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Cloudy Sky Lyrics by Polo G is a brand new English song which is presented here. Cloudy Sky song lyrics are penned down by Polo G while its tune is made by Nick Papz.

“Cloudy Sky” is a rap song that delves into themes of struggle, perseverance, and loyalty. The lyrics depict life in a city plagued by violence and the determination to rise above it. The singer reflects on his experiences, from hustling to surviving, and emphasizes staying true to oneself despite external pressures. Amidst the challenges, there’s a sense of resilience and defiance, with a focus on building a better future and not succumbing to negativity.

Cloudy Sky Lyrics by Polo G

[Verse 1]
Uh I’m from the city where the murders at so hot could break a thermostat
People come and go and change I swear I’m sick of learning that
Fu*k up a good time ’cause this hot iron gon’ burn his back
War vet’ I serve the ‘Raq
Shoot a strap or serve a pack
Hustled early mornings never go informant
Only time I sell out I’m performing
We been earned our stripes so that’s a hundred bees swarming
Pushing bags like doorman and leaving n!ggas dormant ah yeah
Counting cash collecting backends it’s all there
If they catch our brother lacking we pallbearers
See the s*it in they reactions man y’all scared
If they score we want one back then it’s all fair
Switch’ll make ’em fall quick get close make sure they all hitching
I missed the gang this big family turned into a small picture
Predicted I would beat the odds that one lil’ skinny tall n!gga
Got everything I need from God I made it now I ball bigger
I got it out the mud just don’t put it on my name
Flown through the sky above b!tch I do this for my gang
Fu*k the jewelry and them chains and the hoes and the fame
Through it all I’ma still be the same uh uh

I’ma still be that same n!gga man
I try to tell these people like I can’t be nothing less than great
Anything else that’s y’all opinion
On gang

[Verse 2]
A future Forbes List mogul never let ’em control you
On bu’iness standing ten b!tch I did what I’m ‘posed to
And I told the bold truth save you from my own troops
Feel like Clark Kent when he was spinning in that phone booth
Like who gon’ save our lives?
Thugging hard on our side going hard for our tribe and
Don’t ever count me out ’cause winning how this dark road ends
Can’t never let them walls close in

Cloudy Sky Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
Verse 1 depicts the harsh realities of urban life, where violence and betrayal are common. The singer reflects on his experiences of hustling and surviving in a dangerous environment. Despite the challenges, he remains loyal to his community and emphasizes the importance of integrity and authenticity. The lyrics convey a sense of resilience and determination to rise above adversity. The mention of earning “stripes” signifies respect and reputation within his circle, while the rejection of materialism underscores the value of loyalty over superficial pursuits. The singer acknowledges his past struggles and attributes his success to faith and perseverance. Overall, the song serves as a testament to staying true to oneself and one’s values amidst the trials of life in the streets.

The singer asserts his determination to remain true to himself and strive for greatness despite others’ opinions. He emphasizes his loyalty to his gang and rejects external judgments.

[Verse 2]
In these lines, the singer speaks of maintaining control in business endeavors and remaining true to himself. He feels a sense of responsibility to speak the truth, even if it goes against his own interests. The reference to Clark Kent highlights the singer’s feeling of transformation and the need for a hero in tough times. Ultimately, he emphasizes perseverance and resilience, refusing to be underestimated or confined by obstacles.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Cloudy Sky” song?
Polo G has sung “Cloudy Sky” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Cloudy Sky” song?
Polo G has written the lyrics of “Cloudy Sky” song.

Who has given the music of “Cloudy Sky” song?
Polo G has given the music of “Cloudy Sky” song.


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