Ross is a boastful track filled with luxurious imagery and sharp jabs at rivals. Ross flaunts his opulent lifestyle, juxtaposing it with gritty realities of the streets. He challenges competitors, dismissing ghostwriters and asserting dominance. The lyrics touch on themes of power, wealth, and authenticity in the rap game. Ross delivers his verses with confidence, weaving in references to his success and confrontations with adversaries. The song’s aggressive tone and swaggering delivery showcase Ross’s commanding presence in the hip-hop world.

Champagne Moments Lyrics by Rick Ross

[Intro: Jessica Gomes]
Maybach Music

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
Fish tanks and marble floors living big and bad
N!ggas laugh until they hit with my official jab
Crack smoke is the exhaust from my pen and pad
Ghostwriters they get to floss what you could’ve had
Record label taking a loss are you in your bag?
You a worker wanting to chart don’t make me laugh
Get to mine tell by my watch this a different time
Living fine I’m getting high as your s*it decline
Who believes he moving keys in his Louis Vs?
Run up on you and snatch your chain watch you b!tches bleed
Feel the pain and just describe when you really ride
Either you n!ggas getting money or ready to die
B-I-G give a fu*k if you Chi-Ali
You got it and you keep it tucked if you be by me
Do the job better known as the Charles Schwab
Double Rs spread through the yard and I swear to God

[Chorus: Rick Ross]
Pop a Perc’ for the ‘ville go and count me a mill’
Kill you n!ggas for free do it all for the thrill
N!ggas leaking they records when we speaking directly
If we keeping it gangsta when you see me you check me

[Interlude: Rick Ross]
White boy I see you
I see you yeah check

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
Getting bullied don’t walk up on me ’cause the clip is fully
N!ggas pu*sy don’t want to push me I’m like “Really would he?”
Like his moves but he never had to fight in school
Always ran another n!gga had to write your grooves
Flow is copy-and-paste Weezy gave you the juice
Another white boy at the park wanna hang with the crew
Pulitzer Prize winner switching up like dyed denim
Get incentives for all the killings while we ride rentals
Look me right in my face he beginning to shake
Told you n!ggas “Stay scheming” I predicted my fat
ot more money than you fu*k you want me to say?
Fifty mill’ for the crib where you want me to stay?
I can shoot up the block I got pictures to paint
Let you DM my ho but got b!tches you can’t
Let you get on my songs it was good for your face
Now b!tch n!gga it’s on ain’t no room for debate

[Chorus: Rick Ross]
Pop a Perc’ for the ‘ville go and count me a mill’
Kill you n!ggas for free do it all for the thrill
N!ggas leaking they records when we speaking directly
If we keeping it gangsta when you see me you check me

[Outro: Rick Ross Jessica Gomes & Drake]
By the way I got a lot of respect for a lot of rappers but I got one guy he’s my favorite person to rap with on any song his name is Rick Ross
Maybach Music
You ain’t never want to be a n!gga anyway n!gga
That’s why you had a operation to make your nose smaller than your father nose n!gga
I unfollowed you n!gga ’cause you sent the motherfu*king cease-and-desist to French Montana n!gga
You sent the police n!gga hating on my dawg project
That wasn’t the same white boy that I seen n!gga when we were making them early records n!gga
When you were happy to be around n!ggas seeing n!ggas holding them sticks
You owe motherfu*king Stunna your life n!gga
Give Weezy some more money n!gga
Give Rap-A-Lot some more money n!gga
White boy
Yeah biggest it’s Rozay n!gga
We can do it how you wanna do it where you wanna do it anytime you wanna do it I’m ready
I’m ready white boy huh
I know you got your Dockers on with no underwear white boy
Yeah you had that surgery that six-pack gone
That’s why you wearing that funny s*it at your show you can’t hide it n!gga
White boy

Champagne Moments Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
In the first verse of “Champagne Moments,” Rick Ross sets the scene of extravagance with imagery of fish tanks and marble floors, symbolizing wealth and luxury. He asserts his dominance in the rap game, warning competitors with his “official jab” that they won’t be laughing for long. Ross boasts about his creative prowess, likening the smoke from his pen and pad to crack exhaust, indicating the addictive quality of his lyrics. He calls out ghostwriters who flaunt success that could have been his own, highlighting his authenticity and self-made success.

Ross challenges those who work for success in the industry, implying that true success is achieved independently, not through labels or chart positions. He asserts his status as a high-roller, contrasting his lavish lifestyle with the decline of others. The verse also touches on themes of violence and survival, with references to street life and the readiness to defend oneself. Overall, the verse showcases Ross’s confidence, wealth, and authenticity in the rap game.

[Chorus: Rick Ross]
The chorus of “Champagne Moments” emphasizes the thrill of living dangerously and the consequences of crossing Rick Ross. He boasts about his wealth and readiness to take on rivals who leak records or disrespect him, asserting his authority in the streets.

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
In the second verse of “Champagne Moments,” Rick Ross addresses those who underestimate him, warning against provoking him as he’s fully armed and ready to defend himself. He criticizes individuals who rely on others to write their music, suggesting they lack authenticity and integrity. Ross also calls out a Pulitzer Prize winner who he perceives as hypocritical, benefiting from violence while pretending to be something they’re not. He asserts his wealth and power, questioning the motives of those who challenge him. The verse concludes with a defiant declaration that there’s no room for negotiation or compromise, signaling Ross’s determination to maintain his position of dominance in the rap industry. Overall, the verse showcases Ross’s confrontational attitude, disdain for inauthenticity, and unwavering confidence in his abilities.

[Chorus: Rick Ross]
In the second chorus of “Champagne Moments,” Rick Ross reiterates his readiness to indulge in dangerous behavior and confront anyone who crosses him. He emphasizes his willingness to retaliate against those who leak records or disrespect him, asserting his authenticity and authority in the streets.

[Outro: Rick Ross Jessica Gomes & Drake]
In the outro of “Champagne Moments,” Rick Ross delivers a scathing monologue aimed at an unnamed adversary. He begins by expressing respect for other rappers but singles out one individual as his favorite collaborator: himself, emphasizing his own greatness. Ross then launches into a verbal assault, accusing the target of racial insecurity and plastic surgery to alter their appearance. He criticizes their actions, including sending cease-and-desist letters and involving the police in disputes, suggesting they’ve strayed from their roots in the streets. Ross reminisces about their past interactions, implying that the target has changed and lost touch with their origins. He sarcastically references their attire and physical appearance, mocking their attempts to conceal insecurities. Ross concludes by asserting his readiness for confrontation, challenging the target to face him on their own terms. Overall, the outro is a confrontational and boastful tirade, highlighting Ross’s assertiveness and disdain for perceived betrayals.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Champagne Moments” song?
Rick Ross has sung “Champagne Moments” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Champagne Moments” song?
Rick Ross has written the lyrics of “Champagne Moments” song.

Who has given the music of “Champagne Moments” song?
Rick Ross have given the music of “Champagne Moments” song.


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