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FUN FACT Lyrics by Bladee is a brand new English song which is presented here. Fun Fact song lyrics are penned down by Bladee, Yung Lean while its tune is made by F1LTHY, Glasear.

Bladee’s “FUN FACT” is a journey through cold visions and self-reflection, showcasing his evolution in the music industry. He reflects on his rise to fame, the changes in his life, and his resilience against despair. With references to pop culture, including Batman and Bane, Bladee asserts his unique identity amidst imitators. The song portrays a sense of detachment from societal norms, embracing individuality and celebrating the unconventional. Bladee’s introspective lyrics are complemented by a haunting melody, creating a melancholic yet empowering atmosphere. Overall, “FUN FACT” encapsulates Bladee’s artistic depth and defiance against conformity within the Drain Gang collective.

FUN FACT Lyrics by Bladee


[Verse 1: Bladee]
A lot changed since we changed the game, look how far we came (Wake up, F1LTHY)
Chainsaw, split the whole terrain, this whole world a game
Rain fall from a lonely star on a sunny day
Drain star, and we standing tall over what we made
I was smart, and, either way, you still off in pain
Still smart not to make my way out the hole like Bane
Cold-hearted, I killed myself time and time again (Too many times)
Full speed, make the city bleed, smoking dirty weed
I’m over going fashion week, walk in the Supreme (I’m in Supreme, ain’t no fashion week)
Man, please, give me space to breathe, haven’t slept in weeks, yeah
Cold visions wash over me, I will make you flee (Cold Visions)
Chase Bank out in Delaware, I don’t really care
I’m with Lean, buying the Gucci store, it’s like breathing air
Man, I’m twisted, we spin around like the funfair (Funfair)
Fun fact, that you’re living in despair (Drain Gang)

[Verse 2: Yung Lean]
I’m with Bladee like I’m blade running with a hundred racks
It’s the return of the Batman, and Bane in his mask
Still off the opiates, itching like I got a rash
All these boys, they been stealing swag, put them in the trash
I don’t care, ’cause I love it, eat out of our hands
We done changed up the whole game, put it in a chokehold
I know you wanna be us but we are just some weirdos
Two old heroes stuck up in this folklore
I wrote so many hits, I should have my own barcode
Yuppie on the yacht, hair gel all on my polo
Leandoer, Bladeer, you know this is no joke
Twenty on the guest list, bet I don’t know those
Feel like we came up too fast (Cold Visions)
Find a new plan, yeah, raise the flag
Glorious in heaven, go ahead, raise the glass
Sadboys and D9, this for the fam’

Cold Visions

FUN FACT Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1: Bladee]
Bladee reflects on the changes brought about by their influence in the music industry. The reference to “Wake up, F1LTHY” suggests awakening to their impact. The imagery of a chainsaw splitting the terrain symbolizes their disruptive presence in the world. Despite success, there’s a sense of isolation (“lonely star on a sunny day”) and detachment (“Drain star”). Bladee acknowledges personal struggles (“off in pain”), choosing resilience over succumbing to despair like Bane. He juxtaposes their unconventional lifestyle (“smoking dirty weed”) against the superficiality of fashion (“over going fashion week”). Despite exhaustion, Bladee remains resolute (“Cold visions wash over me”), emphasizing their commitment to their vision. The reference to “Chase Bank out in Delaware” highlights their financial success, juxtaposed with mundane activities like shopping at Gucci. The outro, “Fun fact, that you’re living in despair,” serves as a declaration of their group identity and ethos.

[Verse 2: Yung Lean]
Yung Lean elaborates on their unconventional fame, likening himself and Bladee to iconic figures like Batman and Bane. He admits struggles with substance abuse (“off the opiates”), criticizing imitators who “steal swag.” Despite this, Lean embraces their influence and unique status, referring to themselves as “weirdos.” The mention of writing hits and having their own barcode emphasizes their impact on the music industry. Lean revels in their success, depicted through imagery of luxury yachts and exclusive parties. Despite the rapid rise to fame, Lean acknowledges the need for adaptation (“Find a new plan”) and gratitude for their community (“Sadboys and D9, this for the fam”).

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “FUN FACT” song?
Bladee has sung “FUN FACT” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “FUN FACT” song?
Bladee, Yung Lean have written the lyrics of “FUN FACT” song.

Who has given the music of “FUN FACT” song?
Bladee have given the music of “FUN FACT” song.


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