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Fuego Lyrics by BabyTron, T Bone is a brand new English song which is presented here. Fuego song lyrics are penned down by BabyTron, T Bone while its tune is made by BabyTron, T Bone.

“Fuego” by BabyTron and T Bone is a high-energy track featuring rapid-fire verses over a lively beat. The lyrics depict a lifestyle filled with hustling, partying, and streetwise bravado. BabyTron and T Bone boast about their success, prowess with women, and ability to navigate the streets. References to Mexican culture, including tacos, tequila, and Spanish phrases, add to the song’s flavor. The chorus emphasizes their ability to make money and live large, while the verses detail their readiness to handle any situation with confidence and style.

Fuego Lyrics by BabyTron

[Intro: T Bone]
(AJ, you play too much)
(Steve-O crowned this beat)

[Verse 1: T Bone]
Pull up in the low top, b!tches like, “Aloha”
This ‘za got me moving ’round like a robot
I got a play for that s*it out in Ova
I ain’t gon’ lie, b!tch, I’m so high

[Verse 2: BabyTron]
Up that—, and crack his taco shell
That’d be his last meal, we catch him at the Taco Bell
Arriba, arriba
Ran it up fast in Adidas, my ho drink tequila

[Verse 3: T Bone]
You can’t do s*it in with me, young dog, I feel like TI
Arriba, arriba, your ho a cheater
She just text my phone, she told me come see her
That chicken, they gon’ turn a n!gga to a tortilla
I up the chop on an opp, he ran faster than a cheetah
I know a n!gga with more stripes than a zebra
Right now I’m chilling with my vatos
With more cheese on me than your nachos

[Verse 4: BabyTron]
I told him, “Bring it pronto”
Play with me and I’ma turn to El Chapo
Make him do the macarena, shooting out the Tahoe
Dodging potholes, and these thot hoes
When I’m with my plug, Jose, it ain’t guapo
Up the switch and knock the candy out his piñata
I can’t complain, end the day in a big casa
If ain’t no Wockiana, then it’s Tristata
Make dinero with my ‘migos, then we split guala

[Verse 5: T Bone]
Right on your block, we finna slide with the cha-cha
She said she see her future with me, I said, “Haha”
I mean “Blah-blah”
The .308’ll send a n!gga straight to Allah

[Verse 6: BabyTron]
She whip out them tatas, then call me papa
Ese serving straight bricks, not no zaza
I’ll have the MS-13 pull through, fah-fah
Make him disappear like tie-dye if it’s rah-rah

[Verse 7: T Bone]
Tris for them pesos with my ***
I stuck it in her, make a b!tch surrender
Yes, I’m pulling out, no, I can’t put no baby in her
My b!tch cold and she wasn’t born in December

[Verse 8: BabyTron]
They saying that the road fuego
Touch down with a stack and then I blow pesos
Had them robbers clean out your crib like ***
Put it in the blender, then I shake it up like Zendaya, s*it

Fuego Lyrics Explained

[Intro: T Bone]
The intro sets the tone for the song, acknowledging the producer and perhaps referencing an inside joke with “AJ, you play too much.” It also highlights the confidence and swagger of the artists with the declaration, “Steve-O crowned this beat.”

[Verse 1: T Bone]
T Bone kicks off the song with a boastful verse, describing his arrival in style (“Pull up in the low top”) and the intoxicating effects of his lifestyle (“I ain’t gon’ lie, b!tch, I’m so high”). The mention of having a plan for something “out in Ova” suggests his readiness to capitalize on opportunities.

[Verse 2: BabyTron]
BabyTron’s verse is filled with references to street life and his assertive attitude. He talks about violence (“Up that—, and crack his taco shell”), partying (“My ho drink tequila”), and success (“Ran it up fast in Adidas”). The use of Spanish phrases like “Arriba, arriba” adds to the song’s cultural flair.

[Verse 3: T Bone]
T Bone continues the theme of confidence and bravado, likening himself to the rapper TI and boasting about his romantic conquests. He uses metaphorical language, comparing a man’s fate to becoming a “tortilla” and highlighting his association with loyal friends (“my vatos”).

[Verse 4: BabyTron]
BabyTron’s verse is filled with imagery of violence and luxury. He warns of consequences for crossing him (“Make him do the macarena, shooting out the Tahoe”) and boasts about his wealth and connections (“end the day in a big casa”). References to Mexican culture, like breaking open a piñata, add to the song’s thematic richness.

[Verse 5: T Bone]
T Bone’s verse combines playful language with threats of violence (“The .308’ll send a n!gga straight to Allah”). He dismisses a woman’s romantic aspirations with a casual attitude (“I mean ‘Blah-blah'”), underscoring his detachment from emotional entanglements.

[Verse 6: BabyTron]
BabyTron’s verse continues the theme of street life and assertiveness. He references s*xual encounters (“She whip out them tatas, then call me papa”) and criminal activity (“Make him disappear like tie-dye if it’s rah-rah”), showcasing his disregard for consequences.

[Verse 7: T Bone]
T Bone’s verse mixes references to drug dealing (“Tris for them pesos”) with s*xual conquests and detachment (“I’m pulling out, no, I can’t put no baby in her”). He portrays himself as cold and calculating, unburdened by sentimentality or remorse.

[Verse 8: BabyTron]
The final verse encapsulates the song’s themes of success and aggression. BabyTron boasts about his wealth (“Touch down with a stack”) and warns of consequences for those who cross him (“Had them robbers clean out your crib”). The reference to Zendaya adds a touch of pop culture to the song’s imagery.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Fuego” song?
BabyTron, T Bone have sung “Fuego” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Fuego” song?
BabyTron, T Bone have written the lyrics of “Fuego” song.

Who has given the music of “Fuego” song?
BabyTron, T Bone have given the music of “Fuego” song.


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