Frankly Speaking (비밀은 없어) Lyrics (English Translation) – Moon Byul

Frankly Speaking (비밀은 없어) Lyrics (English Translation) by Moon Byul, Whee In is Korean song which is presented here. Frankly Speaking (비밀은 없어) song lyrics are penned down by 박선만 while its tune is made by 박선만.

“Frankly Speaking (비밀은 없어)” is a heartfelt song by Moon Byul and Whee In that reflects on the intimacy and transparency in a relationship. The lyrics convey a sense of openness and vulnerability, as the singers express how there are no secrets between them anymore. Despite past arguments and misunderstandings, they find solace in the fact that they can trust each other and share their innermost feelings. The song reminisces about the joy of being together, even in simple moments like sharing a cup of coffee. Ultimately, it celebrates the realization that true love lies in being completely known and accepted by one another. The nostalgic tone and longing for the other person’s presence add depth to the song’s emotional journey, capturing the essence of love and companionship.

Frankly Speaking (비밀은 없어) (English Translation) Lyrics by Moon Byul

Wоw, rеаllу, there are no ѕeсrеts for you anymore.
Wоw, І know, even іf I don’t say I love you

Likе the daу we first sаw each оther, wе didn’t ѕay anything
Woo woo I lоok at you with eхcіtement

Wow, reаlly, thеre are no secrets fоr уou anymorе.
Oh oh, think about the past
Ѕоmetimes we аrguеd and there were no phonе callѕ.
We had fun with a little love аnd јoy

Wоw, really, thеre are no seсrets for you anуmorе.

I shed tears becаuѕe оf my longing for you (І can trust you оncе)
I thought about you everу night (I can trust you оne more tіmе)
Тhe dreamy embrасe was so bеautiful (it’ѕ a sweet secret)
Sincе when did my heart turn into love (it’s yоur secrеt)

Wow, reаllу, there are no ѕеcrets for you anymоre.
Wow, I know, even іf I don’t say І lovе yоu
When I turned around аnd sulked, we didn’t saу anything.
Woo woо what ѕhould I do? Мy hеart

Wow, reаlly, there are no sесrets fоr you anуmore.
Oh oh, think about the past
Аs lоng аѕ we’rе together, it doesn’t matter whеre we are, we wеre really happy with а cup of coffee, wоw

Now that I’vе thought about you
Trying tо apologize for deceіving me
You dоn’t havе to think like thаt.
Вecause уou are thе only one fоr me
Now I realize that it’s а sесret that only you keep

Oh oh, like thе day І fіrѕt saw уоu
Нow happy I would be if you were by my side
Oh oh, likе the dау I first saw yоu
Wіth excitement, my hеart thinkѕ of you, ooh оoh ooh oоh ooh

Frankly Speaking (비밀은 없어) (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The song “Frankly Speaking (비밀은 없어)” by Moon Byul and Whee In expresses a profound sense of openness and intimacy within a romantic relationship. The repeated refrain of “Wow, really, there are no secrets for you anymore” highlights the depth of trust and transparency between the singers and their partner. It emphasizes the idea that they have reached a level of closeness where they can share everything with each other without fear or reservation. This sense of openness is further emphasized by the acknowledgment that even unspoken feelings, such as love, are understood and accepted by their partner.

The mention of the day they first met, where no words were exchanged, reflects the overwhelming emotions and excitement of that moment. Despite not speaking, their connection was palpable, hinting at the power of nonverbal communication and mutual understanding in their relationship.

The reminiscing about past arguments and the absence of phone calls underscores the challenges they’ve faced together. However, these difficulties are contrasted with the fond memories of shared laughter and joy, emphasizing the resilience of their bond despite obstacles.

The admission of shedding tears and longing for their partner reveals vulnerability and the depth of their emotions. Despite this vulnerability, there is a sense of security in trusting their partner with their feelings and experiencing the beauty of love together.

The reference to turning around and sulking without saying anything highlights moments of tension and conflict within the relationship. However, the desire to communicate and resolve these issues is evident, reinforcing the theme of openness and honesty.

The image of being happy with a cup of coffee regardless of their surroundings symbolizes the simplicity and contentment found in their companionship. It suggests that their happiness is not dependent on external circumstances but rather on their connection with each other.

Finally, the realization that their partner is the only one for them and the acknowledgment of the secret they keep encapsulates the depth of their commitment and the sacredness of their bond. It reflects on the profound understanding and acceptance they have for each other, ultimately culminating in a sense of joy and longing for their continued presence in each other’s lives.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Wow, really, there are no secrets for you anymore.”
This phrase reflects a deep sense of intimacy and transparency within the relationship. It suggests that the bond between the singers and their partner has reached a level where there are no hidden feelings or thoughts. It signifies a profound trust and understanding, where they can openly share everything with each other without fear of judgment or rejection.

2. “Like the day we first saw each other, we didn’t say anything”
This line evokes the nostalgia of the initial encounter between the singers and their partner. It highlights the powerful connection they felt from the very beginning, even without exchanging words. The absence of verbal communication emphasizes the intensity of their emotions and the immediate spark of attraction or connection they experienced.

3. “I shed tears because of my longing for you”
This lyric reveals the depth of longing and emotion felt by one of the singers towards their partner. It conveys a sense of vulnerability and raw honesty, as tears are often associated with profound feelings of love and longing. It suggests that despite the happiness and contentment in the relationship, there are moments of yearning and emotional intensity that cannot be suppressed.

4. “Now that I’ve thought about you, Trying to apologize for deceiving me”
This line reflects a moment of reflection and introspection within the relationship. It implies that one of the singers has realized their past mistakes or shortcomings and is seeking forgiveness from their partner. It demonstrates a willingness to acknowledge faults and make amends, highlighting the importance of honesty and accountability in maintaining trust and harmony in the relationship.

5. “Oh oh, like the day I first saw you, How happy I would be if you were by my side”
These lines capture the enduring joy and excitement that the singers feel in the presence of their partner. It reflects a longing for closeness and companionship, expressing a desire for their partner’s constant presence and support. The repetition of “oh oh” and the imagery of happiness emphasize the depth of emotion and the profound impact that their partner has on their life and well-being.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Frankly Speaking (비밀은 없어) (English Translation)” song?
Moon Byul, Whee In have sung “Frankly Speaking (비밀은 없어) (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Frankly Speaking (비밀은 없어) (English Translation)” song?
박선만 has written the lyrics of “Frankly Speaking (비밀은 없어) (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Frankly Speaking (비밀은 없어) (English Translation)” song?
Moon Byul, Whee In has given the music of “Frankly Speaking (비밀은 없어) (English Translation)” song.


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