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Euphoria Lyrics by Spectre is a brand new English song which is presented here. Euphoria song lyrics are penned down by Spectre while its tune is made by Spectre.

“Euphoria” by Spectre delves into the complexities of fame, power, and deception. The lyrics dissect the facade of success, exposing the insecurities and manipulations within the industry. Spectre contrasts himself with those who seek acceptance through deceit, highlighting the disparity between authentic artistry and superficial fame. He challenges fellow artists, critiques their personas, and confronts societal issues like cultural appropriation. The song escalates with a raw intensity, culminating in a defiant rejection of hypocrisy and a call for authenticity. Spectre’s verses are sharp and incisive, serving as a potent critique of the music industry’s darker undercurrents.

Euphoria Lyrics by Spectre

[Part I]

Eurt si em tuoba yas yeht gnihtyrevE

Them super powers getting neutralized, I can only watch in silence
The famous actor we once knew is looking paranoid and now is spiraling
You’re moving just like a degenerate, every antic is feeling distasteful
I calculate you’re not as calculated, I can even predict your angle
Fabricating stories on the family front ’cause you heard Mr. Morale
A pathetic master manipulator, I can smell the tales on you now
You’re not a rap artist, you a scam artist with the hopes of being accepted
Tommy Hilfiger stood out, but FUBU never had been your collection
I make music that electrify ’em, you make music that pacify ’em
I can double down on that line, but spare you this time, that’s random acts of kindness
Know you a master manipulator and habitual liar too
But don’t tell no lie about me and I won’t tell truths ’bout you

[Part II]

Shoo, shoo, shoo
Shoo, shoo, shoo
Bee, bee, bee, bee, bee, bee

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I’m out the way, yeah, I’m low, okay
Yeah, the island right here’s remote, okay
I ain’t thinking about no reaper
N!gga, I’m reaping what I sow, okay
Got a Benjamin and a Jackson all in my house like I’m Joe, okay
Hellcat, made his homeboys and them type sell they soul, okay
Everybody wanna be demon ’til they get chipped by your throwaway
And I might do a show a day, once a lame, always a lame
Oh, you thought the money, the power or fame would make you go away?
Have you ever played have-you-ever? Okay, n!gga, let’s play
Have you ever walked your enemy down like with a poker face?
Have you ever paid five hundred thou’ like to an open case?
Well, I have, and I failed at both, but I came out straight
I hate when a rapper talk about g*ns, then somebody die
They turn into nuns, then hop online, like “Pray for my city”
He faking for likes and digital hugs
His daddy a killer, he wanna be junior, they must’ve forgot the s*it that they done
Dementia must run in his family, but let it get shaky
I’ll park his son
The very first time I shot me a Drac’, the homie had told me to aim it this way
I didn’t point down enough, today, I’ll show you I learned from those mistakes
Somebody had told me that you got a ring, on God, I’m ready to double the wage
I’d rather do that than let a Canadian n!gga make Pac turn in his grave
Cutthroat business, you got s*it twisted
What is it? The braids?
I hurt your feelings? You don’t wanna work with me no more? Okay
It’s three G.O.A.T.s left, and I seen two of them kissing and hugging on stage
I love ’em to death, and in eight bars, I’ll explain that phrase, huh
It’s nothing nobody can tell me, huh
I don’t wanna talk on no celly, huh
You know I got language barriers, huh
It’s no accent you can sell me, huh
Yeah, Cole and Aubrey know I’m a selfish n!gga
The crown is heavy, huh
I pray they my real friends, if not, I’m YNW Melly
I don’t like you popping s*it at Pharrell, for him, I inherit the beef
Yeah, fu*k all that pushing P, let me see you push a T
You better off spinning again on him, you think about pushing me
He’s Terrence Thornton, I’m Terence Crawford, yeah, I’m whooping feet
We ain’t gotta get personal, this a friendly fade, you should keep it that way
I know some s*it about n!ggas that make G*nna Wunna look like a saint
This ain’t been about critics, not about gimmicks, not about who the greatest
It’s always been about love and hate, now let me say I’m the biggest hater
I hate the way that you walk, the way that you talk, I hate the way that you dress
I hate the way that you sneak diss, if I catch flight, it’s gon’ be direct
We hate the b!tches you fu*k, ’cause they confuse themself with real women
And notice, I said “we,” it’s not just me, I’m what the culture feeling
How many more fairytale stories ’bout your life ’til we had enough?
How many more Black features ’til you finally feel that you’re Black enough?
I like Drake with the melodies, I don’t like Drake when he act tough
You gon’ make a n!gga bring back Puff, let me see if Chubbs really crash something
Yeah, my first one like my last one, it’s a classic, you don’t have one
Let your core audience stomach that, then tell ’em where you get your abs from
V12, it’s a fast one, baow-baow-baow, last one
Headshot for the year, you better walk around like Daft Punk

