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Done Trying Lyrics by DaBaby is a brand new English song which is presented here. Done Trying song lyrics are penned down by DaBaby while its tune is made by DaBaby.

In “Done Trying” by DaBaby, the artist reflects on a past relationship marked by stress and longing. Despite the desire to move on, thoughts of the ex persist. DaBaby acknowledges the need to maintain a facade of being okay while privately grappling with emotions. The song captures the struggle to find closure, with DaBaby returning to old habits like smoking to cope. Ultimately, the lyrics convey a sense of resignation, acknowledging what the relationship was and what it wasn’t.

Done Trying Lyrics by DaBaby

You know what it is, and what it ain’t
I know its been a while since we got a vibe
Stressed out all the fu*king time
Wanna hit you up to tell you that im fine
But you know how many times
I still been smoking to get high
Tell the truth, you on my mind

First back like he left or sumn

Baby you know what it is, and what its not

Done Trying Lyrics Explained

The first paragraph highlights the familiarity and clarity regarding the nature of the relationship. Both parties understand its limitations and what it lacks, possibly implying a lack of fulfillment or compatibility. Despite the passage of time since they last connected emotionally, the speaker feels constantly burdened by stress, longing for the intimacy they once shared. They struggle with the urge to reach out to the former partner to assure them of their well-being, yet admit to using smoking as a coping mechanism to numb their thoughts of the ex.

The phrase “First back like he left or sumn” suggests a return to a previous state or mindset, akin to revisiting old habits or emotions. It implies a cycle of coming back to the same point or feeling, perhaps indicating an inability to fully move on from the past. This line conveys a sense of resignation or acceptance of the repetitive nature of their thoughts and actions, despite efforts to break free from them.

The final statement, “Baby you know what it is, and what it’s not,” serves as a conclusive assertion of the understanding between the speaker and their former lover. It reaffirms the mutual recognition of the relationship’s boundaries and limitations, emphasizing the clarity both parties have about its true nature. This acknowledgment suggests a level of maturity and acceptance of reality, indicating a willingness to move forward with this awareness.

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Who has sung “Done Trying” song?
DaBaby has sung “Done Trying” song.

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DaBaby has written the lyrics of “Done Trying” song.

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DaBaby has given the music of “Done Trying” song.


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