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Euphoria But It’s Fortnite Lyrics by Fortye is a brand new English song which is presented here. Euphoria But It’s Fortnite song lyrics are penned down by Fortye while its tune is made by Fortye.

“Euphoria But It’s Fortnite” by Fortye encapsulates the frustrations and challenges faced by gamers, particularly streamers, in the competitive landscape of Fortnite. The lyrics critique streamers who boast about their skills but consistently fail to deliver in-game victories. It addresses issues like relying on fame rather than skill, blaming external factors like Wi-Fi for losses, and the prevalence of building-focused gameplay. The song emphasizes the importance of genuine skill and integrity in gaming, contrasting it with the superficiality of fame-seeking behavior. It also touches on the rivalry between streamers and the pressure to perform, concluding with a defiant stance against those who prioritize fame over true gaming prowess.

Euphoria But It’s Fortnite Lyrics by Fortye

[Part I]

Eurt si em tuohtiw yalp yeht emag yrevE
A victory

Them streaming hours getting neutralized, I can only watch in silence
The famous streamer we once knew is running out of views and not trying
The low taper fade is irrelevant, it’s an old meme, just hearing it painful
You lost a game with a medallion, and I can even predict your angles
Fabricating stories that you carried a dub ’cause you ain’t win in a while
A pathetic master at building hater, I can see your views dropping now
You’re not a top streamer, you a bad streamer with the hopes of being accepted
TSM members stood out, but YouTube never had you in the question
How you keep losing with a golden rifle, you keep losing blame on the WiFi
I can double down on that line, but spare you this fight, that’s random acts of kindness
Know you a master at building hating, you need to retire soon
But don’t say you TTV if you don’t know how to loot

[Part II]

Loot, loot, loot
Loot, loot, loot
Team, team, team, team, team, team

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I’m ’bout to crank, I’m low, okay
Yeah the island right here’s gonna float, okay
I ain’t thinking about no sniper, gamer, I’m sniping all the trolls, okay
Got an SMG and a rifle in my back bling like Dakotaz, aye
Whiplash, made his teammates and them type lose controller aim
Everybotty wanna be teaming ’til they get banned by them Epic Games
And I might use a bolt today, won the game, bodied the game
Oh, you thought the V-Bucks, the towers, the aim will make you go away?
Have you ever played with a builder? Okay, gamer, let’s play
Have you every shot your enemy down like with a wooden base?
Have you ever played more than a round without a big complaint?
Well, I have, and I won at both, and I came out straight
I hate when a streamer talk about dubs, then lose all the fights, they stop having fun
They hop online like “thinking ’bout quitting”, he faking for likes and digital love
His duo a quitter, he wanna be Ninja, they must’ve forgot the s*it that they done
Bad aiming must run in his family, but talk about cranking
I’ll shoot my gun
The very first time I looked at your stream, the homie had told me you good at the game
I must’ve not looked enough, your aim, it show me you bad and make mistakes
Somebotty that told me that you got a win, on God I’m ready to double the wager
I’d rather do that than let a comedian streamer make Twitch turn in its grave
Cutthroat business, you ain’t gon’ win it
What is it? Grenades?
I broke your building? You don’t wanna build with me no more? Okay
It’s three GOATs left, and I seen two of them winning and playing the game
I love them to death, and in eight bars, I’ll explain that phrase, huh
It’s nothing nobotty can tell me, huh
I wanna play with no Blevins, huh
You know I got teams to carry, huh
It’s no victory you can sell me, huh
Yeah, Clix and Ninja know I’m a selfish gamer, the crown is heavy, huh
I pray they my real team, if not, I’m like TSM Hamlinz
I don’t like you popping s*it at the game, for him, I inherit the season
Yeah, fu*k all that pushing streams, let me see you push a team
You better off building again on him, you think about pushing me
He Season twenty, I’m Season two, and yeah I’m real OG
We ain’t gotta get personal, this a friendly game, you should keep it that way
I know some s*it about gamers that make Nick Eh 30 look like he crank
This ain’t been about winning, not about Tilted, not about who the greatest
It’s always been about winning games, now let me say I’m the biggest gamer
I hate the way that you stream, the way that you team, I hate the way that you rez
I hate the way that you peak this, if I catch height, I’m gon’ shoot your head
We hate the fact that you suck ’cause we confuse you for the best player
And notice, I said “we”, it’s not just me, I’m what the gamers feeling
How many more zero build victories in your life ’til you get a dub?
How many more trash victories ’til you finally feel that you trash enough?
I like Ninja with the 90’s, I don’t like Ninja when he don’t rush
You gon’ make a gamer bring back pumps, let me see if dubs really crash sumn’
Yeah, my first one like my last one, it’s a victory, you gon’ hack one
Let your core audience stomach that, then tell him where you get your mats from
Whiplash, it’s a fast one, baow-baow-baow, gold gun
Headshot for the year, you better walk around like Rust Lord