[Verse 2]
Ayy, Top Dawg, who the fu*k they think they playing with?
Extortion my middle name as soon as you jump off of that plane, b!tch
I’m allergic to the lame s*it, only you like being famous
Yachty can’t give you no swag neither, I don’t give a fu*k ’bout who you hang with
I hate the way that you walk, the way that you talk, I hate the way that you dress
Surprised you wanted that feature request
You know that we got some s*it to address
I even hate when you say the word “n!gga,” but that’s just me, I guess
Some s*it just cringeworthy, it ain’t even gotta be deep, I guess
Still love when you see success, everything with me is blessed
Keep making me dance, waving my hand, and it won’t be no threat
I’m knowing they call you The Boy, but where is a man? ‘Cause I ain’t seen him yet
Matter fact, I ain’t even bleed him yet, can I bleed him? Bet
When I see you stand by S*xyy Red, I believe you see two bad b!tches
I believe you don’t like women, it’s real competition, you might pop ass with ’em
Let’s speak on percentage, show me your splits, I’ll make sure I double back with ya
You were signed to a n!gga that’s signed to a n!gga that said he was signed to that n!gga
Try cease and desist on the “Like That” record?
Ho, what? You ain’t like that record?
“Back To Back,” I like that record
I’ma get back to that, for the record
Why would I call around tryna get dirt on n!ggas? Y’all think all my life is rap?
That’s ho s*it, I got a son to raise, but I can see you don’t know nothing ’bout that
Waking him up, know nothing ’bout that
Then tell him to pray, know nothing ’bout that
Then giving him tools to walk through life like day by day, know nothing ’bout that
Teaching him morals, integrity, discipline, listen, man, you don’t know nothing ’bout that
Speaking the truth and consider what God’s considering, you don’t know nothing ’bout that
Ain’t twenty-v-one, it’s one-v-twenty if I gotta smack n!ggas that write with you
Yeah, bring ’em out too, I’ll clean ’em out too
Tell BEAM that he better stay right with you
Am I battling ghost or AI? N!gga feeling like Joel Osteen
Funny, he was in a film called “AI”
And my sixth sense telling me to off him
I’ma blick n!ggas all in they coffin
Yeah, OV-ho n!ggas is d!ck riders
Tell ’em run to America, they imitate heritage, they can’t imitate this violence
What I learned is n!ggas don’t like the West Coast
And I’m fine with it, I’ll push the line with it
Pick a n!gga off one at a time with it
We can be on a three-hour time difference
Don’t speak on the family, crodie
It can get deep in the family, crodie
Talk about me and my family, crodie?
Someone gon’ bleed in your family, crodie
I be at New Ho King eating fried rice with a dip sauce and a blammy, crodie
Tell me you’re cheesing, fam
We can do this right now on the camera, crodie
Ayy, fu*k y’all n!ggas, I don’t trust y’all n!ggas
I wave one finger and thump y’all n!ggas like mmm
Field goal, punt y’all n!ggas, they punk y’all n!ggas, nobody never took my food
Whoever that’s fu*king with him, fu*k you n!ggas, and fu*k the industry too
If you take it there, I’m taking it further
Psst, that’s something you don’t wanna do

We don’t wanna hear you say “n!gga” no more
We don’t wanna hear you say “n!gga” no more

Euphoria Lyrics Explained

The song “Euphoria” by Spectre presents a scathing critique of the music industry, fame, and personal integrity. The lyrics are divided into several sections, each offering a deeper insight into the themes and messages conveyed.

[Part I]

The reversed intro sets a surreal tone, hinting at a reversal or inversion of the expected euphoria often associated with success.

In this verse, Spectre paints a vivid picture of disillusionment and betrayal within the music industry. He observes as once-powerful figures lose their influence and credibility, succumbing to paranoia and self-destruction. Spectre accuses them of resorting to deceitful tactics to maintain their facade of success, fabricating stories and manipulating others for personal gain. He contrasts his own authentic approach to music with their hollow attempts to appease audiences, asserting his integrity amidst a sea of deception. Spectre warns against engaging in petty feuds and encourages honesty, refusing to stoop to their level of manipulation. Ultimately, he asserts his commitment to truth and transparency, challenging those who would seek to tarnish his reputation while maintaining his own moral compass.

[Part II]

The repeated “shoo” and “bee” sounds create a sense of urgency and agitation, perhaps reflecting the frustration and disillusionment expressed in the lyrics.

