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Collective Nights Lyrics by Rio Da Yung OG is a brand new English song which is presented here. Collective Nights song lyrics are penned down by Rio Da Yung OG while its tune is made by Rio Da Yung OG.

“Collective Nights” by Rio Da Yung OG delves into the rapper’s gritty lifestyle, laced with vivid imagery and braggadocious rhymes. Over a Danny G beat, Rio boasts about his street cred, flaunting his wealth and fearless attitude. He paints a picture of violence and excess, intertwining tales of drug deals, gunplay, and promiscuity. With a relentless flow, he showcases his lyrical prowess and determination to succeed despite the dangers of his environment. The track captures the essence of Rio’s hustle and resilience in the face of adversity.

Collective Nights Lyrics by Rio Da Yung OG

(Ooh, s*it, that’s a Danny G beat)
(Ooh, Sav killed it)
Damn, Sav

Big-ass gun on my hip, I could drop a moose
I just sold a fake green egg to a ham, I’m Dr. Seuss
Do a drive by in a Hellcat, coming out the roof
Fu*ked your b!tch, recorded it, I walked out with proof
Pockets swole, I just had a money fight walking out of Truth
It be 6, 7, 8 in the morning walking out the booth
I ain’t really make Pros today ’cause I bought some juice
See, the thing with me is I’m getting respect ’cause I talk the truth
It got kinda cold in my city, so I bought a goose
Last n!gga pulled a gun out on me, poof
Yeah, he disappeared
I don’t listen to the s*it my b!tch say, I got little ears
Your crib ain’t really s*it if you ain’t ever almost hit a deer
I just had to sell my car for ten racks
Had to sell my car for ten racks, some n!gga got killed in there
They like, “Why you always at the booth?” ‘Cause I live in here
No cap, I done prolly made a quarter mil’ in here
The way this s*it going, Rio finna be a millionaire
In a room full of real n!ggas, we don’t steal in here
Y’all better tighten up ‘fore somebody get peeled in there
I don’t just be s*it talking, boy, I’m lyrical
God told me to buy this pint, it’s spiritual
“Neph’, what the whole things be going for, and bring a beer or two”
That’s what my unky said when he seen me in Givenchy shoes
You like a slow old-school, you was built to lose
I just had to check my stash spot, it was filled with blues
Drank my whole cup right now, I’m not sipping juice
Told Double we gon’ have to box if he don’t sell this deuce
I’m a mothafu*king fiend
I just sold a half a brick, it wasn’t nothing clean
Finna be a Holocaust, I just bought a new machine gun
This a real hundred racks, if you ain’t never seen one
Brodie got two pints, I’m like, “I want the clean one”
Your baby daddy broke as hell, he a peon
Hit your b!tch raw in your living room, ahh
Hit your b!tch raw on your couch and I’ma skeet—
Hit your b!tch raw on your couch, pull it out and skeet on it
B!tch caught me lying ’cause I pulled out twenty G’s on it
If me or Lou’ don’t buy the drank, I know 2Gz want it
Amiris on with the zebra prints, spent two G’s on ’em
We just caught an opp without a strap, we beat on ’em
Oh, that n!gga know how to fight? Put the heat on ’em
Damn, that n!gga got hands a lil’ bit
Alright, hold on, watch this
N!gga, bag back ‘fore I take your top off
Three Perc 30s, I can’t even get my rocks off
I know I love the b!tch, I just took my Gucci socks off
Four hoes and a small pop look like hot sauce
S*it, this a spicy moment
Bro said I cut him on the drank, well, fight me for it
My d!ck damn near hurt, the way you n!ggas biting on it
Plug get it back in blood, had a Pooh Shiesty moment
Yeah, n!gga, I’ll take your s*it
Please don’t try to square up, I’ll break your s*it
Do you want a fake brick? Let me make that s*it
I’m like, “Danny, loop the beat,” he like, “Wait, that’s it”
B!tch, I ain’t done rapping
Dog keep dropping videos, he ain’t done capping
I’ll never lose bars, I have fun rapping
I just got into it with my double cup, threw a one at it
Man, ha (Ooh, s*it, that’s a Danny G beat)
That’s a hun—, yeah
I poured a one in that b!tch, straight (Ooh, Sav)
No pop, put some ice on there and drunk it, n!gga
We laying like that
Oh s*it, the beat going?
Y’all n!ggas made as hell ’cause I’ma keep going
They like, “Rio, stop rapping”
I’ma keep flowing
And I got a whole pint of Wock’, b!tch, I’ma keep pouring


