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Flint Boyz Lyrics by Rio Da Yung OG is a brand new English song which is presented here. Flint Boyz song lyrics are penned down by Rio Da Yung OG while its tune is made by Rio Da Yung OG.

“Flint Boyz” by Rio Da Yung OG encapsulates the gritty narrative of street life, showcasing Rio’s unapologetic attitude and vivid storytelling. Against a backdrop of hustling and violence, Rio flaunts his wealth and prowess, boasting of his lavish lifestyle and criminal exploits. From confrontations with rivals to drug deals and material indulgence, Rio’s lyrics paint a raw picture of survival and ambition in the streets of Flint. With its relentless energy and sharp delivery, “Flint Boyz” is a raw testament to Rio’s authenticity and resilience in the face of adversity.

Flint Boyz Lyrics by Rio Da Yung OG

[Intro: Rio Da Yung OG]
(Marc Boomin, this you?)
Ghetto Boyz s*it, n!gga
Still grinding s*it, n!gga
(Boomin need extras)

[Verse 1: Rio Da Yung OG]
In the hood right now with a hundred on me
Four chains on now, why you looking at me?
In the drop-head Benz with the—
Ahh, alright
I’m in the drop-head Benz with the Honey Badger
I’ll jump out this pretty b!tch and get to busting at you
There go the car, I’m finna throw a whole hundred at it
My b!tch bad, plus I get cash, I got a hundred habits
I tried to chase him, he was running like a fu*king rabbit
I made a statement with the switch, fully automatic
I dropped eighty in his whip, caught him out in traffic
Then he almost hit a pole, I tried to make him crash it
B!tch, suck the d!ck or something, that’ll make me happy
Got an old pint of Hi-Tech, it came in the plastic
Walk in my kitchen, I got six eights in the cabinet
I need some resin ’cause I got a brick play Saturday
I just walked a n!gga down in a Bape jacket
And I hit all my hoes raw, bro, I hate Magnums

[Verse 2: RMC Mike]
I got a talent, I can shoot a .308 backwards
I just bought a rose-gold presi’, now I hate platinum
Zip my hoodie up and gun you down in a Bape jacket
B!tch body natural as hell, but her face plastic
Get up and get this s*it on my own ’cause I hate asking
Once a n!gga hear me say something, he gon’ pay faster
300K play on floor, that’s a pape’ package
N!gga, every day, I’m ’bout green, fu*k St. Patrick
I can’t believe this n!gga tryna stunt in some fake glasses
Got the world tryna steal our style, now I hate rapping
I just fu*ked an Instagram model, had to tape that one
Ri gave me a lil’ blue pill like, “Here, take that one”
I know the way I put that s*it on make you hate fashion
Told bro to grab a six of Wock’ out the gray cabinet
Every time I see my opps, them n!ggas broke like they hate having it
I’m up some dog s*it, I can’t go broke, I got eight habits

[Verse 3: Louie Ray]
Best watch in your showcase, I’ll take that one
Alright, okay, yeah
The best watch in your showcase, I’ll take that one
From the streets to the rap a hard turn, how you make that one?
Deuce of Trish, a lil’ four of Wock’, finna break balance
Naw, I don’t see you getting this far, but you got talent
You got the Off-Whites on I like to rock, bro, I gotta grab ’em
Always keep a scale around too, boy, I gotta have it
Too much of this in one pop, nasty, this is no casket
If my car clean like I’m dead, this is no casket
Pull up, serve you a quarter or two, n!gga, no basket
I just bought a Louis duffle, probably don’t drag it
Still feel like I out-trap all the trappers, n!gga, no bragging
N!ggas probably dress like they pop and get no action

[Verse 4: Rio Da Yung OG]
Thought he was a stepper, we just toe-tagged him
Why you talking ’bout my chain? Let your ho ask me
Seven hundred horses in the ‘Cat, finna blow past ’em
I just made a hundred racks selling blow packages
Eight hundred for a line, b!tch, this Actavis
Palm Angel hoodie fifteen hundred, but I’m grabbing it
If the b!tch ass look fake, then I’m grabbing it
Grab a b!tch by her ankles when I’m stabbing it

[Outro: Rio Da Yung OG]
Man, come on, bro, that ain’t enough
I mean, I need some more beat, bro

Flint Boyz Lyrics Explained

[Intro: Rio Da Yung OG]
The introduction of “Flint Boyz” initiates with Rio Da Yung OG acknowledging Marc Boomin, possibly the producer of the track, and asserts his affiliation with the “Ghetto Boyz,” a nod to his roots and the community he represents. The repetition of “Still grinding s*it” emphasizes Rio’s perseverance and hustle, suggesting that despite any success he’s achieved, he remains committed to his grind, a testament to his work ethic and determination to succeed in the face of adversity.

