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Fory Lyrics (English Translation) by Moncho Chavea is Spanish song which is presented here. Fory song lyrics are penned down by Moncho Chavea while its tune is made by Moncho Chavea.

“Fory” by Moncho Chavea is a Spanish song exploring themes of desire, longing, and betrayal. The lyrics depict a complex relationship dynamic where the protagonist finds himself entangled with a woman who is involved with someone else. Despite the forbidden nature of their connection, the protagonist expresses his affection and willingness to indulge in stolen moments with her. The song combines elements of romance, regret, and defiance, set against a backdrop of urban imagery and street culture.

Fory (English Translation) Lyrics by Moncho Chavea

I saw it, your boyfriend still smells I saw
I already knew that she was for me, when I saw you
I didn’t see you, oh, oh, oh, oh

You wanted a bandit, mommy
I’m robbing a bank, sorry
I’m so soft that today I cry, mommy
My best friend at 40

I’m going there to look for it and give it
She went from mouth to mouth
When she leaves I can’t stop missing her
I call her and she runs away
Cool, I know
As she has hooked
As a pillow, I sew the skin
We went to the hotel, I looked at her, she looked at me and I kissed her.
And we drank one of rosé

I am your crazy and you are my crazy, crazy
Let’s give each other a kiss but not on the mouth
That you already know what you are looking for
That for me to break you, you don’t need cuca

A drink for those who are, for those who come and go
Here we have bars like the gang
Maybe your boyfriend dresses like Whitney
But I wanted it in my mouth with the Cypress One

You wanted a bandit, mommy
I’m robbing a bank, sorry
I’m so soft that today I cry, mommy
My best friend at 40

You wanted a bandit, mommy
I’m robbing a bank, sorry
I’m so soft that today I cry, mommy
My best friend at 40
I did not go
It was you who made me fall in love
But I depend on you
And I spend the night watching all the DVDs

that you and I became
Marbella Beach, the destination
I flow Ferragamo
You the Valentino lingerie

calm down
You know that my heart you command
Don’t ask me to lift you up
And if your boyfriend overwhelms you
I have a 40 and for you the one who gets bigger

You wanted a bandit, mommy
I’m robbing a bank, sorry
I’m so soft that today I cry, mommy
My best friend at 40

You wanted a bandit, mommy
I’m robbing a bank, sorry
I’m so soft that today I cry, mommy
My best friend at 40

Fory (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

In the first stanza, the narrator seems to observe the lingering scent of the listener’s boyfriend, indicating a close proximity or recent interaction. The narrator expresses an awareness that the woman they desire, implied by “she,” belongs with them instead. The repetition of “I didn’t see you” suggests a denial or evasion of acknowledging the consequences of their attraction.

The second paragraph delves into the narrator’s self-awareness and their acknowledgment of their own shortcomings. They describe themselves as a “bandit,” someone who engages in risky behavior, akin to robbing a bank. Despite this tough exterior, they reveal vulnerability, expressing emotions so intense that they lead to tears, further emphasizing their internal conflict. The mention of a “best friend at 40” hints at the narrator’s close bonds and perhaps a reliance on companionship.

The third paragraph reflects the narrator’s pursuit of the woman they desire, despite her promiscuity. They express difficulty moving on when she leaves, implying a deep emotional attachment. However, the woman seems to avoid commitment, fleeing when the narrator reaches out.

The fourth paragraph portrays a moment of intimacy shared between the narrator and the woman, marked by a kiss and the consumption of rosé wine. Despite the fleeting nature of their encounter, it is portrayed as a significant and sensual experience.

In the fifth paragraph, the narrator affectionately refers to the woman as “my crazy,” highlighting their mutual affection and perhaps acknowledging the chaotic nature of their relationship. They suggest expressing love without conventional gestures, such as kissing on the mouth, indicating a desire for a unique and unconventional bond.

The remaining paragraphs continue to explore the complexities of the relationship, with references to nightlife, luxury brands, and intimate moments shared between the narrator and the woman. The mention of Marbella Beach and designer lingerie adds a sense of luxury and indulgence to their connection. The narrator reassures the woman of their devotion, emphasizing their willingness to protect her, even against her boyfriend’s advances. Ultimately, the lyrics depict a passionate yet tumultuous relationship characterized by desire, vulnerability, and devotion.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Fory (English Translation)” song?
Moncho Chavea has sung “Fory (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Fory (English Translation)” song?
Moncho Chavea has written the lyrics of “Fory (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Fory (English Translation)” song?
Moncho Chavea has given the music of “Fory (English Translation)” song.


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