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Dangerous Lyrics by Tazmin is a brand new English song which is presented here. Dangerous song lyrics are penned down by Tazmin Hustler while its tune is made by YBRD.

“Dangerous” by Tazmin encapsulates the raw energy of relentless hustle and self-reliance. With gritty verses, Tazmin paints a vivid picture of overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities. From dismissing distractions to embracing a solitary path of success, Tazmin’s lyrics reflect unwavering determination and resilience. The track pulsates with themes of ambition, loyalty, and the price of chasing dreams. Amidst the bravado, there’s a poignant acknowledgment of personal growth and the complexities of relationships. Tazmin’s delivery exudes confidence, backed by a backdrop of urban landscapes and the constant pursuit of wealth and status. “Dangerous” is a gritty anthem of triumph over adversity, celebrating the journey of a self-made individual.

Dangerous Lyrics by Tazmin


It’s Bankroll Mind s*it b!tch
It’s Tazmin
You know already know what it is n!gga
You know how I’m coming n!gga
I’m bouta’ tear this b!tch up
I ain’t


I ain’t tripping bout these b!tches, broken ankle
Yeah I’m all over her banner, no Star Spangle
I twist her up like good weed yeah I got her tangled
I thought God was finna save you but it ended fatal
Ever since I lost you, I’ve been feeling different
Self-employed, stacking paper up is my religion
I’m that n!gga who be pushing p, I go the distance
I won’t quit hustling hard till I got 12 pistons
Slapped in a Wraith in front of cameras I be smoking woods
Burning GG’ by the pound by lungs are filled with soot
I twist it in her Waist Deep, n!gga Megan Good
Dead prezis in my Trues, In God We Trust
You can hate me all you want, I still don’t giva’ fu*k
I work 7 days a week, feels like it ain’t enough
I’m playing Chess this life ain’t Checkers, y’all be playing tough
Money made my friendships turn out corrupt
Life’s a b!tch and when I leave, she’s finna kiss me up
I’ve been struggling too long it’s time to speed s*it up
If you ain’t got your s*it together, we ain’t linking up
Even when I slow it down they still ain’t keeping up
I’m that n!gga, I’m that n!gga, I’m that n!gga
All I do is hustle hard, you’re a quitter
I kill adversity cuz’ that’s my vendetta
I love my lifestyle & I love my dilemma
N!ggas know I got connections, no antenna
My life’s an entertaining movie, Good Fellas
I get these b!tches wet as fu*k, no umbrella
I don’t fu*k with skanks, only cinderellas
I’m a pretty boy player, sweet like Swishers
I know you feel some type of way, you post my old pictures
I stay present for them prezis, I’m a goal killer
It makes the pain disappear that’s why I love my liquor
From a town of 20k, stepping on Ben Stiller
I used to be so unaware I was a Go-Getter
Once I cut you out my circle I won’t reconsider
I hustle harder when I’m hurt yeah I’mma die a winner
I snatch trophies like a purse, I know you’ll die a quitter
I knew I was her monkey branch, I never trusted in her
Yeah, I hope I die with her
Stuffing keef in my blunt gets me high quicker
I switch whips, I throw em’ off, baseball pitcher
Driving my pony like I’m pissed, big dog Clifford
N!ggas know that I’m that n!gga, self-employed victor
You can’t hinder my success cuz I’mma go-getter


It’s Tazmin

Dangerous Lyrics Explained

In the introduction, Tazmin sets the tone for the song with assertiveness and swagger. He asserts his identity, affiliating himself with the “Bankroll Mind” and making it clear that he’s about to make a significant impact. Tazmin’s use of language and attitude conveys confidence and determination, preparing the listener for the bold statements to come.

Tazmin delves into a narrative of personal experiences and reflections on his journey. He begins by expressing his indifference towards romantic entanglements, likening it to a minor inconvenience compared to his larger goals. He then shifts to describe his influence over others, comparing himself to potent weed and asserting control over situations. Tazmin reflects on a past relationship, lamenting its tragic end and the subsequent impact on his emotional state. Despite the setback, he embraces his self-employed status, equating his dedication to accumulating wealth with a religious devotion. Tazmin portrays himself as a relentless hustler, committed to pushing boundaries until he achieves monumental success. Throughout the verse, he showcases his lifestyle, boasting about his luxury possessions and connections, while also acknowledging the pitfalls of his journey, such as the erosion of friendships due to the pursuit of wealth. Tazmin confronts the harsh realities of life, acknowledging its transient nature and the inevitable confrontation with mortality. He expresses a sense of urgency, feeling compelled to accelerate his efforts in pursuit of his goals. Tazmin asserts his dominance and resilience, dismissing those who fail to keep pace with his ambition as “quitters.” He reflects on past mistakes and betrayals, vowing to remain steadfast in his pursuit of success. Tazmin embraces his flaws and past struggles, viewing them as integral parts of his journey towards victory. The verse ends with a defiant declaration of self-worth and determination, reaffirming Tazmin’s unwavering commitment to achieving his goals despite the challenges he faces.

Closing out the song, Tazmin punctuates his message with a final assertive statement. He reiterates his identity and leaves a lasting impression, ensuring that his presence is felt even as the song concludes.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Dangerous” song?
Tazmin has sung “Dangerous” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Dangerous” song?
Tazmin Hustler has written the lyrics of “Dangerous” song.

Who has given the music of “Dangerous” song?
Tazmin has given the music of “Dangerous” song.


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