[Verse 1: Rio Da Yung OG]
Rio’s first verse paints a vivid picture of his lifestyle and mindset. He starts by showcasing his flaunting of wealth, riding through the streets with a significant amount of cash and multiple chains, inviting stares from onlookers. The imagery of being in a luxurious drop-head Benz with the “Honey Badger” hints at his association with danger and fearlessness. Rio’s readiness to engage in violence, expressed through lines like “get to busting at you,” reflects the harsh realities of the environment he navigates daily.

Moreover, his disregard for safe s*x practices, evidenced by the line “hit all my hoes raw, bro, I hate Magnums,” highlights a reckless and hedonistic aspect of his persona. Rio’s involvement in criminal activities, such as carrying out a shooting and dealing drügs, further illustrates his immersion in a dangerous and illicit world. The mention of specific brands like Hi-Tech and Bape adds a layer of authenticity, grounding his narrative in the realities of street culture.

[Verse 2: RMC Mike]
RMC Mike’s verse echoes Rio’s swagger and self-assuredness, adding another dimension to the song’s narrative. Mike boasts of his unique skill set, claiming the ability to shoot a .308 rifle backward, a testament to his proficiency in violence. His disdain for platinum after acquiring a rose-gold presidential watch reflects a shift in his tastes and preferences, signaling his ascent to a higher echelon of status and wealth.

The imagery of gunning down adversaries while adorned in a Bape jacket juxtaposes luxury with violence, underscoring the duality of street life. Mike’s critique of individuals attempting to imitate their style suggests a desire to maintain authenticity and originality amidst widespread imitation. His references to drug deals and financial transactions highlight the lucrative nature of the illicit activities in which he’s involved, reinforcing themes of materialism and wealth accumulation.

[Verse 3: Louie Ray]
Louie Ray’s verse amplifies the themes of materialism and dominance established in previous verses. He asserts his superiority by claiming to seize the best watches from others, symbolizing his ability to assert control and assert dominance over his peers. Ray’s confidence in his street credibility and success contrasts with his skepticism towards others’ potential for achieving similar heights, reflecting a sense of exclusivity and elitism within his social circle.

His references to designer brands like Off-White and Palm Angels serve as status symbols, signifying his elevated taste and financial prowess. The imagery of maintaining a scale for measuring drügs underscores the omnipresence of illicit activities in his life, reinforcing the song’s thematic focus on crime and material excess. Ray’s assertion of out-trapping other trappers further emphasizes his competitive nature and desire for supremacy in his environment.

[Verse 4: Rio Da Yung OG]
Rio’s final verse encapsulates the song’s themes of violence, materialism, and hedonism, providing a fitting conclusion to the narrative. He recounts a violent encounter, boasting of his ability to eliminate adversaries and maintain control over his territory. Rio’s indifference towards safe s*x practices and objectification of women underscores a darker aspect of his persona, characterized by impulsivity and disregard for consequences.

His references to drug dealing and conspicuous consumption of luxury goods serve as symbols of status and power within his social circle. The mention of specific brands and their associated price tags reinforces Rio’s immersion in a world defined by materialism and excess. The verse’s concluding lines, with their graphic imagery of violence and s*xual aggression, leave a lasting impression, cementing Rio’s identity as a figure unapologetically entrenched in the realities of street life.

[Outro: Rio Da Yung OG]
In the outro, Rio’s dissatisfaction with the beat reflects his insatiable appetite for more, mirroring his relentless pursuit of wealth and success. This concluding remark adds a touch of irony, highlighting the contrast between Rio’s pursuit of material gain and his dissatisfaction with the musical backdrop that accompanies it. It serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities and contradictions inherent in Rio’s persona, underscoring the multifaceted nature of his character and the world he inhabits.

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Who has sung “Flint Boyz” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has sung “Flint Boyz” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Flint Boyz” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has written the lyrics of “Flint Boyz” song.

Who has given the music of “Flint Boyz” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has given the music of “Flint Boyz” song.


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