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Gang Moshan Lyrics by LAZER DIM 700 is a brand new English song which is presented here. Gang Moshan song lyrics are penned down by LAZER DIM 700 while its tune is made by LAZER DIM 700.

“Gang Moshan” by LAZER DIM 700 is a gritty portrayal of street life and gang culture, delivered with raw intensity. The lyrics depict themes of violence, drug dealing, and evading authorities. The artist boasts about their association with Lil’ Goxan and their fearless attitude towards rivals. Amidst the chaos, there’s a sense of pride in their neighborhood and a willingness to do whatever it takes to survive. With references to firearms, drug use, and evasive tactics, the song captures the harsh realities of life in the streets. The repetitive refrain of “Fu*k, fu*k, fu*k” punctuates the aggressive tone, reflecting the anger and defiance prevalent throughout the track.

Gang Moshan Lyrics by LAZER DIM 700

(I got— I got lil’ Goxan on this motherfu*ker) Fu*k, fu*k, fu*k
Ayy, I got lil’— I got lil’ Goxan on this—
I got lil’ Goxan on this motherfu*ker
Fu*k, fu*k, fu*k

Fu*k n!gga don’t wanna battle, you coaking
Send me that guap and the stains for the open
Too many blicks, that’s gang motion
It’s some’ about the za’, I can’t put my mind to it
Mag’ dump in the alley, this s*it didn’t sound good
Mini Uzi inna K5, I’ma slide through it
12 be quick to block us, you know we escape that
Mini sto’ in my hood, this ain’t no racetrack
Stick in the microwave, stick where the drinks at
Coming in hot when I drive, better stand down
Still outsi— Huh, still outside blicked up while you laying ’round
They heard a knock on the door, where that chop at?
I forgot I was slick famous, gotta stop that
Take off yo’ shoulder, just hit where yo’ top at
Gang affliation in my hood, smoke opp’ pack
Let me see how it whip, take it on a stroll
Let me see how it drive, take it on a stroll
Blick semi-automatic, it explode
I forgot I was slick up, I didn’t know
Come down the dirt road, just come down the road
They promo clothes when I come to the show
Partner my hood right now, having fire
This stolo’ out the hood, we don’t tell them why
Cap to the fine s*it, I’m always telling lies
Lil’ bro think he Hulk, lil’ bro think Thanos
Za’ done went down, need me a Backwood
Park in the corner set, park in the neighborhood
Stack my lil’ munyun, I wasn’t able to do it
Breaking the spot, we just take what we could
Hold my arm out the truck, shoot at the wood
Every body make a home escape through the hood
Fu*k, fu*k, fu*k

Gang Moshan Lyrics Explained

The intro serves as a bold declaration of the presence of Lil’ Goxan in the song, likely indicating collaboration or affiliation. The repeated expletives and energetic delivery convey excitement and intensity, setting the mood for the upcoming track.

The verse provides a vivid glimpse into the world of street life, filled with challenges, dangers, and survival instincts. The speaker begins by expressing disdain for engaging in direct conflict, preferring to focus on monetary gains and the hustle of the streets (“guap and stains”). References to “blicks” suggest a prevalence of violence, painting a picture of a neighborhood entrenched in gang activity (“gang motion”). The mention of “za'” hints at drug culture, with the speaker unable to fully comprehend its allure or impact. The imagery of dumping a weapon in an alley adds a gritty realism to the narrative, while references to firearms like the “Mini Uzi” and tactics to evade law enforcement (“12 be quick to block us”) underscore the constant dangers faced by those living in this environment. Despite the dangers, there’s a sense of bravado and pride in their community, as well as a willingness to deceive and manipulate to survive. The speaker reflects on their fame and notoriety (“slick famous”) and the need to maintain a facade of strength and invincibility. The verse concludes with references to drug use (“Za'”), the desire for relaxation (“Backwood”), and the harsh reality of making ends meet by any means necessary, even if it means resorting to theft or violence.

The outro mirrors the intensity of the intro, with a repetition of expletives, likely serving as a final punctuation mark to the aggressive tone of the song. It encapsulates the raw energy and emotion conveyed throughout the track.

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Who has sung “Gang Moshan” song?
LAZER DIM 700 has sung “Gang Moshan” song.

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LAZER DIM 700 has written the lyrics of “Gang Moshan” song.

Who has given the music of “Gang Moshan” song?
LAZER DIM 700 has given the music of “Gang Moshan” song.


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