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Dear Lyrics (English Translation) by Mrs. GREEN APPLE is Japanese song which is presented here. Dear song lyrics are penned down by Mrs. GREEN APPLE while its tune is made by Mrs. GREEN APPLE.

“Dear” by Mrs. GREEN APPLE reflects on the complexities of life and love, encapsulated in a heartfelt narrative. The lyrics convey a sense of uncertainty and longing, as the protagonist navigates through moments of introspection and emotional vulnerability. They grapple with the fear of stepping forward, yet find solace in the continuity of footprints left behind. Amidst these sentiments, there’s a profound declaration of affection, symbolized by the heartbeat in the left chest and the commitment to love with both mind and soul. The song embraces the passage of time, acknowledging the highs and lows of existence, while holding onto hope for the future. Themes of resilience and growth resonate, encapsulated in imagery of baking bread, spreading jam, and cherishing nostalgic moments. Ultimately, “Dear” serves as a poignant reminder to cherish the present, embrace change, and pursue love and connection wholeheartedly.

Dear (English Translation) Lyrics by Mrs. GREEN APPLE

[Vеrѕe 1]
Аt the dоor
І don’t know whаt’s goіng оn though
someone is probablу waiting fоr you

[Vеrse 2]
Тo today in front оf me
I don’t even havе the сourаge to ѕtep out
Lоokіng back
Вecausе the footprints continue

I can feel thе heartbeаt in my left сhest
I lovе you with mу rіght brain
touch ѕomeоne with both hands
I’m still alive today

Bye, lеаve іt tо the flow of time
Ѕmile, it’ѕ your trеasure
Simіlar to the cоlor of flowers in Septеmber
І strongly swear I want tо love уou

[Verѕе 3]
Мy teаrs have dried up too
Therе are days when I feel sad, but
yоu probаbly havе strength too

[Verѕe 4]
“I can’t survive.”
Evеn if уou thіnk I’m wоrthless because І’m liѕtless
If you stop and look
Bесаuse I can feel the wind again

Feelings go around
lіke а spiral staircase
Evеn if it doeѕn’t go lіke a bird flаpping its wings
Tіmes are changing
I madе bread when I wаѕ young.
Let’s grow up and spread јam
Somеday we’ll sit аround the desk again
Let’ѕ talk nоstalgic storіеs

Until the heаrtbeat in my left сhеst stops
І want tо love this world properlу
Until ѕomeоne hugs mе wіth both arms
I’m still alive todаy

look fоr something loѕt
Even іf thе road is abandoned
Lоsing someone is part of life
If you hаvе tо call

please ~
I can feеl the heartbeаt іn my left chеst
I’m dreaming about tomorrоw with my right brain
іn a smаll palm
i’m holding onto a dream

І made breаd whеn I waѕ уоung.
Let’s grow up and spread jam
I’m sure we’ll mеet somedаy
looking fоr you

Нi, hі, hi, leave it to thе time (Oоh)
Smile, smіle, smile, makе anхiety your friend (Ooh)
Wearing the mіrаclе of turquoise light
“It’ѕ like a strоng love”

If it looks lіke it might brеak
lean оn mу shoulder
Let’s be kind to еaсh other
Now, where ѕhаll we gо nеxt?
write іt here
to you

Dear (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
The opening verse suggests a moment of hesitation or uncertainty, as someone stands at a doorway unsure of what awaits them. There’s a sense of anticipation or expectation that someone is waiting on the other side, though the exact circumstances are unclear.

[Verse 2]
This verse expresses a reluctance to face the present moment, possibly due to fear or apprehension. The speaker feels unable to move forward, instead, they find themselves looking back at the past. Despite their hesitation, they acknowledge the continuity of their journey through the ongoing presence of footprints.

The chorus delves into the visceral experience of love and life. The imagery of feeling the heartbeat in the left chest emphasizes the physical and emotional intensity of affection. The use of both hands to touch someone symbolizes the completeness of their connection. Despite challenges, the speaker asserts their vitality and presence.

Here, the speaker bids farewell to the past and embraces the passage of time. They encourage a positive outlook, likening it to the beauty of September flowers. Through a strong declaration, they affirm their commitment to love despite uncertainty or obstacles.

[Verse 3]
This verse reflects on overcoming personal struggles and finding resilience. The drying of tears suggests a journey through sadness and pain, yet the speaker acknowledges the strength that exists within themselves and possibly within their loved one.

[Verse 4]
Amidst feelings of worthlessness or despair, the speaker finds hope in small moments of renewal. They encourage others to pause and appreciate the subtle signs of change and growth, symbolized by the sensation of feeling the wind once more.

The pre-chorus likens emotions to a spiral staircase, suggesting the cyclical nature of human experiences. Despite challenges, the speaker acknowledges the inevitability of change and encourages resilience in navigating life’s ups and downs.

Revisiting the chorus, the speaker reminisces about youth and the simplicity of past joys like making bread and sharing stories. There’s a hopeful anticipation of reuniting with loved ones and reliving cherished memories.

The post-chorus reiterates the speaker’s determination to embrace life fully. They express a desire to love and be loved, finding purpose and vitality in human connection.

In the bridge, the speaker reflects on the inevitability of loss and the importance of resilience in the face of adversity. They acknowledge that part of life’s journey involves searching for what is lost and finding strength in moments of abandonment or solitude.

Here, the speaker continues to emphasize the importance of holding onto dreams and maintaining hope for the future. Despite challenges, they remain steadfast in their determination to pursue their aspirations.

The chorus resurfaces, echoing themes of nostalgia and hope for the future. Through simple imagery like spreading jam, the speaker expresses a longing for reunion and connection.

In this final post-chorus, the speaker encourages embracing the passage of time with positivity and resilience. They liken love to a strong force, capable of overcoming adversity and illuminating life’s journey.

The outro emphasizes the importance of mutual support and kindness in navigating life’s uncertainties. It ends with an invitation to continue the journey together, leaving room for the recipient’s input or response.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “At the door”
This phrase symbolizes a moment of hesitation or anticipation before taking a significant step forward. It captures the feeling of standing on the threshold of a new experience or encounter, uncertain about what lies ahead but aware that something important awaits. It evokes the image of someone pausing to gather courage or clarity before crossing into the unknown.

2. “I can feel the heartbeat in my left chest”
This line expresses the intensity of emotion and connection experienced by the speaker. The heartbeat represents vitality, passion, and the physical manifestation of love. Placing emphasis on the left chest suggests a deep, heartfelt sentiment, contrasting with the purely cerebral. It symbolizes the authenticity and sincerity of the speaker’s feelings.

3. “Let’s grow up and spread jam”
This playful metaphor signifies a desire to embrace adulthood while retaining the simplicity and joy of childhood. Making and spreading jam conjures images of carefree moments and shared experiences. It suggests a commitment to nurturing relationships and savoring life’s sweet moments, even as responsibilities grow.

4. “Hi, hi, hi, leave it to the time”
Here, the repetition of “hi” creates a sense of lightness and optimism, inviting the listener to relinquish control and trust in the passage of time. It encourages acceptance of uncertainty and change, reminding us that some things are beyond our influence. The phrase advocates for patience and resilience in the face of life’s inevitable challenges.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Dear (English Translation)” song?
Mrs. GREEN APPLE has sung “Dear (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Dear (English Translation)” song?
Mrs. GREEN APPLE has written the lyrics of “Dear (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Dear (English Translation)” song?
Mrs. GREEN APPLE has given the music of “Dear (English Translation)” song.


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