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Cockadoodledoo Lyrics by StanWill is a brand new English song which is presented here. Cockadoodledoo song lyrics are penned down by StanWill while its tune is made by byekyle.

“Cockadoodledoo” by StanWill is a rap song reflecting on the ease with which the artist navigates through life. With confident delivery, StanWill portrays his prowess in various aspects, from evading danger to charming women. He uses vivid imagery and wordplay, likening his lifestyle to that of Steve with diamonds on every block and his shooter hitting every shot. The song is filled with references to pop culture and boasts about his prowess with women and wealth. Despite the casual tone, the lyrics convey a sense of swagger and dominance over his environment, typical of many rap songs in the genre.

Cockadoodledoo Lyrics by StanWill

I ain’t gon’ lie bro
This s*it getting too easy (Dog S*it Militia b!tch)
S*ittyBoyz gang-gang (Byekyle)
You feel me? Like
I can do this in my sleep type s*it
Can do this seven times a week type s*it
You know? (Hm come on)
You know?

[Verse 1]
I feel like Steve got my diamonds on on every block (Bling)
They think my shooter got a chronus he hit every shot
Bro say his vows when he pour up he tryna marry Wock’
B!tch fu*k a rat if I was Tom I’d get Jerry shot
Ironic I don’t but torches on me in the striker
Catch me in the Bay with forty on me like a Niner
Bro don’t give a fu*k he floored a stoley like a spider
We catching Apple jacks and pouring codeine not no cider (Ahh)
This a Kitty not a Subaru (Nah)
Your b!tch peeped the roster now she ’bout to do the crew
Aim up top and spill his ramen Glock’ll noodle you
Your b!tch eat my d!ck up every morning cockadoodledoo
Walk up in the function all the thots be like “Who is you?” (Who is he?)
Hollow tips in every Glock I got a few for you
See a double cup you know it got a deuce of juice
They think I’m with Nardwuar how this chop go “doo-doo-doo”
Bro stay in the pharm’ he might as well go get a tractor
Better keep your distance boy this b!tch’ll blow you backwards
Being broke a joke the opps must hear a lot of laughter
Brodie shoot like Curry hang his Glock up in the rafters
Rocking Christian whip a holy ghost think I’m a pastor
Your b!tch think I’m Jason she be running when I stab her
Keep the Drac’ around ’cause I be balling like a Raptor
All these whips and all these chains look like I got a master
Opposites *** I don’t know who Asher
We’ll bring the beef straight to your door like we some Dashers
Master Chief I’m quick to give out halos with my blaster
Me and Brodie tryna see who touch a milli’ faster
He could multiply his self and still won’t be a factor
Hit his b!tch on camera she an actress I’m an actor
All this paper on me pockets got like twenty chapters
B!tch I’m always with somebody boo they call me Casper
Drop a mortar strike and turn his block to a disaster
Fu*ked her off a flame emoji you had to harass her
Let him pull up deep I got some s*it to make him scatter
Ben Frank’ Hamilton and Grant I be with crackers
You be with lackers all I got is cheese on my mind I’m a Packer

Dog S*it Militia

Cockadoodledoo Lyrics Explained

The intro sets the tone for the song, with the artist expressing confidence in his abilities, suggesting that his lifestyle is effortless and he can handle it without much effort. He proudly associates himself with the Dog S*it Militia and S*ittyBoyz gang, asserting his affiliation with these groups.

[Verse 1]
StanWill starts by comparing himself to someone named Steve, suggesting that he’s as prevalent as diamonds on every block, emphasizing his widespread influence. He boasts about his shooter’s precision, implying that they never miss a shot. References to “marrying Wock'” and “catching Apple jacks” suggest involvement in drug-related activities. The verse is filled with wordplay and cultural references, showcasing StanWill’s wit and confidence. He talks about various aspects of his lifestyle, from his relationships with women to his prowess in handling firearms and his involvement in illicit activities. Despite the risky nature of his lifestyle, StanWill maintains a fearless attitude and asserts his dominance over his rivals.

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Who has sung “Cockadoodledoo” song?
StanWill has sung “Cockadoodledoo” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Cockadoodledoo” song?
StanWill has written the lyrics of “Cockadoodledoo” song.

Who has given the music of “Cockadoodledoo” song?
StanWill has given the music of “Cockadoodledoo” song.


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