[Verse 1]
In this verse, Spectre adopts a confrontational and introspective tone as he delves into various themes including authenticity, integrity, and the complexities of success in the music industry.

Spectre begins by asserting his detachment from the trappings of fame and the allure of superficiality. He emphasizes his preference for solitude and isolation, suggesting that he is not swayed by external influences or distractions. By referencing being “out the way” and on a remote island, he conveys a sense of self-reliance and independence.

He then transitions to a reflection on the consequences of immoral actions, using vivid imagery to illustrate the downfall of those who have sacrificed their integrity for fleeting gains. Spectre critiques individuals who engage in deceitful behavior, portraying them as willing to betray their principles for temporary gratification. He contrasts their actions with his own, highlighting his commitment to reaping the rewards of his hard work and moral integrity.

The verse takes a darker turn as Spectre addresses the prevalence of violence and hypocrisy within the rap industry. He condemns the glorification of g*n violence in music, lamenting the tragic consequences that often result from such glorification. Spectre exposes the hypocrisy of artists who exploit tragedy for personal gain, accusing them of feigning concern for their communities while perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

Spectre continues to dissect the complexities of fame and success, acknowledging the weight of expectations and the pressures of competition. He expresses his disdain for artists who prioritize fame and recognition over artistic integrity, critiquing their lack of originality and authenticity. Spectre asserts his individuality and refuses to conform to industry norms, declaring his allegiance to his own artistic vision.

The verse concludes with a scathing critique of contemporary rap culture, highlighting the pervasive misogyny and materialism that often define the genre. Spectre condemns the objectification of women and the glorification of material wealth, challenging listeners to question the authenticity of the artists they support. He asserts his own artistic integrity and refuses to compromise his values for commercial success, positioning himself as a beacon of authenticity in an industry plagued by superficiality.

Overall, this verse serves as a poignant commentary on the challenges of maintaining authenticity and integrity in the face of industry pressures and societal expectations. Spectre’s introspective lyrics and confrontational delivery force listeners to confront uncomfortable truths about the state of contemporary rap music, while also offering a glimpse into his own personal struggles and triumphs.

[Verse 2]
In this verse, Spectre adopts a defiant and assertive tone as he addresses various themes including authenticity, integrity, loyalty, and the complexities of fame.

Spectre begins by asserting his dominance and resilience in the face of challenges, emphasizing his willingness to confront adversity head-on. He dismisses the notion of being intimidated by anyone, particularly those who may attempt to undermine him. Spectre portrays himself as someone who thrives in difficult situations, using his experiences to strengthen his resolve rather than succumbing to pressure.

He then proceeds to critique individuals who prioritize fame and popularity over personal values and principles. Spectre expresses disdain for those who engage in superficial behavior, such as flaunting material possessions or seeking validation from others. He contrasts his own authenticity with their shallow pursuits, highlighting the emptiness of their actions in contrast to his own meaningful endeavors.

The verse takes a more introspective turn as Spectre reflects on his own values and beliefs. He acknowledges the importance of integrity and honesty in his personal and professional life, expressing a commitment to staying true to himself despite external pressures. Spectre asserts his dedication to raising his son with morals and discipline, emphasizing the importance of instilling these values in the next generation.

Spectre then shifts to a more confrontational tone as he addresses perceived threats and challenges from others in the industry. He warns against underestimating him and asserts his readiness to defend himself against any adversaries. Spectre portrays himself as a formidable opponent, unafraid to confront those who seek to undermine him or his values.

The verse concludes with Spectre issuing a warning to those who may seek to challenge him or his integrity. He asserts his resilience and determination to overcome any obstacles, refusing to back down in the face of adversity. Spectre reaffirms his commitment to his principles and values, signaling his readiness to confront anyone who dares to question or challenge them.

Overall, this verse serves as a powerful declaration of Spectre’s values and beliefs, as well as his willingness to defend them at all costs. Through his lyrics, Spectre presents himself as a figure of strength and integrity, unyielding in the face of opposition and unwavering in his commitment to authenticity.

The outro reiterates the song’s central message, demanding an end to the casual use of racial slurs and calling for accountability within the industry. Spectre’s closing words serve as a final indictment of the superficiality and hypocrisy prevalent in the music world, urging listeners to reject harmful language and behavior.

Overall, “Euphoria” serves as a powerful commentary on the challenges of maintaining authenticity in an industry driven by image and profit, urging both artists and listeners to prioritize integrity and accountability.

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Spectre has sung “Euphoria” song.

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Spectre has written the lyrics of “Euphoria” song.

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Spectre has given the music of “Euphoria” song.


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