[Verse 2]
Ayy, Top Squad, who they fu*k they think they playing with?
Victory my middle name as soon as you jump off that bus, b!tch
I’m allergic to the lame s*it, only you like being famous
Lupo can’t get you no mats either, I don’t give a fu*k ’bout who you team with
I hate the way that you stream, the way that you team, I hate the way that you rez
Surprised you wanted that friend request, you know that we got some s*it to address
I even hate when you say the word “taper”, but that’s just me, I guess
Some s*it just cringeworthy, it ain’t even gotta be deep, I guess
Still shoot down when you shoot suppressed, every game with me is blessed
Keep making me laugh, calling kids trash, and it won’t be no threat
I’m knowing they call you the bot, but where’s the sweat? ‘Cause I ain’t even seen him yet
Matter fact, I ain’t even bleed him yet, can I bleed him? (Bet)
When I see you stand by Renegade, I believe you see 2 bad bottles
I believe you don’t like victories, it’s real competition, you might farm mats with them
Let’s speak on percentage, show me your Twitch, I’ll make sure I double back with ya
You’ll play with a gamer that played with a gamer that said he played with that gamer
Try cease and desist on the “Spike Trap” record?
Ho, what? You ain’t like that record?
“Back To Mats,” I like that record
I’ma get back to that, for the record
Why would I call around tryna get dirt on gamers?
Y’all think all my life is mats?
That’s ho s*it, I got a game to play, but I can see you don’t know nothing bout’ that
Farming some mats, know nothing ’bout that
Winning all day, know nothing ’bout that
Then building up ramps that grind through life like game by game, know nothing ’bout that
Killing some trolls and noobies while streaming man, listen, man, you don’t know nothing ’bout that
Speaking the truth and consider what bot’s considering, you don’t know nothing ’bout that
Ain’t twenty-v-one, it’s one-v-twenty, if I gotta smack gamers that fight with you
Yeah, bring ’em out too, I’ll clean ’em out too, tell team that he better stay right with you
Am I battling sweat or aimbot?
Ninja hacking for wins, not awesome
Funny, he was in a game screaming “aimbot”
And my bounty telling me to off him
I’ma scar gamers all ion they coffin
Yeah, TTV screamers is d!ck riders
Tell ’em shoot with a golden gun, they imitate sweaty kids, they can’t imitate this violence
What I learned is gamers don’t like the Sweat Coast, and I’m fine with it, I’ll push the line with it
Pick a gamer off one at a time with it
We can be on a three-season time difference
Don’t speak on a victory, Jonesy
It could get deep for the victory, Jonesy
Talk about me and my victory, Jonesy?
Someone gon’ bleed for your victory, Jonesy
I’ll be in new Loot Lake getting gold guns with a big pot of and a bandage, Jonesy
Tell me you’re grinding, fam
We can do this right now on the camera, Jonesy
Aye, fu*k y’all gamers, I don’t trust y’all gamers
I wave one finger and jump y’all gamers like mmm
Double pump, y’all gamers, they punk y’all gamers, nobody never took my loot
Whoever that’s fu*king with ’em, fu*k you gamers, and fu*k the botty kids too
If you take it there, I’m taking it further
Psst, that’s something you don’t wanna do

We don’t wanna hear about low taper no more
We don’t wanna hear about low taper no more

Euphoria But It’s Fortnite Lyrics Explained

[Part I]

The meaning of the intro suggests a reversal of fortunes, where what once seemed impossible or challenging now results in a triumphant victory.

The verse reflects a sense of disappointment and frustration towards a once-popular streamer who is now struggling. The speaker observes how the streamer’s viewership is dwindling, and their efforts seem lackluster. Criticism is directed at the streamer’s excuses for losses and the outdated references they make, like the “low taper fade,” indicating a disconnect from current trends. The mention of losing with a “golden rifle” suggests repeated failures despite having advantageous tools, blaming external factors like WiFi instead of owning up to shortcomings. The streamer’s attempts to gain acceptance and recognition are seen as desperate and insincere, contrasting with the authentic success of prominent figures like those from TSM. Ultimately, the speaker urges the streamer to retire gracefully if they cannot improve, emphasizing the importance of genuine skill and knowledge in the streaming community.

[Part II]

The intro highlights the repetitive and essential aspects of gaming, emphasizing the fundamental actions of looting and teamwork in gameplay.

