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Fashoo (QueMix) Lyrics by Jacquees is a brand new English song which is presented here. Fashoo (Quemix) song lyrics are penned down by Jacquees while its tune is made by Jacquees.

“Fashoo (QueMix)” by Jacquees is an anthem of confidence and success. Over a pulsating beat, Jacquees boasts about his wealth, loyalty, and prowess with women. He dismisses disloyal associates, revels in his accomplishments, and flaunts his R&B dominance. He reminisces about his roots and celebrates his journey to the top, all while maintaining his authenticity. With infectious energy, he promises to keep shining and asserts his place in the music industry. It’s a catchy track that exudes self-assurance and swagger.

Fashoo (QueMix) Lyrics by Jacquees

Young n!gga, Jacquees, man I’m back on this remix s*it
QueMix s*it, n!gga
N!gga, album 2024
Cash Money Rich Gang
Birdman, what’s happening?
What up Fire?
Let’s go (Rich Gang)
Come on

[Verse 1]
I got that money on me and I’m spending
I’m thinking ’bout blowing some more
Dolo (Dolo)
‘Cause n!ggas be switching and acting like b!tches
Be pillow talking the hoes (Hoes)
I know (I know)
If you hit the b!tch right after I hit it
Then I don’t even want it no more (No)
I know we gon’ spend the check at Booby Trap or Mr. Jones
I know my baby like her weed good and her liquor strong
Ex n!gga her friend
Been off of the bulls*it, I’m tryna be a man (A man)
Tell the club lay out the red carpet when I land (I land)
Back against the wall, I put in work, I never ran (I never ran)
You got it on me standing at the top, it’s God’s plan (Plan)
I’m really bossed up, but I still clock in (Clock in)
My ex swear she hate me, but she still watching (Watching)
And they want me to exit, but I’m still logged in (Logged in)
Keep it P, that’s all I know (I know)
Stunna with me 504 (504)
“Do what I want” is all I know (I know)
I’m good everywhere I go (I go)
Took a dice and I rolled
I’m one of them ones, keep dropping that ass to the floor (Floor), yeah
It’s all in the sauce, yeah, I’m from Atlanta fasho, aye, uh
I got on my ticket and I hit her three times in a row, yeah
And she from the 6, but shawty be repping the 4 (The 4)
And she got that wet-wet (That wet-wet)
But I’m ’bout to see about (I’m ’bout to see about)
And she got the chin checks (She got the chin checks)
Her booty poking out (Her booty poking out)
I’m the king of this R&B s*it (Of this R&B s*it)
What the fu*k is we talking ’bout? (What the fu*k is we talking ’bout?)
And I swear I’ma be on my slime
On the day they let Thugger out (Day they let Thugger out)
I’ve been slimmer than 2009
I’m still bringing the summer out (I’m still bringing the summer out)
In New Orleans with Baby and Juvie
Thinking ’bout bringing Hummer out

I still got jewels and some shoes at my mama house
After we hit the club, we hit the Waffle House
I’m still that same n!gga (I am)
Ain’t none change but you
Fu*k is we talking ’bout?
Fu*k is we talking ’bout? (What the fu*k?)
Keep sticking your tongue out
And I’m ’bout to rain down

Fasho, uh-huh, yeah (Come on)
I got that money on me and I’m spending
I’m thinking ’bout blowing some more (Wha?)
I know

Fashoo (QueMix) Lyrics Explained

The opening lines of “Fashoo (QueMix)” by Jacquees set the stage for a track brimming with confidence and swagger. Jacquees, a rising star in the music scene, proudly announces his return to the remix game, signaling his readiness to once again put his unique spin on tracks under the QueMix banner. His use of colloquial language, such as “N!gga” and “s*it,” adds an air of authenticity and familiarity to his introduction, instantly connecting with his audience. Furthermore, he proudly aligns himself with Cash Money and Rich Gang, two prominent entities in the hip-hop world, demonstrating his credibility and affiliations within the industry. By acknowledging figures like Birdman and Fire, he not only pays homage to those who have influenced him but also positions himself as a respected member of the hip-hop community. Overall, the intro serves as a bold declaration of Jacquees’s presence and sets the tone for the self-assured themes that permeate the song.

[Verse 1]
Jacquees launches into the first verse with an unapologetic display of wealth and confidence, painting a vivid picture of his opulent lifestyle. With lines like “I got that money on me and I’m spending” and “I’m thinking ’bout blowing some more,” he exudes an aura of financial freedom and extravagance, unafraid to indulge in life’s luxuries. However, amidst the lavish spending, Jacquees is quick to call out the fickleness and duplicity of others, particularly in the realm of relationships. He condemns those who switch allegiances and engage in gossip, emphasizing his preference for authenticity and loyalty. Despite his success and stature, Jacquees remains grounded, attributing his achievements to hard work and determination rather than mere luck. References to specific locales like Booby Trap and Mr. Jones add a sense of realism and locality to his narrative, grounding his experiences in tangible settings. Throughout the verse, Jacquees asserts his dominance and resilience, positioning himself as a force to be reckoned with in both his personal and professional life.

In the chorus, Jacquees delivers a defiant anthem of self-assurance and consistency. He proudly declares, “I’m still that same n!gga,” asserting his unwavering identity despite external pressures or criticisms. By rhetorically questioning the relevance of others’ opinions with lines like “Fu*k is we talking ’bout?,” he showcases his confidence and refusal to be swayed by negativity or doubt. The repetition of this phrase serves to reinforce his unwavering resolve and determination to stay true to himself. Furthermore, Jacquees’s mention of hitting the club and then the Waffle House underscores his authenticity and connection to his roots, despite his elevated status in the music industry. Overall, the chorus serves as a powerful declaration of self-assurance and resilience, encapsulating the song’s overarching themes of confidence and authenticity.

The outro of “Fashoo (QueMix)” serves as a fitting conclusion to Jacquees’s display of confidence and opulence. With the repetition of “Fasho” and the declaration, “I got that money on me and I’m spending,” he reaffirms his certainty and determination to continue living life to the fullest. By echoing earlier themes of lavish spending and unapologetic indulgence, Jacquees leaves listeners with a lasting impression of his unwavering confidence and self-assurance. Overall, the outro serves as a bold punctuation mark to the song’s narrative, leaving no doubt about Jacquees’s status as a dominant figure in the hip-hop world.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Fashoo (QueMix)” song?
Jacquees has sung “Fashoo (QueMix)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Fashoo (QueMix)” song?
Jacquees has written the lyrics of “Fashoo (QueMix)” song.

Who has given the music of “Fashoo (QueMix)” song?
Jacquees has given the music of “Fashoo (QueMix)” song.


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