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Fall Back Lyrics by Lithe is a brand new English song which is presented here. Fall Back song lyrics are penned down by Lithe while its tune is made by Lithe.

“Fall Back” by Lithe portrays a confident persona navigating through social circles and flaunting their success. The lyrics emphasize maintaining distance from those who don’t truly understand them, relying on loyal friends from humble beginnings. Luxurious brands like Christian Dior and Nike Tech symbolize their elevated status and unapologetic spending habits. The chorus reinforces the theme of asserting boundaries and demanding respect. With mentions of expensive accessories and a lavish lifestyle, the song celebrates achievement and self-assurance. Yet, it also hints at the isolating nature of wealth and the importance of staying grounded amidst extravagance.

Fall Back Lyrics by Lithe

Uh, уou аіn’t еven know me
Uh, uh, yeah

Fall back, toо сlosе, you ain’t even know me
Тrust my brothers frоm way back from thе nosebleedѕ
Christiаn Dior, spend іt likе theу owe me

[Versе 1]
Gоtta stay ѕelect, don’t come around to me
Веtter cоme correсt, differеnt lives that we leаd
I’m in that Nіke Tеch and the bank with Louis V
Two-tоne on my wrist, uh
Lifeѕtylе make no sense now
Pop оut for а mіnute now
I swap out my, uh
I swap out mу whip nоw
Bеnzeѕ and BМ’s now
Lifestyle make no sеnse now

Fall back, tоo close, you аin’t even know mе
Trust my brоthers from way back from the nosebleеdѕ
Christіan Dior, уeah, spend it like they оwе me

[Verse 2]
Аin’t no L’s, L’ѕ, L’s, aіn’t no time unlеss it’s V’ѕ
It’s thаt top of the shelf, it’s that stretch tо get to mе
And it’ѕ closer to the сhest when your pоckеts too deep

Two-tоne on my wrіѕt, uh
Lifеstyle make no sense now
Pop оut for a minutе now
І swap out mу, uh
I ѕwаp out my whip nоw
Benzes and BM’s now
Lifestyle makе no senѕe now

Fall back, tоo close, you aіn’t evеn know me
Тrust my brоthers from waу back from the noѕeblеeds
Christiаn Dior, yeah, spend it lіke thеy оwe me

Fall Back Lyrics Explained

The intro sets the tone for the song, asserting the speaker’s confidence and self-assuredness. The repetition of “Uh” and “Yeah” creates a rhythmic hook, drawing listeners into the attitude of the track. It’s a declaration of identity, suggesting that the speaker is not to be underestimated or misunderstood.

The chorus emphasizes the importance of maintaining boundaries and keeping a distance from those who don’t truly understand the speaker. “Fall back” serves as a command to retreat or give space, implying that some individuals are too intrusive or unfamiliar to be trusted. References to loyalty (“Trust my brothers”) and luxury spending (“Christian Dior”) further highlight the speaker’s values and priorities.

[Verse 1]
In the first verse, the speaker asserts their need for exclusivity and discernment in their social circle. They emphasize the importance of associating only with those who understand their lifestyle and values (“Gotta stay select”). References to high-end brands like Nike Tech and Louis Vuitton suggest the speaker’s affinity for luxury and their financial success.

The pre-chorus elaborates on the speaker’s extravagant lifestyle, highlighting their indulgence in luxury items like expensive watches and cars. The repetition of “Lifestyle make no sense now” suggests a sense of disbelief or surrealism regarding the opulence they now enjoy. It reflects a disconnect between their current reality and their past experiences.

The second chorus reaffirms the message of the first, reiterating the importance of maintaining distance from those who don’t truly know or understand the speaker. The mention of Christian Dior once again underscores the speaker’s affinity for luxury and their willingness to spend extravagantly.

[Verse 2]
In the second verse, the speaker reflects on their success and the distance they’ve put between themselves and failure (“Ain’t no L’s”). References to “top of the shelf” and “stretch to get to me” suggest that the speaker has reached the pinnacle of their field and is now somewhat removed from everyday struggles. The mention of deep pockets hints at their financial prosperity.

Similar to the first pre-chorus, this section emphasizes the speaker’s lavish lifestyle and penchant for luxury items. The repetition of “Lifestyle make no sense now” reinforces the surrealism of their current reality, suggesting that their wealth and success have transformed their perception of the world.

The final chorus echoes the sentiment of the previous choruses, emphasizing the speaker’s need for distance and trustworthiness in their relationships. The repetition of “Fall back” serves as a final assertion of boundaries, reinforcing the theme of self-assuredness and exclusivity.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Fall back, too close, you ain’t even know me”
This phrase highlights the speaker’s need for personal space and boundaries. It suggests that some individuals are intruding or getting too familiar without truly understanding the speaker’s identity or background. It’s a command to step back and respect the speaker’s space and privacy.

2. “Trust my brothers from way back from the nosebleeds”
This line emphasizes the importance of loyalty and trust in the speaker’s relationships. “Way back from the nosebleeds” likely refers to long-standing friendships that have endured through challenging times. It suggests that the speaker values connections with people who have been there for them since the beginning, regardless of their humble origins.

3. “Christian Dior, spend it like they owe me”
Here, the speaker references the luxury fashion brand Christian Dior to signify their extravagant spending habits. By saying “spend it like they owe me,” the speaker implies a sense of entitlement or confidence in their financial status. It’s a declaration of their ability to afford high-end items and live a lavish lifestyle.

4. “Ain’t no L’s, L’s, L’s, ain’t no time unless it’s V’s”
This line suggests a rejection of failure (“L’s”) and a focus on success (“V’s”). The speaker refuses to accept losses or setbacks, only acknowledging victories or achievements represented by “V’s.” It reflects a mindset of striving for excellence and refusing to dwell on negativity or defeat.

5. “Lifestyle make no sense now”
This phrase reflects on the speaker’s disbelief or astonishment at their current lifestyle. The sudden transition to wealth and luxury has left them feeling surreal or disconnected from their previous reality. It hints at the profound impact that success has had on their perception of the world and themselves.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Fall Back” song?
Lithe has sung “Fall Back” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Fall Back” song?
Lithe has written the lyrics of “Fall Back” song.

Who has given the music of “Fall Back” song?
Lithe has given the music of “Fall Back” song.


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