[Verse 1]
This verse encapsulates a rich tapestry of insights and criticisms regarding various facets of gaming culture, particularly within the context of online streaming platforms like Twitch. It begins with a bold declaration of readiness, signifying the speaker’s preparedness to engage in gameplay despite facing potential challenges or disadvantages. The mention of “cranking” hints at a nimble and adept building technique often employed in games like Fortnite, setting the stage for a discourse deeply rooted in gaming terminology and culture.

As the verse unfolds, it delves into a nuanced critique of the gaming community, shining a spotlight on the prevalence of trolling behavior and the speaker’s staunch opposition to such disruptive conduct. This stance underscores the speaker’s commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive gaming environment, advocating for fairness, sportsmanship, and mutual respect among players.

Moreover, the verse addresses the ramifications of unethical behavior within gaming, such as cheating or exploiting glitches, highlighting the consequences of such actions, including players being banned by gaming authorities like Epic Games. This critique serves as a reminder of the importance of integrity and ethical conduct within gaming communities, emphasizing the need for accountability and responsibility among players.

The speaker also confronts the issue of streamers prioritizing fame and popularity over genuine skill and sportsmanship, expressing frustration with those who engage in attention-seeking behaviors or fabricate stories for clout. This critique underscores the speaker’s dedication to authenticity and honesty in gaming content, advocating for a more genuine and transparent approach to gaming entertainment.

Throughout the verse, the speaker draws upon a rich lexicon of gaming terminology and references, demonstrating a deep immersion in gaming culture and establishing credibility within the gaming community. This linguistic richness not only authenticates the speaker’s perspective but also enhances the relatability of the message to fellow gamers who share similar experiences and frustrations.

On a personal level, the verse addresses specific grievances with other players, critiquing their streaming styles, teaming strategies, and in-game conduct. These individual critiques highlight the diversity of opinions and approaches within the gaming community, as well as the speaker’s unwavering commitment to their own values and principles.

In essence, this verse serves as a thought-provoking exploration of gaming culture, weaving together themes of skill, integrity, authenticity, and community. It reflects the speaker’s passion for gaming and their vision for a gaming landscape characterized by mutual respect, fair play, and genuine camaraderie. Through its intricate layers of analysis and critique, the verse invites reflection and dialogue, encouraging gamers to consider the broader implications of their actions and contributions to the gaming community.

[Verse 2]
Verse 2 of this composition delves into the intricacies of gaming culture, offering a rich tapestry of insights, critiques, and reflections on various aspects of the gaming community. It begins with a bold assertion of dominance and prowess, with the speaker proclaiming their middle name as “Victory” and asserting their aversion to what they perceive as “lame s*it” within the gaming world.

The verse touches upon a multitude of themes, ranging from the speaker’s disdain for fame-seeking behavior to their frustration with certain gaming tactics and habits. They express a strong distaste for players who prioritize fame over skill, dismissing them as mere imitators who lack authenticity. This sentiment is reinforced by their rejection of the notion that success in gaming is solely determined by material possessions, such as V-Bucks or towers.

Throughout the verse, the speaker critiques various aspects of gaming behavior, from streaming habits to team dynamics. They express annoyance at players who exhibit cringeworthy behavior or engage in unethical practices, such as cheating or exploiting glitches. At the same time, they acknowledge the complexities of gaming culture, recognizing the diverse motivations and experiences that shape players’ behavior.

One of the central themes of the verse is the speaker’s commitment to honesty and integrity in gaming. They condemn cheating and dishonesty while advocating for fair play and sportsmanship. This emphasis on integrity is further underscored by the speaker’s willingness to confront those who engage in unethical behavior and hold them accountable for their actions.

Moreover, the verse reflects on the speaker’s personal experiences and observations within the gaming community. They recount encounters with players who exhibit questionable behavior or attitudes, highlighting the need for greater accountability and responsibility within the gaming community.

As the verse progresses, the speaker delves into the intricacies of gaming strategy and competition, offering insights into their approach to gameplay and their interactions with other players. They express a willingness to engage in competitive gameplay while also acknowledging the importance of camaraderie and teamwork.

In conclusion, Verse 2 of this composition offers a multifaceted exploration of gaming culture, blending personal anecdotes, social commentary, and introspection to convey a nuanced perspective on the joys and challenges of gaming. Through its incisive critique and passionate advocacy, the verse invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences and attitudes towards gaming while challenging them to aspire to higher standards of integrity and sportsmanship within the gaming community.

The Outro emphasizes a desire to move past discussions of “low taper” and calls for an end to such conversations, signaling a need to focus on different topics.

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Fortye has written the lyrics of “Euphoria But It’s Fortnite” song.

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Fortye has given the music of “Euphoria But It’s Fortnite” song.


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