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Frozen Rain Lyrics by Tohji is a brand new English song which is presented here. Frozen Rain song lyrics are penned down by Tohji while its tune is made by Tohji.

Tohji’s “Frozen Rain” encapsulates longing and introspection amidst adversity. Through vivid imagery and introspective lyrics, the song explores themes of loyalty, memory, and emotional vulnerability. Tohji reflects on missing someone deeply, amidst a storm of challenges and distant memories. The juxtaposition of fragmented thoughts and emotions, symbolized by broken glass and pastel orange hues, creates a poignant atmosphere. Despite the struggles, the protagonist’s affection remains intact, symbolized by caring for remnants of the past.

Frozen Rain Lyrics by Tohji

Yeah, under the name of loyalty
They tryna cut my legs before I swim
You know I miss u hard, in the frozen rain
The storm is coming now from miles away

Everything was ok
I was in LA
Show me what you got today
I took some pics what you might like
You always tell me
My brain got only 1KB
I should take the monthly plan for my brain
I don’t remember the date that we ate Ra-men
But I like you
Tippie toes on broken glasses
眠そうにあげた つま先の先の絵が

Yeah, under the name of loyalty
They tryna cut my legs before swim
You know I miss you hard, in the frozen rain
The storm is coming now from miles away
I’ve been thinking ’bout the words you said
In my shelf I still care of your plate

Frozen Rain Lyrics Explained

Tohji’s chorus in “Frozen Rain” delves into the complexities of loyalty and betrayal. The speaker reflects on how loyalty, under the guise of allegiance, often leads to attempts to hinder personal progress or growth (“cut my legs before I swim”). Despite this, there’s a profound sense of longing and yearning for someone (“miss u hard”) amidst the emotional turmoil represented by the “frozen rain” and impending storm.

The verse portrays a sense of detachment and disjointedness. Despite being in a seemingly desirable location like Los Angeles (“LA”), the speaker’s mind is preoccupied with mundane details and self-deprecation. They acknowledge their cognitive limitations (“brain got only 1KB”) and the inability to recall simple moments like sharing a meal (“date that we ate Ra-men”). However, amidst these scattered thoughts, there’s an underlying affection and desire for connection, symbolized by the nostalgic mention of shared experiences and emotions.

The second iteration of the chorus delves deeper into the emotional landscape. It reiterates the themes of loyalty and longing amidst adversity. The speaker acknowledges the impending storm (“coming now from miles away”) while reflecting on the significance of past conversations and shared moments. Despite the passage of time, there’s a lingering care and attachment represented by the metaphorical preservation of memories (“In my shelf I still care of your plate”).

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Frozen Rain” song?
Tohji has sung “Frozen Rain” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Frozen Rain” song?
Tohji has written the lyrics of “Frozen Rain” song.

Who has given the music of “Frozen Rain” song?
Tohji has given the music of “Frozen Rain” song.


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