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COMETA HALLEY Lyrics (English Translation) by Saiko, J Balvin is Spanish song which is presented here. Cometa Halley song lyrics are penned down by Saiko, J Balvin, uli, Jeremy Ayala while its tune is made by Saiko, uli, Jeremy Ayala.

“COMETA HALLEY” by Saiko and J Balvin explores the complexities of love, regret, and longing in a relationship. The lyrics delve into the singer’s feelings of inadequacy and sorrow as they realize the pain they’ve caused their partner. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, there’s a persistent desire to reconcile and return to the comfort of their shared bed. The song reflects on the fear of losing the one they love to someone else’s affection and the hope for reconciliation despite past mistakes. It’s a heartfelt plea for forgiveness and a commitment to love and cherish their partner, even in the face of uncertainty and distance.

COMETA HALLEY (English Translation) Lyrics by Saiko

[Verse 1: Saiko]
You already know everything, there is nothing that you don’t already know
I feel a butterfly in my abdominal area
With a lump in my throat, it doesn’t let me breathe
I feel like s*it because I make you cry
You asked me why and I didn’t know what to answer
You turned around, that night you didn’t talk to me anymore’
She heard you crying in the dark
While ‘drop’ they lowered the’ window’ I see the humidity
You’re tired of fu*king and having flower take you
Want someone real with a real life
But I don’t have any of what you propose to me
I can’t give you more than a couple of disappointments.
In your chest I found peace, in your arms a home
Leave the fear, let’s change it for hope
I always carry with me the Yves Saint Laurent that turns you on so much.
And on tour your hoodie to fall asleep with your smells
And he doesn’t realize it, man, he doesn’t realize it.

[Chorus: J Balvin]
Again, again come back to our bed
Again, again, if you want to go
Again, again I know that when you hear this you will come back
Come back to our bed again
Again, again, if you want to go
Again, again I know that when you hear this you will come back

[Verse 2: J Balvin]
Damn what they say, let your friends judge me
You totally fell in love with me, even if they don’t like it
Could it be that they have seen you cry and it has become a habit?
Afraid that another man will arrive and dazzle you
I loved you for Christmas and we are in October
This tour has me bad, I don’t know how I could
I don’t know how long this uncertainty will last.
But I’m happy because I had you
[Bridge: J Balvin]
Your mother asks me what’s wrong
That I’m no longer the same in the house
Could it be that when we are far away
Do you feel a emptiness that passes through?

[Chorus: Saiko]
Again, again, come back to our bed
Another go’, another go’, if you want to leave
Again, again, I know that when you hear this you will always come back
Again come back to our bed
Another go’, another go’, and if you want to leave
Again, again, I know that when you hear this you will always come back

[Post-Chorus: Saiko]
Another go’, another go’
Another another

[Verse 3: Saiko]
I’m not Romeo to have to be a saint
Errore’ I had one ‘how much’, I could touch the sky with my hands’ like a phantom
But I fell from your clouds to the asphalt
I feel pain in my chest like a heart attack
And since he’s gone, your mother writes to me
Telling me that he’s sorry not to see me anymore
I hope I never know what I really did to you.’
I wish you the best and I am not that anymore
I already gave you half of my heart
And I’ll give you every minute that’s left on my clock
So that as an old man we both continue
I will sing to you “QUEEN” until the day I lose my voice, woh

[Outro: Saiko]
Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh

COMETA HALLEY (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1: Saiko]
This verse captures the narrator’s sense of remorse and introspection. They acknowledge their partner’s deep understanding of them and express physical symptoms of anxiety like a butterfly in the stomach and a lump in the throat. The regret intensifies as they recount making their partner cry without knowing how to respond to their question. The imagery of the partner crying in the dark while the narrator observes silently outside adds to the emotional weight. The narrator acknowledges their partner’s desire for a genuine connection and stability, admitting their own inability to fulfill those needs. Despite this, they find solace and belonging in their partner’s embrace and express a desire to replace fear with hope. The mention of cherished possessions like perfume and a hoodie symbolizes the longing for intimacy and familiarity, highlighting the narrator’s obliviousness to their partner’s pain.

[Chorus: J Balvin]
The chorus reflects the cyclical nature of the relationship, with the narrator pleading for their partner to return to their shared bed despite the possibility of departure. They express confidence that their partner will return upon hearing the song, emphasizing the enduring bond between them despite any temporary separations.

[Verse 2: J Balvin]
In this verse, the narrator addresses external judgments and insecurities within the relationship. They dismiss others’ opinions and assert their partner’s genuine love, questioning whether their friends’ criticism stems from jealousy or their own vulnerability. The narrator expresses fear of losing their partner to someone more captivating but finds comfort in the memories they’ve shared, even amidst the challenges of their current tour.

[Bridge: J Balvin]
The bridge depicts the narrator’s unease in their absence from home, as reflected in their partner’s mother’s concern. It suggests that distance amplifies the emotional void between them, hinting at the narrator’s struggle to maintain emotional connection despite physical separation.

[Chorus: Saiko]
This chorus echoes the earlier plea for reconciliation, with the narrator urging their partner to return to their bed, even if they feel the urge to leave again. It reaffirms the narrator’s belief in their partner’s eventual return, underscoring the resilience of their bond.

[Post-Chorus: Saiko]
The post-chorus serves as a repetitive plea for another chance, emphasizing the narrator’s desperation and longing for reconciliation.

[Verse 3: Saiko]
In this verse, the narrator reflects on their imperfections and past mistakes, asserting that they’re not perfect like Romeo but rather flawed and human. They express the pain of separation and the remorse of losing their partner, conveyed through vivid imagery like falling from clouds to asphalt. Despite the heartache, the narrator wishes their partner well and pledges to continue loving them with the remaining time they have.

[Outro: Saiko]
The outro consists of wordless vocalizations, conveying raw emotion and perhaps a sense of longing or resignation. It serves as a poignant conclusion to the song, leaving the listener with a lingering sense of the narrator’s emotions.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “COMETA HALLEY (English Translation)” song?
Saiko, J Balvin have sung “COMETA HALLEY (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “COMETA HALLEY (English Translation)” song?
Saiko, J Balvin, uli, Jeremy Ayala have written the lyrics of “COMETA HALLEY (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “COMETA HALLEY (English Translation)” song?
Saiko, J Balvin have given the music of “COMETA HALLEY (English Translation)” song.


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