Collective Nights Lyrics Explained

The intro acts as a gateway into the sonic landscape of the song, setting the stage for what’s to come. Rio’s exclamation of “Ooh, s*it, that’s a Danny G beat” immediately signals the importance and quality of the instrumental, recognizing the prowess of the producer, Danny G. This statement not only acknowledges the beat’s excellence but also primes the listener for a musical experience crafted by a skilled creator. The subsequent acknowledgment of Sav’s contribution with “Ooh, Sav killed it” further emphasizes the collaborative effort behind the track, celebrating the synergy between artist and producer. Finally, Rio’s exclamation of “Damn, Sav” encapsulates the excitement and admiration for the musical arrangement, hinting at the sonic journey that lies ahead.

Rio’s verse unfolds like a tapestry woven with threads of gritty realism, raw emotion, and unfiltered bravado, inviting listeners into the tumultuous world he navigates with equal parts swagger and survival instinct. Each line serves as a brushstroke, painting a vivid portrait of the streets where Rio reigns supreme.

With the opening declaration of possessing a “big-ass gun on my hip,” Rio sets the tone for the verse, signaling his readiness to confront the dangers lurking in his environment. This assertion of firepower is not just a boast but a stark reminder of the harsh realities he faces daily. His comparison to Dr. Seuss, an unexpected juxtaposition of children’s literature and street life, showcases Rio’s ability to find humor and irony amidst the chaos, adding depth to his persona.

As Rio delves further into his narrative, he weaves tales of audacious exploits, from doing drive-bys in a Hellcat to recording s*xual encounters for proof. Each anecdote is a testament to Rio’s fearlessness and his willingness to embrace the extremes of his existence. Yet, amidst the adrenaline-fueled thrills, there are moments of introspection, such as when he reflects on the transitory nature of respect and the harsh realities of violence.

Rio’s verse is not just a catalog of his conquests but a manifesto of his ethos. His refusal to conform to societal norms and his unapologetic embrace of his truth set him apart as a figure of both admiration and fear. Whether he’s boasting about his financial gains or reflecting on the sacrifices he’s made, Rio’s words resonate with authenticity and raw emotion.

Throughout the verse, Rio asserts his dominance with an unwavering confidence, unafraid to confront his enemies head-on or revel in the spoils of his success. Yet, beneath the bravado lies a sense of vulnerability, a recognition of the risks he takes and the sacrifices he’s made along the way. It’s this juxtaposition of strength and vulnerability that makes Rio’s verse so compelling, drawing listeners into his world with every word.

As the verse reaches its crescendo, Rio’s words hang in the air like a challenge, daring anyone to question his authenticity or his authority. His defiance is palpable, his resolve unshakable, as he stakes his claim to a throne built on blood, sweat, and tears. And as the verse comes to a close, Rio’s presence lingers, a reminder of the indelible mark he’s left on the world around him.

The outro serves as a powerful punctuation mark, encapsulating the intensity and energy of the verse while leaving the listener with a sense of lingering impact. Rio’s exclamation of “S*it!” serves as both a release of tension and a final assertion of his presence, leaving an indelible impression on the listener. This abrupt conclusion hints at the untold stories and emotions simmering beneath the surface, inviting the listener to delve deeper into Rio’s world. In this way, the outro serves as a fitting conclusion to the verse, leaving the audience both satisfied and hungry for more.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Collective Nights” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has sung “Collective Nights” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Collective Nights” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has written the lyrics of “Collective Nights” song.

Who has given the music of “Collective Nights” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has given the music of “Collective Nights” song.


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